The entire dash on right is being taken over by the crazy events in a ‘group’ I rp in (we’re not a formal group, we just rp together a lot. I call us 'obscure canon characters ftw’ or 'carpacians+mobius trip and hadron kaleido’, both of which are true).
But no we’re literally commanding the dash and all is chaos.
To the flarping users who have no idea what’s happening, I apologize, if you contact my character/read one of his more recent posts that is a PSA, you can be put into the loop. I’m Mobius Trip #votingqueen, /swingingonthechainofprospit

The Sburban Jungle makes this track good. The main hook besides that is fairly average, by homestuck standards. The instrumentation is really good, however. Bowman definitely picked the right instruments for the notes he had. Sburban Jungle keeps this track from becoming boring and stale. I’d like to see a more high octane remix of this track someday, but as it is, it make for a nice track to relax and unwind.
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((OOC: Did I say the updates would be traditional?

I was wrong!

Luckily today I got to go to my mom’s workplace, meaning a super fast internet and a slightly-less-stubborn And MS Paint.

Hooray for no more markers.

that gybr update may be traditional though))

anonymous asked:

Yo so, am I just going crazy or is it intentional for Ithaca to sound like it's about the story of one dude? Like, his father in old buggy now, then his childhood in Ascension, like bedtime stories maybe? And then by Tacit Blue we see he's gone into aviation.

It’s not really intended that way, though it’s interesting that you picked the sci-fi songs from the album. If you need something to make an interpretation out of, Mobius Trip and Hadron Kaleido actively welcomes you to play connect-the-dots.

Pumpkin Tide is like that one part of Sesame Street where Elmo got a celebrity to play something weird on the piano about friendship or spelling or something. Except Pumpkin Tide’s lyrics are bizarrely dark for some reason. I will admit that the macabre lyrics do contrast well with Bowman’s Weird Al voice and the… unusual… upbeat 80s instrumentation. It’s not something I’ll come back to any time soon.