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little library assistant things <3
  • that feeling of ultimate power that comes from being able to waive all your own overdue book fines
  • sweet little old ladies borrowing huge piles of erotic fiction
  • finding a colleague you didn’t even know was working today behind a book shelf three hours into your shift
  • *mobile phone rings* “HELLO!!! YEAH I’M IN THE LIBRARY!!!”
  • accidentally squashing someone in the rolling stacks
  • deliberately trying to squash each other in the rolling stacks to see if it would be possible to murder someone that way
  • the secret librarian art of sneezing completely silently
  • two secret magic words to make the eye of any children’s librarian twitch: Daisy Meadows
  • restraining your seething rage when a parent tells their child they can’t have a book they picked out because ‘that one is just for boys/girls!’
  • “I’m sorry that new book is so popular there’s a long waiting list!” (every single copy is on loan to a member of staff)
  • customers sidling up and putting ‘50 Shades of Grey’ of the counter upside down in a futile attempt to hide what they’re borrowing
  • “I’m looking for a book.” “…um, could you possibly be a little more specific?”
  • petition for James Patterson to STOP ALREADY
  • assuring customers that we don’t judge them based on what books they borrow
  • judging customers on what books they borrow

i don’t think that gameplay does a sufficient job emphasizing just how horrifying it is to be a member of the league, constantly bombarded by images of what’s genuinely believed to be the root of all evil.   yamamura went insane when he saw vermin, & they are considered to be so terrible that the younger madaras twin slaughtered his own brother when he was suspected of being infested.   they embrace a life of cautionary killing & isolated fear, uncertain of anybody being truly pure until they are already dead.

No number of age-old stereotypes can erase the fact that, Appalachia, distinctive as it is, has never been a region that is lily white. History reveals that Appalachia has always had a racially and ethnically diverse population that has been significant and influential. Migration and mobility has shifted patterns of diversity within sub-regions and particular counties, but many areas recall traditions of inclusive collaboration unlikely to have taken hold outside the mountains. Indeed, while some areas today are largely white, the collective memory of a county may reveal a vastly different history.
—  Dr. Althea Webb, Berea College
you love the sea: part three, atropos [completion]

setting: non-magical, mythical AU
pairing: marcus flint/oliver wood
word count: 3497
A/N: part three of @flintwoodandco​‘s giveaway winning fic! indigo suggested the amazing idea and here we are <3 this fic is four parts long, and I’ll be posting part four tomorrow! (as always, much love to my beta @nymphadoraholtzmann​!!) bonus points to @scourgify​ who I think has caught on to my chapter naming shenanigans. ;)

(part one)(part two)(you can also read it on ao3!)

I’m not excited, but should I be?
is this the fate that half of the world has planned for me?
I know I love you
and you love the sea
but what holy water contains a little drop, little drop for me?

- unbelievers, vampire weekend

“Where’s the rest of your stuff?”

Oliver shrugged one shoulder half-heartedly, wincing as the duffel bag slung over one of his shoulders slipped down into the crook of his elbow.

Marcus frowned, but reached out to take the large trunk out of Oliver’s hands. It was lighter than it looked, for a large old trunk, and he backed up into the house to let Oliver into the hallway.

“Seriously,” Marcus pressed, as Oliver dropped the duffel bag and then his backpack down onto the hallway floor and turned to shut the door. “This is all your stuff? You’re not, like, only half moving in so that if we break up you can just cut and run and not lose all your shit?” Marcus was joking, mostly, but he clearly couldn’t keep the slightly hurt look from his eyes.

Oliver shook his head and reached out to take the trunk from Marcus’s arms, setting it down before turning to tug Marcus into a deep kiss. “Of course not,” he reassured his boyfriend, moving to press a kiss to Marcus’s forehead. “I just… don’t own a lot of stuff. I’m, ah…” Oliver struggled for a minute before he let out a sigh and then another resigned shrug. “I’m dead broke, actually.”

Marcus raised a brow, took this in, and then nodded. “Well, not anymore you’re not. Let’s take a look at what you’ve got - then we’re going shopping.”

“What do you mean?” Oliver asked quickly, backing up almost instinctively towards the trunk.

