mobility shifts

Fun tidbits on Team Lotor:

  • Ezor’s head tendril thing is mobile on occasion- it shifts when she’s talking to Acxa in s3e3 (shortly before “Oh, so when they get there, they’ll be blind… no offense, Narti”) and when she’s fighting Keith in s3e6 there’s a moment where it wiggles while the rest of her isn’t moving.

  • Narti has been overwhelmingly soundless. In s3e3, when Ezor apologizes to Narti, a soft growl/grumble is heard in response, but it is unclear whether Narti herself produced the sound, or if Kova was simply vocalizing on Narti’s behalf, as we do see him growl at Throk in s3e1. When Narti takes control of Throk in s3e6, a similar growl is heard, as well as soft, incoherent whispering. Presumably, Kova is the source of the growls, and Narti’s “voice” is entirely telepathic- meaning if Narti overtook a viewpoint character we might hear her speaking. 

  • Speaking of Throk in s3e1, Zethrid is probably capable of roaring, since when she snarls at Throk, it sounds like a growling tiger rather than a human speaking. 

  • Lotor is either the only member of his team that doesn’t have claws, or he has the shortest claws (some shots seem to give him clawed fingers, but a majority of them do not, and those that do give him stubby claws as opposed to the large hooked talons sported by Acxa, Ezor, Narti, and Zethrid)

  • Acxa’s bangs appear to be slicked back from her face, creating the lines on her head, but various shots of the back of her head do not show a ponytail, bun, or pin. Hence, Acxa’s hair is very, very short, with the longest part being aforementioned bangs. Were they not slicked back, it’s likely they would be as long as her single forelock on the left side of her face, as the lines indicate they’re long enough to reach the back of her head.

  • Narti is quite physically strong and her tail is fully prehensile, able to lift Hunk in full armor by his neck using only her tail, without obvious strain. She also may have prehensile toes or a gecko-like gripping ability given in s3e6 she drops on Throk from the ceiling, without any obvious purchases. This would likely explain why the boots of her armor, unlike that of her fellow generals, seems to expose her toes.

  • Acxa and Narti piloted the comet ship together when it fought the team in s3e6, while Zethrid and Ezor were on the cargo ship carrying the teludav.

  • Lotor, conspicuously, was absent from that episode, only communicating with the team through devices. At this point we do not know where he was or what he was doing.
little library assistant things <3
  • that feeling of ultimate power that comes from being able to waive all your own overdue book fines
  • sweet little old ladies borrowing huge piles of erotic fiction
  • finding a colleague you didn’t even know was working today behind a book shelf three hours into your shift
  • *mobile phone rings* “HELLO!!! YEAH I’M IN THE LIBRARY!!!”
  • accidentally squashing someone in the rolling stacks
  • deliberately trying to squash each other in the rolling stacks to see if it would be possible to murder someone that way
  • the secret librarian art of sneezing completely silently
  • two secret magic words to make the eye of any children’s librarian twitch: Daisy Meadows
  • restraining your seething rage when a parent tells their child they can’t have a book they picked out because ‘that one is just for boys/girls!’
  • “I’m sorry that new book is so popular there’s a long waiting list!” (every single copy is on loan to a member of staff)
  • customers sidling up and putting ‘50 Shades of Grey’ of the counter upside down in a futile attempt to hide what they’re borrowing
  • “I’m looking for a book.” “…um, could you possibly be a little more specific?”
  • petition for James Patterson to STOP ALREADY
  • assuring customers that we don’t judge them based on what books they borrow
  • judging customers on what books they borrow
No number of age-old stereotypes can erase the fact that, Appalachia, distinctive as it is, has never been a region that is lily white. History reveals that Appalachia has always had a racially and ethnically diverse population that has been significant and influential. Migration and mobility has shifted patterns of diversity within sub-regions and particular counties, but many areas recall traditions of inclusive collaboration unlikely to have taken hold outside the mountains. Indeed, while some areas today are largely white, the collective memory of a county may reveal a vastly different history.
—  Dr. Althea Webb, Berea College

i don’t think that gameplay does a sufficient job emphasizing just how horrifying it is to be a member of the league, constantly bombarded by images of what’s genuinely believed to be the root of all evil.   yamamura went insane when he saw vermin, & they are considered to be so terrible that the younger madaras twin slaughtered his own brother when he was suspected of being infested.   they embrace a life of cautionary killing & isolated fear, uncertain of anybody being truly pure until they are already dead.

Feigning The Connection

“Prompt: You seem so invincible. But just touch you and you’ll wince. You have secrets and trust no one. You’re the perfect example of betrayal. Because anyone you’ve ever trusted broke you. Thrust into a new world, will you be able to stay alone, or will Bellamy work his way in



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Pairing: Bellamy x Reader

Based off of: The 100 02x15 and 02x16

Warnings: mass murder 

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Something you hadn’t felt in forever, was comfort. You were comfortable. There was something cushioned underneath you, and you felt safe though you weren’t sure why. Opening your eyes slowly, you blinked from the bright light above your head. Though the bright light immediately reminded you of where you were, the last time you’d seen that bright light was when the Mountain men had been taking your bone marrow. When you’d been strapped down to a metal table and a hole drilled into your leg.

Your heart immediately sped up, panic setting within you as you sat up, panting as you tried to get away. But there was one difference, no one was holding you down. Nothing was holding you down. Though in your state of terror, you did not realize the free mobility you had and shifted in your seat. You instantly regretted the fast movement, your hand falling to your side as pain shot through your body.

You sighed heavily, looking around you for the first time to notice you weren’t in the same white lab as before. You were in a completely different room, nicer looking room with decorated walls and furnisher littered the room. You continued to watch warily, despite the vacancy, it didn’t rightly settle within you that you had no idea where you were. You tried to remember how you could’ve gotten here, if Cage or one of the doctors had taken you here before it suddenly clicked. Bellamy. 

I got you.

