A mobster who has no idea how to play poker but his subordinates are too scared to tell him

(via Mob moll, 1931 - Mob molls of New York City: Female companions of Mafia men - NY Daily News)

Not sure of the significance of the timing, but today's NY Daily News digs into its archive to make a slide show dedicated to “Mob molls of NYC” (circa 1920s-1960s).

Behind every great man is a great woman, and behind every great gangster is an equally great mob moll! Take a fascinating look at the female companions of the New York City Mafia, who not only put their lives on the line being associated with some of the most dangerous men in the world, but who also acted as their accomplices in some of the most deadliest crimes

The show includes images of Virginia Hill, Janice Drake, and Lottie Coll. Wish the captions probed a bit deeper into how these photos were staged for journalists by law enforcement to promote the prosecution’s POV on those depicted.

♛ L I S T E N ♛

1)Intro, 2)Apollonia//Nino Rota, 3)Que Sera Sera//Pink Martini 4)Good Intent//Kimbra, 5)Ready or Not//The Fugees, 6)Empire//Alpines, 7)Guillotine//Yadi, 8)GO!//Santigold, 9)Heads Will Roll//Yeah Yeah Yeahs, 10)Princess Crocodile//Gry and F.M. Einheit, 11)Dirty Deeds//Joan Jett, 12)Curbstomp//Meg Myers, 13)Dandy//Parov Stelar, 14)Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing//Collide, 15)Get the Party Started//Shirley Bassey cover, 16)Ode to Oren Ishii//The RZA 17)Rolling in on a Burning Tire//The Dead Weathers, 18)Kinda Outta Luck//Lana del Rey, 19)A Lean and Hungry Look//Marianne Faithful, 20)Wicked Game//Katie Kim, 21)House of the Rising Sun//Lauren O'Connell, 22)They Die by Dawn//The Bullitts ft Yasiin Bey, Jay Electronica, & Lucy Liu, 23)Lucia di Lammermoor/Diva Dance//Eric Serra, 24)Born to Russian Roulette//Rihanna and Lana del Rey