Charles ‘Lucky’ Luciano, a dangerous man who even in early youth engaged in criminality, orchestrated a notorious and feared name for himself in the early-1900s when he became the first official Mafia boss of what is now known as the Genovese crime family.

Throughout his career as a mobster, he was heavily involved in illegal activities such as forced prostitution and drug trafficking. He had a very powerful influence in the world of Mafiosi, but that did not make him invincible or untouchable; in the year of 1936, he was sentenced to thirty to fifty years imprisonment for the actions he committed throughout his involvement with the Italian-American mafia. His luck had seemingly run out. However, World War Two brought forth an unexpected but simultaneously perfect opportunity for Luciano; he volunteered to assist the Allied government by using the connections he had to infamous Italian criminals and crime organisations in order to further the cause of the Allies. At the end of the war, Luciano was released from prison on parole, and eventually died of a heart attack in 1969.


a mobster whose subordinates are too afraid to correct his mispronunciation of bada bing bada boom

Ever since I saw this prompt by @writing-prompt-s I wanted to try my hand at drawing a comic for it! Unfortunately I had two ideas that I couldn’t choose from, so I decided to draw and upload both! Here’s the first of the two!

Damn that Tony the Torpedo, the dirty rat.

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a mobster who has no idea how to play poker but his subordinates are too scared to tell him


A mobster who has no idea how to play poker but his subordinates are too scared to tell him

Let’s Make a Deal {Part I}

Author: Zoe

(A/N: This was so much fun to write! This spiraled out of control and ended up turning into a series.)

Mobster! Cassian x Reader

Plot Summary: 1954. All you cared about was earning money and surviving in the concrete jungle that we call New York City. However, ever since WWII ended, crime was rampant all around, and you managed to land right in the heart of it all. Cassian Andor was one of the local crime bosses, and the two of you managed to cross paths.

“I’m clocking out, Jaz.” You called, hanging up your apron and tossing your coat over your uniform.

“Bye! Be careful! Women walking at night spells bad news!” She called, wiping up a couple martini glasses.

You smiled, looking over to your coworker as you unfurled your umbrella. “Jasmine, we’ve got the drill, right?”

“If you call me to get milk, make up an emergency so you can leave. If you tell me that you saw Morei from our old Economics class, I’ll send a cab. If you say that you need to get a new comforter, call the police.” She recited, as you nodded.

“See you tomorrow!” You waved goodbye as you opened your umbrella, covering yourself up from the pouring rain.

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