Terrific news: MobyGames’s entire collection of box art and disc cover scans is now available at high resolution without watermarks! This is a huge boon for anyone interested in researching older games with less-circulated cover art.

This particular box art from Lighthouse: The Dark Being (scanned by MAT) is a great example of the new level of quality available. You can see some terrific detail in there: look at the intricacy on Martin’s Roost (the tower in the lower-right).

Update Log:

  • New “sub platform” system (e.g., Browser (Facebook)) using certain technology attributes. Example.
  • Added Top Contributors link to Contribute drop down menu
  • Added ability to give approver permissions to edit screenshots, rankings, covers, version info
  • Added ability to give approver permissions to merge companies
  • Added ability to give approver permissions to edit developer name and AKAs
  • Cleanup for dev portraits page
  • Fix for profile pages ad handling
  • Improved site responsiveness (better page collapse/expand for different screen resolutions)
  • Updated design for site footer and header
  • And last but certainly not least… a new logo for MobyGames! Welcome to Moby the Whale, our new mascot. :)

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Site Update (Feb 25th)

Update Log:

  • Redesigned the new content sections (e.g., Game Updates and Reviews) on the homepage
  • Added [more] links to game updates, new games and new reviews
  • Fix for company pages to include tabs
  • Fix for the countries selection box in the New Game Wizard
  • Contribute page cleanup / revamp
  • Replaced the News link in the header with “New” + drop down menu
  • New CDN provider. The site in general should be a bit faster now, as more of the static content gets cached.

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Site update the first

Today is the first of many MobyGames site updates!

You’ll notice a new header, among various other tweaks - such as revamped displays for screenshots and merchants. With thanks to Simon for his input and thanks to Brian for his help in getting Moby running locally. :)

Now that we’re to this point we’ll be able to make updates with more regularity. The plan is to update the overall look and feel bit by bit and incorporate your feedback as we go. Nothing is set in stone. I like to work organically and try a lot of things, so please post your thoughts and suggestions in this forum thread.


“Replacement” covers suck. They usually look like crap and barely resemble the originals, and they’ve even got mistakes of their own, such as the ghastly Seal of Quality on that Revenge of the Ninja one, or the obvious usage of more modern fonts (plus the misspelling of ESPN’s SportsCenter) on the Baseball Tonight one.

The worst part is that there’s sites out there that are having these replacement covers as if they were the real deal. I found these two on MobyGames, for example. Even worse is that in the case of SegaRetro there’s some games where the original scans are getting replaced with “replacement” covers, which is a shame, especially considering all the other actual high quality proper scans they have (SR is probably the only site I know of that has insanely high-res scans of EA’s Japanese MD releases, for instance), although thankfully the original non-replacement scans are still there under the “file history” section.

But yes, replacement covers can suck it.

Site Update (April 8th)
  • Added gold star and blue flame icons for Patrons (please email w/ your account name if you haven’t yet)
  • Added ability for Patrons to remove ads
  • Added Platinum Supporters to the footer
  • Fixed screenshot edit function for approver+ folks
  • Minor design updates for login / register pages
  • Updated MobyGoal to be more attainable… (changed from 4,500 -> 4,000)
  • And introducing Moby’s Trivia Tuesday! An interesting factoid every Tuesday from the MobyGames vault ‘o trivia.
Site Update (March 30th)

I’m very excited about this update, because… we’ve resolved the long standing cache problem! (e.g, the issue w/ new game urls not updating or newly approved games blinking in and out of existence, etc). Additionally, you should find the site a good bit faster. A big huge Moby-sized thanks to Brian Hirt for his help.

A few other things:

  • Added a page for Patrons, which will be updated with the supporters as soon as we get their info
  • As a special thanks to early supporters, the first 100 Patrons will be forever immortalized as a Founding Patron
  • Tweaked the Reward tiers w/ thanks to your feedback; Now gold star and ad removal are at the $5 tier. $25 now includes a thank you in the Weekly Whale and a link to your website or twitter account. Removed the $50 and $100 tiers, so there’s a clearer distinction between who the tiers are aimed at (users vs companies - though anyone can choose any tier)
  • If there’s a reward we’re missing that you would find compelling, please let us know!
  • Added a handful more quotes to the footer from community suggestions
Site Update (March 15th)
  • New MobyGoal! Mobile Mania. 4,500 games for Android, iPhone and iPad
  • Screenshot, cover and portrait thumbnail display fixes
  • Redesigned the platform selection UI on screenshot pages
  • Various SEO updates, including like and g+ button (please help us boost those numbers as it’ll improve MobyGames’ significance in search)
  • Better responsiveness for header and footer. Works nicer on phone, but still not great - a work in progress.
  • Fixes for Approver+ access
  • Added random game quote to the footer (please suggest additional quotes and associated game or game group link)
  • Re-added the % of completion for MobyGoal
  • Fixed hover state for the main menu
  • Added some variants for the Moby motto in the footer

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Site Update (March 6th)

Update Log:

  • Fix for screenshot thumbnails page where long descriptions could get cut off
  • Minor update for profile pages (better spacing)
  • Credits tab added to dev pages with nested sort options
  • New tables for top games, bottom games and top contributors
  • New pagination links (also moved them to the bottom of the page instead of the top - e.g., bottom of search results, bottom of forum listings)
  • Fixed an issue where horizontal scrollbars could appear
  • Various components now more responsive for different resolutions (header, thumbnails)
  • Max site width increased some
  • Various SEO updates
  • Reorganized forums into more categories

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Site Update (Feb 27th)

Update Log:

  • Changed “This Day in Gaming” to show data for the oldest 3 years, instead of the most recent 3 years (you’ll see this when the cache next updates)
  • New table design for forums, private messages, and game page tables (e.g., review listings)
  • Updated various components of the forums (new buttons, new display for messages/avatars/subject)
  • Added contributor name/link to Game Updates list
  • Removed sidebar ad from Most Wanted page
  • Added drop down menu for the Contribute link in the header
  • Added new “Find a game” forum

A number of these updates come directly from your suggestions, so thanks to everyone for that! Keep ‘em coming.