“When my dad died, he left me a pretty hefty chunk of inheritance money. Clearly I’m not using much of it, paying for this place. So, let me buy you some stuff. Some more clothes, at least. That’s why you don’t have a mobile, right?”

Oliver shifted uncomfortably and looked down at the floor, clearly studying the grain of the wood as a way to avoid Marcus’s eyes. “Yeah, something like that.”

Marcus nodded with finality. “Right. Well that’s settled then. You can’t not have a mobile phone, Oliver. Not in this day and age. C’mon, let’s get your stuff into our room and figure out what you need. Then we’re going shopping.”

“You really don’t have to-”

“Oliver,” Marcus paused, turning back and capturing Oliver’s cheeks in his hands so he could peer into the man’s eyes. “You’re my boyfriend. You’re moving in with me. My father was… not a good person, Oliver, and he left me money that he certainly didn’t obtain legally. I’ve been trying to think of a way to spend it that makes me feel good - I bought this place, I fixed my boat. Just… let me spoil you, just this once? I… I love you, Oliver, and I want you to have everything you need.”

Oliver bit his lip, clearly uncomfortable, but as he thought it over he watched the telltale spark of mischief flash in his boyfriend’s eyes. “Well, I suppose when you put it like that, yeah, okay. You can spoil me. Just this once. I love you too, you know.”

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TalesFromRetail: No alcohol can be sold after 2AM

This happened a few weeks ago and obligatory sorry for formatting on mobile.

I work night shift at a gas station and since I work night shift I get my fair share of interesting characters. This happened between me who we’ll call Me and a lady who we’ll call Lady.

I notice a lady in her 20’s with two men also in 20’s getting beer. I check my phone for the time it’s 2:18AM. In this city you can’t buy alcohol after 2:00AM.

Me: Sorry guys no alcohol after 2.

Lady: But I buy beer here all the time after 2.

Me: I work here 5 days a week exclusively night shift. We don’t sell beer after 2.

Lady: But I got beer here last time after 2.

Me: Again, we don’t sell beer after 2.

Lady: Listen I’ve had a really long day and all I want is some beer.

Me: That’s too bad. I’m still not selling to you. You can try the gas station across the street or any other one but you’re not buying it here.

Lady: Fine whatever.

I will never understand why people think that I’ll just sell beer to them when it’s past 2AM. Just come in before 2AM if you wanted to drink simple solution. I don’t care how bad you’re day was you’re ruining my day by causing me problems.

By: AlphaZombie2

Well, You Know What They Say About Desperate Times... [Chapter One]

@yorozuya-yasaman-chan YOU.
Listen here, you! I know I’m a crap ton late, but ever since you asked for Barman!GuanShan I’ve been trying to finish this one shot, but damned if I didn’t accidentally turn this into a full on 6-7 chapter story. 😫 😫 😫 

So with much thought into whether I should finish it all in a few days or just start posting chapters now, here’s Chapter 1. [The year is 1930;GuanShan is 17;HeTian is mid-twenties]

He fucked up.

Why he ever thought he could steal from the Triad, he didn’t know.

But with that drunkard father in the pen, and his mother weeping from the family shop closing down, he didn’t really have much of a choice.
He was the man of the house now and it was his responsibility to not leave his family penniless like his gambling father.

The Italians had an offer; they needed a Chinaman to hit a storage unit of the Triad and deliver a few boxes.
What was in them?
Didn’t ask, didn’t care. But by the weight of it, some heavy ass booze.

And if that’s the case, it certainly matched the amount of cash given to them for the job. Enough to prevent him and his mother from becoming homeless.

“Move your ass, Mo!” said a boy rounding behind him. That SheLi wasn’t even Chinese. But to the white folk he had the slanted eyes, so it matched up. He could’ve ratted him out, but he was probably financially in a tight spot too.

“Oi! Who’s there!?”

“Shit!” exclaimed another boy.

GuanShan hushed him, “Wang, keep you’re fucking voice down!”

“…Boys! I think there’s someone in the warehouse!!”

“Shit! Go, go, go!

They had to get to the car in time, and drive off with the cargo.

But for Mo GuanShan, who had gone back for an extra box and was furthest from the car, he had the most distance to cross. SheLi, their getaway driver, waited until Wang was in the car and hit the gas.