That’s right, Bellamy… Bellamy found you. He had saved you. Which meant you needed to find him. Needed to discuss with him what was happening as he was the only one who knew. Had he managed to save your friends yet? Were they alive or dead? And why had he been in a guard uniform? Pushing forward on the couch you’d been placed on, you noticed the change of clothes. No longer were you dressed with nothing but a medical gown and rather had actual clothing on. Real, clean clothing.

Jeans that felt soft on the skin, black and easily movable within. A blue shirt that was scarce of any markings or rips. You looked down at the clean clothes in fascination. You haven’t had a clean pair of clothes since on the Ark, and though you had no idea where you’d gotten them from, you were relieved. You felt safer knowing you held actual clothing on your body and less exposed.

Hesitantly, you pushed your feet onto the ground, standing up from the bed. You wobbled on your feet, and you made the note that you hadn’t been able to walk on your own feet in days, you’ve been knocked out and then carried everywhere. Though, as you walked you felt pain shoot through you from everything you’ve suffered. You pushed yourself, forcing yourself to continue walking despite the pain. You needed to find Bellamy, you needed to.

As you walked, you allowed your gaze to fall around you and soon enough you found a mirror. Distracted, you walked towards the mirror, you hadn’t seen your own reflection since you’d been on the Ark. It had been something you’d taken for granted back then, being able to just know what you looked like on a daily occurrence. As you reached the full length mirror, you paused, your hands falling onto your shirt and fingering the material. Your hair, though rather calm, was matted and looked like it needed a good wash.

Your eyes were bloodshot, and your skin looked heavily pale. You twisted your lips in disgust, you looked frankly just unwell. Though it made sense with everything you’d been through, it didn’t help with the fact that you have never seen yourself so unhealthy looking.

Suddenly you heard some voices, and turning your head you found a door. You looked one last time at yourself before stepping away from the mirror and made your way to the door. Your hand fell onto your hip, holding it hope that it might help lessen the pain and reached your hand out, placing it on the door nob. Hesitantly, you opened the door finding a room full of people. Blinking in confusion your eyes fell on a few familiar faces. There was Fox… and Harper and Miller. These were your friends. Your friends were directly in front of you and all you could feel was absolute confusion. Seeing your friends here was the last thing you’d expected walking through that door.

“I need to go back out the-” Turning your head towards the direction of the voice, your eyes widened when you saw the familiar face of Bellamy. His gaze was turned towards you with a small, relieved smile on his face. In fact, everyones gaze was on you and your hand fell to your chest in self-comfort. Your gaze fell around you, relieved but shocked to see your friends alive and well. You’d been so worried about them, you thought you’d never see them again but here they were.

“Bellamy?” Your voice was quiet, quieter than you’d wanted it to be. Bellamy, upon your call, stood up and began making his way over to you. “You’re still too weak, Y/N. You shouldn’t be up yet.” His hands fell on your arms, helping you stand steady.

You ignored his comment, looking around you. “Where am I? What’s happening?”

“You’re safe. I have you hidden.” Bellamy explained, reassuring you with a nod. “He’s not gonna find you in here.” You paused, unsure what to say besides nodding in thanks. You smiled up at him, happy to see that Bellamy was okay and relatively not injured. Happy that your friends were here and safe. But you couldn’t hide the hesitant nature of your smile, half expecting Cage to bolt through the door and hurt you and your friends all over again. “Listen, Y/N, I need to go back out. I’ve been running undercover,” he gestured to his outfit, “and there’s still more I need to do.”

That’s why he was wearing the guard uniform. You wasted no time hesitating as you nodded; “i’ll come with you.”

Bellamy chuckled at your need to always give yourself up to help, shaking his head. “You need rest. Besides if they catch sight of you out there, they’ll know exactly who you are.” You opened your mouth to refuse, wanting to go out there. That had been the original plan, this had been why you’d run in here with him. But Bellamy stopped you, leaning forward and pressing a kiss to your forehead. You paused, unsure of how to react to such an intimate action. Especially with everyone watching, though before you could say anything he pulled away, smirking at your flushed face. 

You watched his back, his steps heavy and quick. “You better come back safe!” You called after him as he left the room. Falling silent, you turned to the crowd in front of you walking forward and greeting everyone. You smiled at everyone brightly, happy to see them alive and well before a voice caught your attention. “Is that Y/N?” You heard and turning around you found Monty. Your eyes widened with excitement and you ran forward, jumping into his arms, engulfing him in a hug.

“Monty!” You exclaimed in excitement. Monty laughed at your excitement and you responded by hugging him tighter in relief. You were so glad he was okay. He’d been one of the first people you’d really gotten to know and you hadn’t stopped worrying for him or Jasper since they’d disappeared. “Are you okay? Where’s Jasper?”

Monty’s hands fell onto your arms, steading you and you suddenly remembered your injuries. Though you ignored the pain, too eager to find out the answers to your questions. “I’m fine, but you need to keep still. You’re still too weak… And-”

“Jasper’s here.” A different voice answered and your gaze fell past Monty on Jasper. A heavy breath left you, and you laughed stepping forward over to Jasper. You embraced him tightly as well, happy to seem him well as well. Though as you pulled away, your gaze fell on to unfamiliar faces. Your heart sped up, thinking they were the Mountain men and you stepped back in fear. Jasper and Monty immediately noticed your panic and the latter grabbed onto you when you stumbled back.


“Mountain… who are they?” You asked, eyes crinkled in fear towards the two unfamiliar faces. Jasper was immediate to step in front of them, holding his hand out to you. “It’s okay!” He reassured, “they’re on our side. This is Maya and her father. They helped us, they’re the reason we’re able to hide here.”

You swallowed the lump in your throat, stepping shakily over towards them. Maya smiled kindly at you, nodding as her father smiled brightly at you. “It’s nice to meet you.” Maya greeted and then her eyes fell on the rest of your body. “I’m sorry…” You immediately knew of what she was referring to and your mouth fell open in realization.

“These are your clothes.” You stated as she nodded nervously. Stepping forward, you smiled down at her, hesitantly, and nodded.

