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Have fun with what little may be left… Mostly Hipster blogs, I fear.

I would ideally follow tumbles that post art, architecture, funny pictures, poems etc. Idk if that is ‘hipster’.

Oh, ps I will always unfollow tumbles that post those image macros that are like a picture of palm trees or something with some pseudo intellectual bs in Helvetica laid over it. Also, pictures of overly pinterest-like, faux-vintage houses, pictures of drawings on Starbucks cups, or any overly cutesy bs like that.

Also if anyone posts Fallout Boy, Foo Fighters, or any other generic butt alt rock, I will unfollow. I am cracking down

  1. mobmotherscitah said: I want to like this because that smack down was awesome and I want to support you, but I don’t want you to have the smallest doubt that I like your hurt feelings, because I don’t like it when your feelings are hurt. You’re my friend. IGNORE
  2. toriannelark said: God damn it bro. He shouldn’t have taken your side because he had to, he should have done it because it was the right thing to do. :(

Thanks, guys.  I’m pretty sure he was just making a joke, but at the same time it’s like

we fight so much and he sort of tries to dictate what I do and stuff so often, so him making a joke about feeling obligated to back me up just because we no longer have our brother really makes me feel like shit.

And then I think about the fact that we did lose our brother and we’re both sort of trying and failing to cope and get over it and we both try to avoid the topic so often that him bringing it up is sort of startling and it makes it worse.

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Top 5-10 One True Poly Pairing(Grouping? Cluster? Unit?)

top 5 otplus!

1. KXC.  Kree and Carlton are cute as fuck and are owned by my wonderful bud @barrydylan but them both with Xander is the cutest fucking shit ever alive ever ever ever

2.  Caejosuzi.  Joseph Joestar in the middle of his italian sammich is too cute.

3.  Chishimondo.  Chihiro, Ishimaru, and Mondo were the cutest friendos in DR and i miss seeing cute arts of them :c

4.  DiVaniPucci.  Dio owns a monopoly on dark skinned white haired followers with utmost devotion to him.

5. Tsukasa/Natsumi/Yusuke.  These three are the only reason to watch decade bc they’re all cute and they love each other and i love them loving each other.

honorable mention in the wizard crew, bc haruto is ace as fuck and loves his partners so much.

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I'm sorry. It's never easy losing anyone, especially a parent. I should know. So, I understand to a point the feeling of such.

I know it isn’t… ahhh dang- I really hope your parent passed away peacefully, that’s the best thing you can wish for. Thank you so much for caring <3

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For that Character thing: Asami (A:LoK)


character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | ///////LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS////////

ship with: korra. Korrasami is endgame as hell i need lesbians

general opinions: Asami is like, the most perfect lady, beautiful, intelligent, hard working, driven, strong, kind, understanding [goes on for 5 hours straight]

mobmotherscitah replied to your post: HISS GRUMP GRUMP GRUMP I HATE THIS MONTH.

Freaking Homestuck! That shit is INFECTING almost all of my fandommmmmmz!


mine too

I try to ignore it, but it’s the fucking one special character month where one character is drawn crossdressing.


I have like eVERYTHING blocked off, but some things still get through.

it makes me cry inside

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What color(s) do you like to wear because it/they make you feel a certain way, like sexy, or suave, or fuckable? (I don't do anon)

I rly like wearing reds bc i think they bring out my eyes the best

I like greys too, grey is nice as heckie.

blacks and purples

any combination thereof will make me feel hella hot

(also my white suit lol)

mobmotherscitahがあなたの投稿に返信しました: but no rly, can we stop hiring michael fassbender…

Who did he abuse? What happened? Why am I always in the dark?! *Sobs* You don’t have to answer my stupid questions.

TMZ Report on the Restraining order an Ex has on him (don’t read the comments)

She later withdrew the charges, but the fact that it even had to occur is baffling.