Kings of Misery

Warnings: angst, SMUT, gunshots, killings, fluffy dinner dates, admitting feelings, someone dies.

A/N: I suck at writing smut, so excuse the terribleness, please. I debated on separating the chapter but I couldn’t decide on where to break it off! So enjoy this extra long one for now!


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A mobster who has no idea how to play poker but his subordinates are too scared to tell him

In Goodfellas, the ‘Am I a clown? Do I amuse you?’ scene, where Tommy DeVito (Joe Pesci) attacks Henry Hill (Ray Liotta) for calling him a 'funny guy’, was Pesci’s idea. He’d once worked at a restaurant where he got a nasty reply after telling a real-life mobster he was funny, so he suggested it to director Martin Scorsese, and they filmed it without a script to get genuine reactions from the cast. Source