“Wait!! Where the hell are you going!?” He had been in arms length of the mobile when it shifted forward.

“Sorry, GuanShan! Nothing personal!”

He threw down the crate and sprinted after it, but it seemed the more speed he gained, the more their getaway car accelerated.

It was either the uneven cobblestones, his legs giving out, or the goons behind him having caught up, but he came crashing down hard, and his whole world followed quickly after.



And that’s how he landed here, with bruised ribs and blood in his mouth, surrounded by half a dozen Triad members who looked close to breaking him in half like a toothpick.

“So lemme get this straight. You’re trying to tell me…that you and your pals were stealing OUR merchandise…thinkin’ it was booze.”

“How many times are ya gonna make me repeat myself, huh?! I told you the same thing the first time!!”

That earned a firm slap to the face… He should really learn when to stop talking.

“If I were you I wouldn’t be flapping my mouth so easily. Are you stupid? The bootlegging scene is already thick with Italians. Our business is opium. Which frankly,” he said scooping up a package from the box they had caught GuanShan carrying, “is far more damned expensive than their fucking alcohol.”

His eyes widened.

“Buddy… You and those other cum stains you call friends have probably lost us thousands.”

“W-wait. I can explain-”

“Ha! I bet! You know, me ‘n the boys noticed here how you like talking so much… I guess it’ll give the other at the bottom of the Hudson some conversation. Take him away.”

“No!- Wait!!- No!!!”

They had already begun dragging him out of his chair and one punched him square in the diaphragm to make him silent.

The leader of the group turned to someone on his right. “Inform HeTian-Xiansheng. We couldn’t get answers, but our problem’s about to go downstream.”

Bile began to rise up to his throat, but he pushed it down for one more attempt as they pushed the sack over his head, and desperation forced out his next words, “I’m HeTian’s….cousin!!”

The iron clad hands on him froze…

…The bag on his head was ripped off, giving him quite a bit of whiplash.

“What!?” His interrogator’s glare held clear signs that if he fucked up now, he wouldn’t make it to the river.

“I’m…a cousin of HeTian.” The blow to his stomach…the vertigo…the fear… He couldn’t-

Which cousin??”

He vomited.
He couldn’t keep it down longer. But he guessed it was alright; it bought him a bit more time to come up with more lies.

He took in several ragged breaths.

“Well? Answer me! You’re lying aren’t you?!”

He spat. His vision was blurring and he felt dizzy, but he was pretty sure it landed on the irate man’s shoe.
“I- I don’t have to answer to you!” Another pause, lungs still struggling for air, “I only have to answer to my big brother*.”

Judging by the way his button flew off from the grip on his collar, and the man’s winding fist, his bluff seemed to have been called.

“What’s going on here, gentlemen?”

The men in the room instantly straightened, and the ones who had been holding him up dropped him like worthless goods.

They all bowed and greeted him unanimously, “HeTian-Xiansheng*!”

“Xiansheng,” the interrogator addressed him, “We are handling the person we caught red-handed trying to steal from the Triad. He just now claimed to be your cousin!”

A gloved hand yanked his face up by his hair to let steel black eyes get a good look at him.

“Well… Who am I to turn away family?”


“Pour me a drink,” he said, lifting the bar handle.

It took GuanShan a moment - ‘he means me, doesn’t he?’ - and ducked beneath. The Prohibition laws had been going on for years now, so this must be one of the Triad’s Speak-O’s…

“We keep the real booze underneath the loose floorboard in front of the sink.”

Sure enough, he found a panel that could be moved to the side, and a vintage bottle of whiskey was pulled out. He grabbed a glass from the shelf and poured.

“Woah, kid! Slow down there- this ain’t Cola.”

“My apologies,” he said putting the cap back on the contraband and hid it once again beneath the floorboard. He wouldn’t really know how much to pour… He knew what alcohol could do (and what it can do to families), but it’s not like he’s ever tasted any before.

When he stood back up, he faced the piercing eyes across the bar of the notorious crime boss who most certainly wasn’t any family member he knew of.
He held his gaze there, and GuanShan could barely breathe…

“My cousin,” the man said, breaking the silence, “died eight years ago.” He fished out a cigarette from his suit and lit it. “From the moment of birth.”