As always, feedback appreciated. Lots more to do.

Discussion thread.

Update Log:

  • Removed left hand menu, giving more space to the main content and placing links in-context for better visibility (especially on game and dev pages)
  • Header update. Including new design for logged-in user display/info and contribute is now a main link.
  • New site footer. Now the links for new content, stats, etc are available on every page of the site (previously only available on certain pages)
  • User reviews given priority over press reviews on Reviews page
  • Removed sidebar 300x250 ads from various user pages (including private messages), adding a lot more horizontal space
  • Removed sidebar 300x250 ads from all game browser pages and new content pages (e.g., new games, game updates, new reviews, etc)
  • Added 728x90 ad to footer
  • “Non-Sport” category on game info renamed to “Theme” (to match the previous renaming on game browser)
  • New buttons
  • New star icon for past donators

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Site Update (Feb 16th)

Only one change this update, but it’s a biggie! It’s the previously discussed change to credits in regards to removing the meta-classifications. They have been replaced with the high level categories.

If you had a credit submission in process with classifications selected, it has been automagically transitioned to the new system so you don’t have to re-select them or anything. Same with any credits currently pending for approval.

TLDR: The process of contributing/approving credits has been simplified, so now you only need to select high level categories.

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Site Update (Feb 13th)

Update Log:

  • Revamped credits listing on developer’s rap sheet. New layout and now showing literal credit titles (we are deprecating meta classifications soon)
  • Added Amazon Android app store affiliate links. If you click on Buy at Amazon on an Android game page, it’ll take you to the android app store instead of the global amazon search.
  • H2 and H3 headings are now bold
  • Added “missing cover” notice to games that use a screenshot in place of a missing cover

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Site Update (Feb 11th)

Update Log:

  • Replaced MobyRank listing on the homepage with “New Games”. And accordingly, removed new games from showing up in the Game Updates box
  • Changed company listings on dev rap sheet credits to prioritize developer company instead of publishing company
  • Now showing a screenshot for missing cover images where possible. It uses the screenshot at order 1, which is *ideally* the Title Screen (please make it a habit to order title screens in the first position).
  • Made the bugs forum public
  • Created a suggestions forum
  • Renamed MobyGames forum to General Discussion. General Discussion renamed to Off Topic.

If you had posted a suggestion in the mega suggestions thread, it’d be helpful if you reposted it in the suggestions forum as its own thread so discussion can carry on there. Ditto for the bugs thread, if your bug still exists. That’ll help us to keep track of them.

Thanks all!

Discussion thread.

Weekend Updates (Feb 9th)

Weekend updates:

  • Introducing… MobyGoal! This is shown on the homepage, indicating what our current push is and current progress toward achieving it.
  • Updated format of game credits on developer’s pages. Now broken down by category, with role listed with each game
  • Additionally, Game Credits are now shown before Bio. The reason we did this is because bios are often A) highly outdated and B) often missing. If we can reverse A and B, it will be re-evaluated…
  • Moved buy links back to the main view (when we moved them to the sidebar, performance dropped way too much)
  • Added last update time to dev bios
  • Revamped game attribution to give more structure and make the contributor stand out more

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Site update the third

Update log:

  • Forum threads now take 6 months before becoming inactive (was 2 months). The only reason I didn’t increase this further is because it has database consequences, and don’t want to push it too much right now.
  • Removed the “Your review becomes sole property of MobyGames” phrasing from the add review page
  • Fixed / changed the process for applying to become an approver
  • Max-width increased by 200px
  • Helvetica is now only used for titles and certain use cases (Verdana used in most places)
  • Decreased game title size and removed underline

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Site update part deux

Firstly, thanks for all the feedback on yesterday’s update! Simon and I read and discussed each concern. The new header seemed to go over well. However, the screenshots being placed above the description was controversial, and ultimately ended up moving them below until it is reworked.

Now onto today’s update. This includes:

  • Max site width for a cleaner and more organized look
  • Helvetica is now the main site font
  • New style for the left hand menu
  • Reorganized the game browser (platform, year and genre now prioritized above Sports Theme)
  • Lots of little misc. design tweaks and cleanup

I hope you guys like it. And as before, nothing is set in stone - this is an ongoing evolutionary process. :)

Please reply here with your thoughts, suggs, bugs, favorite mugs… 

Thanks all!

Update: Switched back to Verdana for the main font. Increased max-width. Working more on contrast/color scheme.

Site Update (March 3rd)

Update Log:

  • Added official site as an optional input in the new game wizard 
  • Official site now appears in the core game info, when it’s available
  • Links (related sites) now shown on main game page
  • Added “Approval Status” link to the Contribute drop down
  • Added [full list] link to This Day In Gaming
  • Renamed “Patch info” to “Version info”
  • Prioritized trivia and credits over hints in Game Updates list on homepage
  • Fixed missing edit date in flat mode display (Forums)
  • Forum avatars moved (buttons also moved in flat mode display)

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Update Log (Feb 6th)

Here’s the list of today’s updates:

  • Expanded credits information on developer pages. Now showing a breakdown that includes their credited roles.
  • Moved developer related sites to sidebar
  • Added contribution dates to attributions on game pages (they were missing in the case where multiple users contributed to the same game)
  • Moved tip of the day to bottom of homepage
  • Renamed “Non-Sports Themes” to “Themes” and “Sports Themes” to “Sports” on Game Browser (may take a while to show up due to caching)

As always, feedback welcomed!


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