You looked up at the ceiling when a beep echoed from above you. All quiet chatter in the room went silent as you looked beside you at Jasper. “My fellow citizens.” You immediately recognized the voice from above as Cage. His voice was hard to forget, his haunting voice. “This is your president speaking. I have news to share with you, that will change our lives forever. For ninety-seven years, Mount Weather has been our home. It has kept us alive, but it has also held us captive. Most of us have made peace with what we’ve had to do to survive. We’ve done things for one reason so that our people can someday return back to the ground. That day is today.”

Your heart drop at his words, already understanding what he meant. You looked over at Jasper and Monty, shaking your head as Maya stared panicked at you all. Folding your hands on your lap, you clenched them so tightly that they began to hurt but you continued to do so.

“He’s going public.” You announced. “Trying to get everyone against us.” 

“Before my friend Lorelai Tsing was murdered-”

“The doctor…” You whispered to yourself in shock. No wonder you hadn’t seen her in a while at that point, she’d been murdered. Though, strangely, you felt no remorse within you. Before the mention of someone dying would’ve upset you terribly, and you sure it still did, just not for her. 

“What are we going to do?” Jasper asked to us all.

“By the outsiders still at large in this mountain, she found a cure. It was in their bone marrow.” Unconsciously, your fingers found their way to your hip, holding it in memory of everything she’d done to you and your friends. “This has been the dream of our people since the bombs, but to reach it now, I need your help. The forty-five.. no, fort-six, we found another survivor, trouble-maker she is. The forty-six criminals that irradiated level five, killing fifteen of our people, are now keeping us from our dream. Although we’ve repaired our home, we can never replace the lives that were taken from us. And as hard as it is to believe, there are those among us who would help the people that did this, and I am speaking to you now-”

Your gaze fell on Maya and her parents, unsure of how they were reacting. You knew Jasper and the rest trusted them, but you’d only just met them. You wanted to believe they’d stay on your side, but with a public announcement like this you never knew. 

“If you truly want to end the blood treatments once and for all, then the forty-six murderers your now hiding are the key to doing that.” You took a deep breath, shaking your head. This was bad.

“You have one hour to turn them in without punishment. After that, we’ll be forced to consider you enemies of the state. I’m asking you, please do what’s right for your people, our people, so we can all take our rightful place on the ground. We’re almost home.”

Turning to look over at the newcomers, you twisted your head in question. “So what’s it gonna be?”

“Y/N!” Jasper exclaimed in indignation. You turned to him, your eyes cold. “I don’t know them like you do, yes, but I will tell you one thing I am not going back in that lab. I will die before that happens.” You declared, standing up straight. With everything you’d been through, you didn’t trust anyone except for your own people.

“It won’t come to that.” Monty reassured.

“You don’t know that. People can change their mind quick enough when tempted.” You reminded, holding your hand out before you in defence. Maya stood up herself, stepping towards you and you took a step back in fear. Sensing your discomfort, she stepped back herself, holding out her hands. “Y/N, I promise you, that I will not give you in. That will not happen.”

“We’ll see.”

“One! Two!”

You looked at Jasper, nodding at him and without hesitated you pushed the picture frame away, stepping out with Jasper and Maya. You had been wrong about them, not trusting them. You hadn’t known Maya had to hide along with you, you didn’t know she’d already been considered a criminal. And you definitely didn’t expect the people keeping you hidden were willing to be shot in order not to give you all up, that was why you’d stepped out to give yourself up. You weren’t going to let another innocent die.

“Wait!” You yelled, holding up your hands. “Don’t shoot!”

“Please,” Jasper pleaded beside you, “don’t. We’re here, okay? Don’t shoot them.” Jasper compromised, your gaze fell on the couple as they seemed near tears. “I’m so sorry.” The man who’d helped keep you hidden apologized, shaking his head.

“This is Tilling, found three more.” The guard reported into his walkie-talkie. You shook your head, tears brimming in your eyes. You hated your knack for wanting to save everyone, but when your gaze fell on the couple you knew why. They were in the same predicament as you, just in different circumstances. “We’re bringing them in now.” A guard walked up to you, grabbing your wrists forcefully and placing handcuffs on them. You fought him, trying to get away but he only smirked at your feeble attempts.

A sudden gunshot echoed and you jumped in shock, your gaze falling on the woman with a gapping whole in her forehead. You gasped, trying to find something to say but couldn’t. Tears welled up in your eyes, as the guard moved his gun over to the man and shot him as well. You gasped loudly, shaking in your restraints.

“Keep struggling, sweetheart, and the same will happen to you.”

“Maya?” You called, walking up behind her and her father. She turned upon hearing your voice and when she looked at you, your gaze fell to the ground in shame. Though you all needed to move quickly, you needed to say this just incase. “Yes?” She answered.

Swallowing the lump in your throat, you looked up into her eyes. “I’m sorry about earlier. I misjudged you.” Surprisingly, her face lit up in a smile, albeit a bit shaken, she nodded encouragingly at you. “It’s fine. I completely understand.” You nodded at her, relieved that she accepted your apology. She turned back to her father, as you all began making your way down the hall.

You paused for a moment hesitating before a hand fell on your shoulder. Turning, you found Bellamy. “You okay?” He asked, panting slightly as he stared around him cautiously. Nodding your head, you smiled up at him; “okay as i’ll ever be.”

He nodded, content with your answer as he turned back to make sure Jasper and the rest were following. “Okay, we need to get to the harvest chamber. You’ll be safer there.” You frowned in confusion, as right then that seemed almost the worst possible place you all could go when trying to get away with the Mountain Men. 

“Safe in the harvest chamber?” Jasper seemed to be thinking the same as you, as he asked just what you would’ve.

“Just trust me.” 

“Are the others there?” You asked, looking up at Bellamy and then Maya’s father. “Not yet.” Bellamy replied, shuffling with something in his jacket. 

“Monty?” Jasper asked.

“Monty’s with the other group on level three. Don’t worry, we moved him after the last sweep.” You nodded in response, glad they’d been able to get Monty out. Taking a deep breath, you prepared yourself to keep moving on. “You should go there next.” Maya’s father suggested to Bellamy, who immediately nodded.

