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After Simmons pulls Moby out of the rubble and gets him to a vet, he ends up keeping him. Grif gives him hell because Simmons said he wasn’t going to keep him, but he kept checking on the little guy and fell in love with him.

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ishmael and queequeg inspired by:

As we were going along the people stared; not at Queequeg so much—for they were used to seeing cannibals like him in their streets,—but at seeing him and me upon such confidential terms. But we heeded them not,

and also:

we sallied out to board the Pequod, sauntering along, and picking our teeth with halibut bones.


“Suddenly she was swept by a longing for Fraser’s Ridge–and her parents–so intense that tears welled in her eyes. She blinked hard and wiped her eyes on her sleeve, pretending that the wind had made them water. It didn’t matter; neither of the kids was noticing. Now both of them were staring upward–and she finally realized, with a small, flat thump of dread, that she could hear the stones; they were humming, and Mandy was humming with them.”

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4.3.16 // Melville’s Moby Dick •  •the sea monster•
•the delightful nightmare of a Lit student•