“Yes, Father, I Will Be Home Before You Return From Your, Ahem, Boys Night Out.” Her voice is always so clear, your girls’, every word sharp and clean like a scalpel. You think she gets it from Bawd, though between her and Doxy you’re sure your girl is getting a fine, upstanding education in people.

“Good t'hear, darlin’, you have fun now.” You grab her hands and twirl her around before she manages to make it to the door, and when she scrunches up her nose at you in exasperation you grin. She rolls her eyes, and fixes the lines of her suit jacket.

“Honestly, Father, People Might Think You Don’t Care About My Activities.” You recognize that sass as one Rose Lalonde’s, but don’t think much of it. They are classmates, after all.

“Knock ‘em dead, honey,” you tell her as she leaves, and she strikes an imposing figure in her suit, face and hands faintly lit with her white glow. She smiles and reveals her fangs, her jade eyes glow with her unsuppressed hunger.

“I Will.”