“All right, go on. Vincent will take you.” Bellamy replied. “I won’t be long.”

“Hey!” Jasper yelled before Bellamy could stop, “i’m coming with you.” He said grabbing a gun from off the ground. Nodding to yourself, you moved around, looking for a weapon and found a gun for yourself on the ground. “Jasper.” Bellamy interrupted, shaking his head in disagreement. 

“I promised i’d protect them. That’s exactly what i’m gonna do.”

“And I promised i’d protect you.” You cut in, checking to make sure your gun had a significant amount of bullets in it. Smiling when you found a good amount, you looked up at Bellamy, smiling despite knowing this would only make him worry. “So, i’m coming with.”

You ran off with Bellamy when he reluctantly nodded, looking back at one last glance to see Maya coming. You smiled, nodding to yourself and continued running.

“We don’t have much time.” Bellamy grunted, opening up the air vent. You came out behind Jasper and Maya, listening closely to Bellamy’s words as you looked around a hallway you’ve never seen before. This place was bigger than you imagined, and considering you’ve been locked in one section of the place didn’t help. “The last twelve are on this level.”

“Including Monty.” Jasper panted, you nodded in his direction turning to Maya. “Which way?” You asked, watching as she raised her hand pointing down the hall in front of you. “This way.” A loud beep echoed in front of you but you barely paid attention, raising your gun in self-defence and walking forward with Bellamy. It wasn’t until Jasper left your side did you find yourself distracted, turning to find Maya still by the vent.

“Listen to me,” you heard Jasper whisper to Maya, holding out his hand in reassurance. “It’s gonna be okay. All right? You’re gonna be okay.” Your eyes softened upon his words, realization flooding within you. That’s why Jasper trusted her so much, you don’t know why you hadn’t seen it before. Smiling with a little bit of envy, you were glad Jasper had managed to find someone, and someone who was willing to go against her own people to do the right thing. “We’re not gonna let anything happen to you, are we?” Jasper asked, turning back to you and Bellamy.

You smiled nodding in confirmation as Bellamy nodded shortly, walking ahead. 

Maya’s panicked face didn’t lessen though, instead she only shook her head. “Jasper, in thirty minutes, all backup power gets diverted for species continuity. That means level five for life support and security. Radiation will seep in everywhere else. I can’t go to level five without being shot in the head.” You bit your lip, looking at Maya in sympathy as she looked only at Jasper. You couldn’t find anything to say that would offer any kind of support for the situation she was in, but that didn’t mean you didn’t feel bad for her.

“Guys, we need to keep moving.” Bellamy reminded, and you nodded walking over to where he stood. 

“We’ll get you your hazmat suit, extra oxygen, enough to last until your engineers get the power back on.” Jasper tried to think of a plan, tears welling in his eyes with desperation.

“And then what? You think Cage Wallace is gonna let me live here after that?” Maya reminded pitifully, the beep echoed again, the man’s voice sounding from above you all. You looked at Maya and Jasper in anticipation, watching as Jasper’s face twisted into anger. 

“Then we kill him.” You looked over at Jasper in shock, not expecting those words to come out of his mouth. The way you remembered him before all this was he was the type of person to fight for every other solution before it resolved to murder. Jasper nodded towards Bellamy and you watched as Bellamy nodded back, looking over at him as he shook his head at you.

A sudden scream came to your attention and you all turned down the hallway. “Monty.” Jasper whispered.

“Move! You heard him! Let’s go.” A males voice ordered and you raised your gun just in case. As you were running, Bellamy held out his hand in front of you, ordering you to slow. You listened to him, slowing down your steps as you turned back to the direction of the commotion. “Be ready for anything.” Bellamy reminded in a hush.

When you turned the corner there was a body laying on the ground in the distance. As you grew closer to the body you lowered your gun a hand falling to your mouth as the blood that surround the limp figure. Maya ran ahead, identifying the woman as “Ms. Ryan.” “She was hiding the last twelve.” Bellamy informed, and you took a deep breath. This wasn’t good. If she was here, dead, then where was the twelve?

“Where would they take them?” You asked Maya.

“It’s got to be level five.” She answered, you nodded, preparing yourself to move forward. Jasper moved towards the room, right where Bellamy was standing as he blocked him. You looked over at Maya in confusion, listening to Jasper breath heavily in panic. “Get out of my way.” He grounded out, staring directly in Bellamy’s eyes.

“Every person inside this mountain is on level five, every soldier.” Bellamy reminded. “Tell him.” Bellamy ordered Maya. You turned to Maya, not completely understanding what was going on. You figured it was because while all this was happening you’d been stuck inside a Cage.

“Jasper’s right.” Maya contradicted. “After the lockdown it’ll be impossible to get them out. It’s now or never.”

“All right-” Bellamy reluctantly agreed, “but how do we eve-” You crouched immediately when a thump sounded from behind you, raising your gun in self defence. Slowly Monty stepped out from behind the shadows, immediately falling to the ground near Ms. Ryan.


“What’s wrong?” You asked, watching as his face fell in pity and despair.

“They know about the grounders.” Monty mumbled, “that’s why I hid. I-I didn’t do anything to save the others. I let them kill Ms. Ryan.”

“What do you mean they know about the grounders?”

“It was on a soldiers walkie. They’re going for the harvest chamber.” You looked over at Bellamy, remembering that that was where Vincent had taken the others from before. Your hand fell to your forehead in disbelief, every time you seemed one step ahead, you never were and the Mountain men had some kind of leverage on you. 

“If they take it, we lose everyone.” Bellamy whispered, turning to you. You nodded, grabbing ahold of his arm and running ahead.

Opening the door to the harvest room, you shot in, your gun raised but found yourself slowing down when no one was there. Maya ran past you, sobbing and you turned to her in alarm but your mouth fell open when you saw her father on the ground, a hole in his forehead.

Turning to Bellamy, you saw him walk ahead and quickly followed behind him. Your gaze falling on all the empty cages around, cages that had once been full of grounders. Stopping just before the ledge, you looked at the vast amount of empty cages, gun falling to your side.

