Screencap 1: Aside from the bit about the bridge, this was the only reference in this cutscene I got…

Screencap 2: Mostly Cloud and Squall though.

Screencap 3: Definitely FF12

Screencap 4: FF4?

Screencap 5: Not sure about the girls but that has to be FF5. Strange how he never mentions Bartz by name…

Screencaps 6 and 7: See what I mean? Also the Cloud reference is funnier while he has that outfit on.

Screencap 8: What? What’s wrong with him? Aside from his complete lack of personality in recent games? (I hear he actually had one in FF7)

Screencap 9: Slow on the uptake as usual I see…

Screencap 10: Dude, wrong franchise. (andyesiknowaboutthepowerrangersandteamrocketreferencesthankyou)

The sad thing about that reference is how he played it completely straight even though he was just giving WoL a personal reason to care about their fight…


Milky way pivoting behind Mobius Arch, A chunk of Granite in the Alabama Hills, near Lone Pine, California


Milky Way pivoting viewed through Mobius Arch, Lone Pine California (Alabama Hills)