MC Escher

Although Escher did not have mathematical training—his understanding of mathematics was largely visual and intuitive—his art had a strong mathematical component, and several of the worlds which he drew were built around impossible objects.

Escher was also fascinated by mathematical objects like the Möbius strip, which has only one surface. His wood engraving Möbius Strip II (1963) depicts a chain of ants marching for ever around over what at any one place are the two opposite faces of the object—which are seen on inspection to be parts of the strip’s single surface. In Escher’s own words

An endless ring-shaped band usually has two distinct surfaces, one inside and one outside. Yet on this strip nine red ants crawl after each other and travel the front side as well as the reverse side. Therefore the strip has only one surface.

  • Mobius psychologist: OK, mister Mandarini...
  • Stefano: Valentini.
  • Mobius psychologist: Right. Mister Valentino.
  • Stefano: It's Valentini.
  • Mobius psychologist: Whatever. I want you to start working on this extra complicated personality test devised by our best professionals.
  • Stefano:
  • Stefano: It says, "Are you a psychopath? Y/N."
  • Mobius psychologist: Choose wisely.

I have a theory for TEW2, (at first I thought Myra was the one who killed Mobius agents from within STEM but…) Kidman points his gun at the door, everyone is dead and she looks at them strangely, then looks at administrator, and his gaze… it seemed strange to me, as if she were possessed (Ruvik is controlling it?) The administrator dilates the pupils watching her, perhaps having another clove in the hand, is seeing Ruvik instead of Kidman ? (plus the ‘clove’ in his hand is also bleeding) after, I read the letter that Ruvik left in the DLC:

“This machine, this system… I have been born again and will be born again. All persons coming into contact with the STEM system will carry my seed inside. I will corrupt you in parts, I will consume you.
I imagine the world in which with just one look I can access the next.
As you said, I am a ghost, but now I can enter your bodies.

The Man of Mobius… came for some time looking for a power.

And you… Kidman… even if you escape, I’ll leave my seal on you just as I left it on him”.

And there began to fit my theory, at the end Kidman looks the clove scar in his hand with a sinister smile, but is it really Kidman? Or is he again controlled by Ruvik just as he was with Leslie? As she turns he reminds me of him and his sinister smile too.

Well this is just something I’ve thought about, maybe I’m right or maybe not, I just hope they make TEW3 and Ruvik becomes the main villain again.

Lygia Clark, Dialogo de Manos, (Dialogue of Hands), (1966)

In Dialogue of Hands, Two hands are linked by an elastic band wound around the wrists. Symbolizing a connection in which movement toward, around and away from the other is possible only within the limits of that connection’s elasticity.

The Mobius Band served to extend the artists’ bodies in relation to each other. The idea of endlessness represented by the Mobius strip becomes incorporated into the body and becomes an embodiment of consciousness and inter-relationality, an extension of body inward into psyche as opposed to outward into space.