“They betrayed us.” You whispered, “they’re gone!” You shouted in despair, hands falling to your head in distress. A hand fell on your wrist, pulling your hand down so Bellamy could look in you in the eye. He nodded at you, reminding you to stay calm and you nodded your head, taking a deep breath. Suddenly, you remembered when you’d been locked in one of these cages; and though it seemed like the wrong time, you needed to tell him. “I saw you.” 

“What?” Bellamy asked in confusion.

“That day when we came here and everything went wrong, I saw them hauling you out of the cage above me. I needed to stop them, I needed to help you so I tried to get them to grab me.” You explained, looking around you at the empty cages. You could hear Maya’s soft cries in the distance, Jasper trying to reassure him and you shook your head.

“Why would you do that?” Bellamy asked, shocking you. You turned to him, your mouth left open in bewilderment. “Why would you put yourself in danger like that?”

You smiled lightly, your hand hesitantly reaching forward to grab his hand. “Because I care for you. Though it did nothing, I couldn’t see you be treated like that.”

“Oh, Bellamy…” 

Your lips twisted into a smile, relieved to see more familiar faces. Watching with fondness, you watched how Bellamy and Octavia shared a moment, hugging each other. You walked further out, behind Monty and Jasper as Octavia greeted her friends. “I knew it,” she teased, “you two are too scrawny to drill.” Octavia joked, poking them in the stomach. Finally as they finished hugging, Octavia caught sight of you and she let out a breath.

“Y/N.” She greeted and you nodded back, smiling. You weren’t sure if you should go for the hug or not, but then suddenly Octavia beckoned you over and her arms were around you. Though you’d never been that close with her before, it felt amazing to feel the familiar warmth of a person you trusted. Pushing back from her hug, you patted her shoulder, nodding.

Maya stepped out behind you, in her hazmat suit and you immediately noticed the look of hostility on Octavia’s face. You shook her head when she looked at you, Jasper moving to defend Maya; “it’s okay, she’s with us.” 

When the excitement died down, your eyes fell on Bellamy and Clarke as they once again shared a conversation you couldn’t hear. Your eyes fell to the ground, your smile dropping slightly as you clasped your hands together in discomfort. They had every right to talk, especially in a time like this and you shouldn’t be allowing yourself to get distracted like this. But you couldn’t help but sometimes feel jealous of the bond they shared, having to co-lead together. You hadn’t really realized it until Finn’s death when Clarke became solely more focused on Bellamy.

But when you looked back up, the same look in Clarke’s eyes wasn’t there. She was distracted, upset, almost looked betrayed. And though you couldn’t blame her because if your suspicions were true, the grounder army had betrayed you all, left you in the dust. But there was more, more hurt, more feeling behind it all and it just wasn’t something you could decipher. 

Stepping behind Jasper and Monty, you allowed them to share a hug with Clarke before stepping forward yourself. She smiled upon seeing you, stepping forward and reaching out for a hug. You squeezed her tight, and even though it seemed not like the time, you whispered in her ear; “you okay?” Clarke pulled back, seemingly shocked that you would ask her that, like you’d caught her before she smiled, nodding. Her gaze fell on your bruised face and weakened body. “Are you?” 

“As good as i’ll ever be.” You responded.

A beep echoed and in alarm you turned towards Maya who was checking her suit. Jasper ran forward, “thirty minutes.” He mumbled, “that can’t be right, we just changed it.” Panicking, Jasper turned to you all, shaking his head in distress; “this is her last tank.”

“Hey, uh. We’ll find you another one.” Clarke reassured and you smiled encouragingly, your smile though faded when she shook her head. “All the supplemental oxygen supplies are on level five.”

“We’ll get you to level five then.” You declared, looking over at Jasper who nodded his head. 

“Five isn’t safe for any of us.”

“We’ll take the trash chute again.” Jasper strategized. “It’ll work.”

“To get in, maybe.” Bellamy argued, “Maya’s right. Every soldier in this mountain is on that level. We’ll never make it out.”

“We can do it.” Jasper whispered, pleadingly. “We’ll split up.” You nodded along with his plan, hoping that Bellamy would go for it so you could save Maya. You hadn’t trusted her at first, but once you realized all that she had done for your friends, she didn’t deserve to just die.

Bellamy looked at you for an answer as Octavia declared, “you guys go for Dante. We’ll help Maya.” Frowning at him, you offered an apologetic look, shaking your head and looking towards Maya. You needed to help her. You’d be much more helpful there than you’d ever be talking to Dante. Giving a reassuring smile, you nodded at his worried look. “I’ll be fine.”

“You better be.”

“C’mon.” Jasper rushed, helping Maya out. You stepped out after her, turning to help Octavia. “She’s out of air.” 

“First you need to close the vent.” Maya ordered and you were quick to turn, closing the vent. When you turned back around, Maya’s helmet was off and she was taking deep breaths, trying to regain herself. “Time to spare.” She gasped, and you let out a small chuckle, shaking your head.

“She’s safe. Can we go now?” Octavia rushed, looking around her for anybody coming. “It’ll be okay.” Maya reassured, and you shook your head along with him. “I’m not leaving you.” Jasper declared holding on to Maya.

“I’m not leaving either.” You smiled her way, “not now.”

“Y/N!” Octavia whispered in urgency.

“She’s alive.” You stated, shaking your head. “But she isn’t safe.” You looked over at Jasper who looked over at you thankful, you nodded, smiling. They needed your help and you definitely weren’t going to leave them alone up here. You just got your friend back, you weren’t going to just leave him because he wanted to save his girlfriend.

“Cage knows i helped you guys.” Maya panted. “He’s on level five.”

“So what do we do?” Octavia asked, looking around her.

“We kill Cage.” Your eyes widened, remembering that exact line from earlier. Looking over at Jasper, you swallowed a lump in your throat watching as Maya nodded in confirmation and Octavia declared she was in. They looked over at you and biting your lip in worry, you remembered all that he had done to you, all that he had done to your people, your friends. Nodding to yourself, you looked over at them, determine.

