Printed Matter, Inc. presents the third annual LA Art Book Fair, from January 30 through February 1, 2015, at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA.

Free and open to the public, Printed Matter’s LA Art Book Fair is a unique event for artists’ books, art catalogs, monographs, periodicals, and zines presented by over 250 international presses, booksellers, antiquarians, artists, and independent publishers. Last year’s LA Art Book Fair saw 25,000 visitors over the course of three and a half days.

If you’re interested in exhibiting, apply now at

“One of the reasons I chose to work with language… is that each time a piece can be built anew. Language is less impositional—there is always an incomplete relationship to objects, rather than a complete, say, expressionist sort. As culture develops, the works change, or the culture itself begins to decay."—Lawrence Weiner