He took a drag, and used a finger to beckon the boy closer. The boy did as he was commanded…and faced a blown air of heavy smoke.

“So who the fuck are you?”

The sound of his hammering heart wouldn’t allow him to concentrate in his mind.

“The idiot who was gonna rob ya.”

“For who?”

“…Couldn’t it have been for myself?”

“You’d put your life on the line for some booze? Not even checking the contents of the crate?”

“Well I did say I was an idiot.”

That earned him a smirk.

The man took another drag before putting out his cigarette. “While I don’t doubt that, I must say from the way you pour you’re either an alcoholic, or you’ve never had any before. So what’s the truth?”

GuanShan couldn’t tell him the truth. Hell, even if he did squeal like he wanted to, even if this man did let him live, the Italians sure as fuck wouldn’t. And damned if his ass didn’t start a turf war that would drag everyone in the neighborhood and even his mother into it…

“Boy… Even I don’t want to believe you’re that stupid. And that’s coming from someone who’s the leader of the city Triad, being told that their dead cousin came back to life, and grew up into a wanna-be bootlegger with ginger hair. By the way - what is this shit,” the man took a tuft of red hair strands between his fingers and tugged his head closer, “Did you dye it?”

“No… HeTian-Xiansheng,” he quickly added. “It’s natural, HeTian-Xiansheng.”

“It’s a shame you think I look like I was born yesterday.”

“N- No! I’m telling the truth! My- my mother, she also-”


You’re mother? Well, seeing as you’re not my cousin, I can safely assume she’s not my aunt,” HeTian took another sip of his glass, “You’re saying she has red hair too? What’re you, mixed?”

“…Her father was a potato worker.”

HeTian made a sound of awe; it sounded like he was mocking him.

“So- so tell me, boy, did you ever have freckles, then?”

He was having fun. Enjoying the mixed-breed like a freak at a show.

“I did. When I was born. They faded away.”

HeTian clapped his hands together and guffawed.

“A Chinese potato-eater! I’ll be damned! Say! You better bring me a photograph!”

The next words came through gritted teeth, “We’re poor, HeTian-Xiansheng… There were never photographs; just what my Ma told me.”

HeTian frowned, but his eyes still sparkled.
“Damn… I was really looking forward to showin’ the boys.” - GuanShan gritted his teeth - “Oh well, on to the next best thing. Undo your trousers.”

“E…excuse me?”


He hesitated. His arms were damn near shaking to obey anything the mafia leader told him, but… Why?

“If you’ve been lying to me, boy… I’ll have my boys beat you and feed your scrawny carcass to my dogs.”

Mo gulped. He slid off the straps from his shoulders… And unbuttoned his pants.

“There ya go. Now pull em so I can take a look-see inside.”

He did as he was told. Knuckles whitening. Teeth grinding to the molars… But he had to stay alive. He had to for his Ma.

“…Will you look at that! Red hair! You weren’t shittin me!”

No. Xiansheng,” practically pushing the words out with force.

The man’s eyes assessed GuanShan, then stilled back on his face.

“You wanna fight, kid?”

“Yes,” he said before he could stop himself.

The asshole smirked, then swallowed down the rest of his glass. Taking off his jacket..rolling up his sleeves..pulling up his trousers..he shuffled his feet some before doing the same gesture as before. A single finger beckoning him closer.

GuanShan jumped the counter.

He wasn’t a good learner.


*sometimes they call cousins “brother” or “sister” in Chinese 

*Xiansheng 先生 (s/shian-shung) just means Mr./Sir. I think the Chinese for mafia boss is 大哥, but I wasn’t sure if it could be 贺天-大哥, or not. So I stuck with 先生.

@hemakesmyskincrawl | welcome to upset tweek.

Tweek crossed his arms, obviously upset with Jimmy. How dare he be friends with GREGORY of all people?! Did he even understand that him and that pompous asshole were enemies? Maybe he just didnt care, but Tweek felt hurt, betrayed, he felt like Jimmy had chosen Gregory over him. Tears welled in his eyes at that very thought, and it took him a few moments to muster up the courage to speak. His voice cracking when he finally did.