“I’m in.”

“Cage is in the dorms. They brought another group in from the Ark, more marrow. They’re not even trying to fix the dam.” Your heart dropped at the mention of another group being brought in, that could be your father. That could be Raven. Taking deep breaths to calm yourself, you tried to remain calm.

“How many soldiers were with Cage?” Jasper asked.

“Uh, six. Why?” The guard, Lee, Maya had brought in to help answered. Looking up at Jasper in question. Jasper didn’t answer, taking his gun from off his side, he looked over at Lee, “just get me close. They’ll be happy they found another eight doses. I need a-” 

Octavia stepped up, handing Jasper a knife. “Aim for the throat. Slash, don’t stab. Make it deep.” She explained, showing the movements with the knife. You bit your lip in worry, not liking the plan that would most likely get Jasper killed if he wasn’t careful. Nodding Octavia’s way, Jasper sniffled as Lee restrained his wrists with cuffs.

You sent him a smile, nodding and telling him without actually telling him he could do it. He sent you a grateful smile, turning to Maya as she made her way up to him. You couldn’t hear what they were saying but you watch with fondness and pride as they shared a moment. Who knew Jasper could be such a badass? You thought to yourself, laughing.

“I love you…” You faintly heard Jasper whisper and then he was gone, walking through the doors. You looked over at Maya, your eyes softening at her tear stricken face. Stepping forward, you placed your hand softly on her shoulder, snapping her attention over to you. You offered a small smile, hoping that would help reassure her a bit more. “He’s got this. I know Jasper, and he’s pretty tough when he puts his mind to it.”

She nodded, a silence falling over you. You figured Maya was just too nervous to respond. “Hey…” You started, “thank you for all this.” She looked over at you, finally smiling and you smiled yourself, glad that you could even break her moment of sadness for a second. Then suddenly her face fell and you turned to her concerned. 

“There was man in there.” she started. “I couldn’t stay long but I heard him screaming your name, asking where his daughter was.” Opening your mouth, you found yourself stock still. That was your father, no doubt about it and he was stuck in there in danger, asking for you. You couldn’t remember the last time your father had been so considered with your life.

You looked at the doors in hesitation.

There were hands on you, shoving you at the ground. You groaned in pain, trying to shove them off but they only continued to press the gun harder against the back of your skull. Panting, you swallowed, trying to hide your fear. You were sure you were gonna die. Any second now and they’d blow there gun, or maybe they’d torture you like they had for so long.

Then there groans of pain, screams of pain, you looked around you as best as you could in shock as every one of the mountain people fell to the ground in pain. The hands on you disappeared, and sitting up on your knees you watched the guards around you fall to the ground. Maya. Turning your head to the side, your gaze fell on Maya, her face red and blotching and her breath coming out in short gasps. 

You scrambled over to her, grabbing ahold of her and setting her on your lap as Octavia fell beside you. Tears welled in your eyes as a shadow loomed over you, looking up you found Jasper staring down at Maya in shock. You shook your head at him, letting Jasper grab her and hold her. “Jasper.” She gasped out, her voice rough.

You fell, sitting as you brought your knees up to your chest. “I’m here.” Jasper whispered, his lips curling in despair as tears fell from his eyes. “She was innocent.” Looking up at Jasper upon his words, you shook your head. 

“None of us is innocent.” She let out one final gasp of air, before her body gave up, becoming limp. You closed your eyes, taking a deep breath. Jasper’s cried of disbelief filling your ears. You got up slowly, tripping over yourself as Octavia ran past you. You knew where she was going, and you knew you should go but you found yourself stunned as you stared at the mass of dead bodies.

Clarke stepped past a pillar, stopping when she saw Jasper. Looking down at Maya, you shook your head. “What did you do?” Jasper sobbed, shaking his head in disbelief. 

“We had no choice.” Clarke whispered, her voice shaking.

“I was gonna kill Cage.” You looked down, watching as your hands shook before placing your head in them. You shook your head in them, images of innocent people dead around you. Maya dead. Jasper in pain. It was all too much. “If you’d just given me one more minute, it would’ve been over.”

“Jasper, they would’ve never stopped.” Bellamy suddenly spoke up. Your head snapped up upon his entrance, finding yourself shocked that he would help do this. Despite your horror you found no anger towards him, just hurt. He’d done what he had to, you knew that, and you knew you couldn’t be mad at him. But that didn’t stop you from shaking your head at him when he looked at you, tears in your eyes.

“We have to go to the dorms.” 

Bellamy stepped forward, falling still in front of you. He shook his head, opening his mouth to say something but you interrupted him; “it’s fine.” You nodded, sending a small weak smile. “It’s fine.”

“Raven!” Running forward, you shot through the crowd, narrowly missing everybody. You stopped just before Wick and Raven, looking over the unconscious figure of Raven. With wide eyes, you scanned her body for anymore major injuries other than what they had done to her. “Is she okay?” You asked Wick frantically, your hand falling on her face.

He nodded, though you didn’t see it only the hand that clasped around your wrist, snapping your attention to Wick. “She’s okay. She’ll be okay. Y/N, someone else wants to see you.” Wick nodded his head to the side and you followed his gaze, only to find your father looking over at you. You let out a small sob, unsure of what to do. Seeing him okay was the biggest relief, and despite everything that had happened between the two of you, he was your dad. You never even got the chance to tell him you’d been going with Bellamy to the mountain.

Without a second thought, you ran forward, ignoring the pain that shot through you, reaching him within seconds. It was just like that day he’d returned from being captured by the grounders, except this time when you threw your arms around him, he didn’t hesitate to return the hug. Instead he hugged you with such force, with warmth you’d never felt. Tears fell from your eyes, snuggling your head into his neck.

“I was so worried.” He whispered against your neck, and you didn’t even care that that was such an un-Kane thing to do. “You didn’t even tell me.”

