Idea: Takenaka is using his powers in this scene. He notices Reigen staring at him, and decides to listen to Reigen’s thoughts to see what’s up. But what Takenaka realizes in that process is that the man is also reading him like an open book – this telepath can hear Reigen breaking down every miniscule aspect of his current presentation, and the conclusions he’s drawing are so uncannily accurate that he might as well be a telepath himself. Being read like this is a new experience for Takenaka since he’s always been on the other side up to now, and this is honestly really unnerving for him.


So…that’s my first work with watercolors. I think I like it. And of course yes - it’s Shigeo from “Mob Psycho 100”. I love this cartoon sooooo much! And my blog will be full of it in the near future ❤ so please check it out soon.