mobilize the earth

One of the challenges that we have in America is that America is a society based on conquest, not on survival. It is a society, by and large, based on the concept that there is always a West, always a frontier. There will always be someplace to go. We don’t necessarily have to give thanks for where we are because we’re moving. That’s what has happened in this America, is this conceptual framework—there is always going to be someplace we can go or something else we can buy….

You cannot make an argument to me that the United States is sustainable, because there is no way that a society that causes so much extinction—an industrial society that caused the extinction of over two thousand nations of indigenous people—is sustainable…. A society that causes so much extinction is not a society that is nourishing.
—  Winona LaDuke, “Honor the Earth: Our Native American Legacy” in The Winona LaDuke Reader: A Collection of Essential Writings (2002, p. 180)

Gundam Behind the Front Documentary


“The mopping up of Zeon remnants on Earth continued for a few years, and restoring public order in space had to be postponed.

The Federation Forces used mobile suits confiscated from Zeon to equip their own forces, because it was more economical than producing more GM units to replace those lost in the war.”

- from the ‘MS Encyclopedia’


Lil Bub’s on a mission, and she needs your help.

In Hello Earth, you play as the internet’s favorite kitty, who’s on a mission to rescue her long-lost friend, Spooky — a space cat who was plucked from bed by a terrifying winged monster. During her rescue mission, Bub battles a huge space eye that hurdles her space pod down to Earth. Travel alongside the out-of-this-world feline and fly through space, find missing spaceship parts, and return Spooky home for cuddles.

With an original soundtrack and eighteen action-packed levels, this retro-style mobile game will capture your heart and challenge your mind. Find out more about the mission, and support Lil Bub’s adventure here.