“I’m sorry.” You sobbed. “i’m sorry.” It wasn’t hard to tell that this was more than just you not telling him about your plan, this was so much more. “I’m sorry that mom died because of me.” Hands gripped your face, pulling you back from the hug so all you could see was your fathers eyes on your own. He smiled lightly, shaking his head. “Your mother dying wasn’t your fault.” He reassured and your mouth fell open, “I never should of thrown you away like I did. I’m sorry.”

You found yourself unsure of how to reply, these words were words you never expected to hear come from your father’s lips. You just nodded, your nose scrunching up as more tears from your face. He held you, allowed you to cry, acted like the father you’d always cry about not having. Kane said the words you use to dream about hearing;

“I love you, Y/N.”

“Where’s she going?” You asked, walking up to Bellamy. Hearing you, his gaze fell on you, tears in his eyes. Immediately knowing that this was more than what you thought it had been, you went to walk out the gate to followed Clarke. Something was different, something was happening and you needed to stop it, but Bellamy’s arms wound around your waist. You looked over at him. “where’s she going?” You repeated, more stern.

“Clarke wants to go on her own. She needs to think things over.” He explained and you shook your head, looking over at him. Your gaze fell on the disappearing figure of Clarke, an unsettling feeling in your stomach. Stopping your struggles, you moved to stand in front of him but surprisingly he kept his hands on your waist. You ignored the intimate action, looking up at Bellamy with curiosity and a bit of fear. 

“Do you?” 

“No.” He answered almost immediately, leaving no room for questions. “I’m not leaving you. Not again.” Bellamy responded honestly, you opened your mouth to say something, your gaze falling on the arms upon your waist. He looked at you with such intensity, you were unsure of what he was going to do. Then suddenly, looking up at him you watched as his face grew closer, and then his lips were on yours. Your eyes widened, not expecting him to do such a thing, pulling back, you placed your hands against his chest, panting.

He stared at you, shocked and afraid as you practically just rejected him. “Y/N?” He mumbled, asking for an answer. With wide eyes, your gaze fell on your father, remembering how you’d just gain his trust and love. Your gaze fell on Raven, knowing that she needed you in this time. And Jasper, Bellamy was responsible for killing Jasper’s girlfriend. And you knew he didn’t mean it and you weren’t mad at him, but it wasn’t right. It didn’t feel right.

You know you’d liked him for so long now, probably even grown to love him. This was something you’d secretly wanted for so long. But it just didn’t seem like the right time. So keeping your hands against his chest, you looked up at him apologetically. “I can’t.” You shook your head, whispering so that he could almost barely hear you. “I can’t, not now. I’m sorry.”

Bellamy didn’t argue, only whispered one word; “why?”

“My dad. I just got him back. And Raven. She needs me.” 

You watched Bellamy shake his head. “I know that’s not why.” He argued, his eyes pleading for you to tell the truth. “I was so worried, when i didn’t find you in those cages I thought you were dead.” He explained, his lip curled in disappointment. Sighing, your hands fell from his chest, taking a deep breath, you steeled yourself. “You helped kill all those people, Bellamy.” Bellamy’s face fell when he heard those words, stepping back in distress. “All those innocent people and I know you had to…” Stepping back yourself, you turned towards your father, seeing him looking in your direction. “But it just isn’t the right time.” 

With that, you didn’t dare look back at Bellamy’s face. You didn’t dare look back to see the disappointment and feel your heart crush even more. Instead you walked directly forward, keeping your eyes on your father and when you reached him, you smiled lightly. “Everything okay?” He asked.

Finally, you allowed yourself to turn your head, catching sight of Bellamy looking over at you. Keeping your tears in, you nodded; “fine.”

morning glitter bombs,  it’s me and girlfriend’s  ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY  today  !  ♡

Favouritism (Fuck Co-workers)

I’ve been wanting to take over the computer department of our store for pretty much the whole time I’ve been here, but while everyone else got shafted around and moved to different departments and didn’t get a say in where they got moved, the dude in charge of computers got to stay in charge of computers because, “he’ll get really annoyed if we move him.” Okay, the rest of us get annoyed when he shows up late and delays morning meetings, then spends the first 5 to 10 minutes of shift in the break room making food, takes 20 minute breaks instead of 15s, and 45 minute “half hour” breaks, (gets “told off” for doing so but never actually gets in trouble), sits out back playing mobile games, both during shift and when we’re closed and the rest of us are actually still working to shut up shop, and ignores customers to read news stories about Trump, but sure, Mr. Assistant Manager, let him keep maintaining his favourite department and shove me on whiteware (which is boring as hell) even though you were literally praising me the other week for how reliable and hard-working I am, /and/ chose to send ME and not him to the computer specialist training session the other day, and all the while also continue paying him more than I get paid per hour. Excellent. Seems fair.

On the plus side, the store manager asked me last week if I’d want to be in charge of computers, and I told him that I would love to be, but that our assistant manager said we can’t move the other guy because he’d get annoyed, and my store manager said that that’s irrelevant because it’s about who’s going to do the best job, so he’s more than willing to look at doing another reshuffle soon and moving me there if I genuinely want to be in charge and will work hard to maintain it. So fingers crossed that after almost 10 months of busting my ass, justice finally gets served.

Tl;dr: lazy-ass co-worker gets to be late, take super long breaks, ignore customers and waste everyone’s time, and not only keeps his job, but gets to remain in charge of his favourite department because our assistant manager “doesn’t want to annoy him by moving him” but is okay with annoying the rest of us by putting us where we don’t want to be, and pays some of us less than him while acknowledging that we’re better workers.


continued with @honeyhogger from here: x

He was surprised yet again as Red reached down and cupped his cheek, rubbing the bone softly. He had been expecting a slap, not this. Never this. But he melted into the touch anyway, tilting his head towards it like a cat who was starved for attention. “n-no you’re not what i expected my next master to be like. th-the last few weren’t like you at all.”

There it was.

