HUSH is a new Bowman album with ten songs. You’ve never heard them before and they’re dying for you to meet them. Their names are:

  1. I Have A Plan
  2. Hush Fell
  3. Synchronize
  4. Tribes
  5. Redshifts
  6. Rage
  7. Wrong Or Right
  8. Talk To The Words
  9. Hush
  10. Chameleon

Hush is available on along with my previous albums Comfortable Bugs and Ithaca. As always, you can stream my songs as much as you like online or purchase the album in full for your own computer box. Extra special news: individual track downloads are also available.

If you choose to download Hush, show your love with a review on Bandcamp. Don’t forget to let your friends know. Share the love. Share your friends with me. I will love you and them equally. It can be mutual.

Fall in the Hush.


New Video: Pumpkin Tide (Acoustic Version w/ Chords)

Friends, you’ve been asking me for ages how to play my songs, and now it can be told! This acoustic version of “Pumpkin Tide” has chord names written onscreen so that you can play along yourself. I know, it’s the best.

I’ll be doing these from time to time. If there’s one of my songs you want to learn or you just want to hear me play, send me an ask or a Youtube comment or whisper in any seashell. I will hear it.


NEW VIDEO: Dawn Of Man (Acoustic Version)