“n-not that i thought they were bad masters! they were st-still wonderful masters to have and im h-honored they let me s-service them.” He tilted his head a little more as his master talked about re-training him, the idea sending him into a cold sweat. He wasn’t sure he could survive being sent back to be re-trained. But when his master said he’d be re-training him himself some of that fear and panic faded, though it didn’t disappear entirely. “yes m-master that makes perfect sense. thank you master.”

As Pap explained quietly, Red’s brow furrowed. He frowned, downright puzzled by the response.

“the last few?” he repeated. “there were… others? when? who?”

But even as he asked, he knew it was probably pointless. Pap hadn’t been able to tell him who had ‘trained’ him, so he doubted that he could say anything about any previous ‘masters.’ But still…

It had only been a month since he’d seen Pap last.

house of cards: a night circus binu au (iii)

part i | part ii | part iii

As it turns out, Bin does not get to leave to visit Rocky for another three weeks.

He knows he should be grateful that he’s busy – the Magician just adopted two more students, both boys pulled from an orphanage three towns over, and they need all the help adapting to their new environment as they can get.

They’re curious about everything, as five year olds are, and Bin keeps them entertained with small tricks like turning leaves into hats and back again. When they marvel at him and beg to know his secret, he leans in with a conspiratorial whisper, “You’ll learn, if you behave.”

He creates sounds that dance around them, stoppers smells in bottles to take them to places they’ve never been to before, levitates them until they giggle and ask to be let down. He charms the planet mobile he has shifted into their room to sparkle and to rotate, tucks them into bed, shepherds them around the house when they have lessons.

He tries to recreate the atmosphere the Magician’s old students used to create for him when he was younger; he has had a good childhood in this home, and he wants these boys to have the same.

Sometimes, right after he tucks them into bed and flicks the lights off, he pauses, standing outside their door with his hand unconsciously rubbing his scar. He wonders if they too, will have challenges set upon them.

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you love the sea: part three, atropos [completion]

setting: non-magical, mythical AU
pairing: marcus flint/oliver wood
word count: 3497
A/N: part three of @flintwoodandco​‘s giveaway winning fic! indigo suggested the amazing idea and here we are <3 this fic is four parts long, and I’ll be posting part four tomorrow! (as always, much love to my beta @nymphadoraholtzmann​!!) bonus points to @scourgify​ who I think has caught on to my chapter naming shenanigans. ;)

(part one)(part two)(you can also read it on ao3!)

I’m not excited, but should I be?
is this the fate that half of the world has planned for me?
I know I love you
and you love the sea
but what holy water contains a little drop, little drop for me?

- unbelievers, vampire weekend

“Where’s the rest of your stuff?”

Oliver shrugged one shoulder half-heartedly, wincing as the duffel bag slung over one of his shoulders slipped down into the crook of his elbow.

Marcus frowned, but reached out to take the large trunk out of Oliver’s hands. It was lighter than it looked, for a large old trunk, and he backed up into the house to let Oliver into the hallway.

“Seriously,” Marcus pressed, as Oliver dropped the duffel bag and then his backpack down onto the hallway floor and turned to shut the door. “This is all your stuff? You’re not, like, only half moving in so that if we break up you can just cut and run and not lose all your shit?” Marcus was joking, mostly, but he clearly couldn’t keep the slightly hurt look from his eyes.

Oliver shook his head and reached out to take the trunk from Marcus’s arms, setting it down before turning to tug Marcus into a deep kiss. “Of course not,” he reassured his boyfriend, moving to press a kiss to Marcus’s forehead. “I just… don’t own a lot of stuff. I’m, ah…” Oliver struggled for a minute before he let out a sigh and then another resigned shrug. “I’m dead broke, actually.”

Marcus raised a brow, took this in, and then nodded. “Well, not anymore you’re not. Let’s take a look at what you’ve got - then we’re going shopping.”

“What do you mean?” Oliver asked quickly, backing up almost instinctively towards the trunk.

“When my dad died, he left me a pretty hefty chunk of inheritance money. Clearly I’m not using much of it, paying for this place. So, let me buy you some stuff. Some more clothes, at least. That’s why you don’t have a mobile, right?”

Oliver shifted uncomfortably and looked down at the floor, clearly studying the grain of the wood as a way to avoid Marcus’s eyes. “Yeah, something like that.”

Marcus nodded with finality. “Right. Well that’s settled then. You can’t not have a mobile phone, Oliver. Not in this day and age. C’mon, let’s get your stuff into our room and figure out what you need. Then we’re going shopping.”

“You really don’t have to-”

“Oliver,” Marcus paused, turning back and capturing Oliver’s cheeks in his hands so he could peer into the man’s eyes. “You’re my boyfriend. You’re moving in with me. My father was… not a good person, Oliver, and he left me money that he certainly didn’t obtain legally. I’ve been trying to think of a way to spend it that makes me feel good - I bought this place, I fixed my boat. Just… let me spoil you, just this once? I… I love you, Oliver, and I want you to have everything you need.”

Oliver bit his lip, clearly uncomfortable, but as he thought it over he watched the telltale spark of mischief flash in his boyfriend’s eyes. “Well, I suppose when you put it like that, yeah, okay. You can spoil me. Just this once. I love you too, you know.”

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— this is completely random but I just remembered the one time I was in my friends car and they had to jump out to go into a store to get something they forgot and casually dropped the fact that in the back seat was jus a bag o’ rats for their snakes

— well ok they told me about it because they know I get nosy and boy you know I was gonna take a look in that big plastic bag they had in their back seat. I just need to know stuff at all times

RIP me

Sorry for the silence, guys! I live pretty close to the Northern California Fires and my internet has decided to crap out. Due to terrible air quality I can’t really go outside or hang out at a coffee shop.

Once things get cleared up I’ll be able to start updating again. Until then, I’ll try to do a few things here and there on my phone.

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(Baby Meme) "Julian....what the ever living hell..."

Julian laughed genuinely- not the creepy one people usually heard- holding the sleeping baby in his arms. He placed one gloves hand over one of her ears, his eyes widening at Paulo, “Shame on you, Mr Ravinski. The poor thing might have a potty mouth because of you!….She’s my daughter. Trapped in the ice by the government. “