“H-How dare you?” He choked out, tears threatening to fall. “How dare you do this t-to me. W-Why would you be friends with gr-greg…do you even know ho-how much hes hurt me?”

Introducing Yahoo Sports Headlines on iOS and Android

By Matt Edelman, Product Manager

The mobile industry is shifting the way we consume video content. At Yahoo, with our more than 650 million mobile users (and growing), continuing to create new experiences on these devices remains a top priority. Today we’re proud to introduce Yahoo Sports Headlines, a new visual way to tap through the day’s tops stories.   

Available in our popular Yahoo Sports app, Headlines are quick, high quality videos presented in an easy to view portrait format. Fans can catch up on the latest news by tapping through each video and simply swipe up to read the entire article. The videos are easy to comment on in the app and can be shared on social networks. The new Headlines tab on the Yahoo Sports app can be found on both iOS and Android.  

This is just the beginning for our new take on mobile video. Over the coming year, we plan to continue evolving the product and rolling it out across more Yahoo properties so stay tuned!

TalesFromRetail: Can I Get Your Phone Number?

Hi, TFR! LTL; FTP here. Posting on mobile. Had a rough shift at my store tonight so I’ve decided to post a light-hearted story from a couple years ago.

I was stocking fresh meat in the meat department of a large grocery store chain when three young, attractive ladies walked up to me. I greeted them, and asked if they were finding everything ok when the following took place:

Girl 1: Can I get your phone number?

Me: Oh. I’m sorry. I am married quite hap-

Girl1: Dude I don’t care about your family. I just want your employee discount.

Me: …I’m sorry. I’m not allowed to provide my discount to anyone outside of my household.

Girl 1: Come on dude.. no one will even know.

Girls 2 and 3: Leave him alone. Let’s just go.

And off they went. Meanwhile, all I could do was shake my head and go back to the prep room to warn my co-workers about phone number girl.

By: itsrainingsideways14

haitoku-no-kioku  asked:

maybe reicon or mikasasha for the sleeping ask??

Thank you! I got you for both! ALSO: NO MORE PLEASE! I’ll finish what I have in my ask box, but then that’s it!


Who is a night owl: Connie tends to stay up later, distracted by the internet
Who is a morning person: Reiner is such morning person
Are they cuddlers: Oh yes
Who is the big spoon and who is the little spoon: Reiner is big spoon, Connie is little spoon
What is their favourite sleeping position: 

Originally posted by cutegaygfs

Like that, but also: 

Originally posted by everydaysagreatday

Cause Connie loves Reiner’s pecs. :)

Who steals all the blankets: Connie
What they wear to bed: Connie’s all about long-sleeved t-shirts and pajama pants, and Reiner wears wifebeaters and shorts
Who likes seeing the other wearing their t-shirt: Reiner, cause Connie thinks he’s being sneaky trying to wear them when Reiner isn’t paying attention, but they’re too big on him so there’s no way Reiner doesn’t know
Who falls asleep mid-conversation: Connie. And he’ll start snoring ever so slightly, so Reiner just laughs and turns the light off. 
Who wakes up in the middle of the night with nightmares: Reiner, and even though he’s quiet about it, Connie always seems to know and tries to make him laugh with corny jokes.
Who accidentally punched the other in their sleep: Oh, totally Connie, but he’s the one that got the worse end of the deal cause Reiner’s muscles are so well built, and his hand hurt for the entirety of the next day. 
Who can’t keep their hands to themselves: Reiner. :)


Who is a night owl: Mikasa. 
Who is a morning person: Sasha. She’ll sing to Mikasa until she wakes up. 
Are they cuddlers: Oh yes! Mikasa was not into cuddling until she met Sasha, but now has no choice. 
Who is the big spoon and who is the little spoon: Sasha is usually big spoon, cause she usually initiates and has to hold Mikasa there to get her to consent to cuddling
What is their favourite sleeping position:

Originally posted by heckyeahreactiongifs

Mikasa is the cat, and Sasha is the rabbit. Sasha just kind of cuddles up to Mikasa, sometimes getting a little more abrasive and wrapping her arms around her, and Mikasa just lets it happen, happy to have her close. However, Sasha is a very mobile sleeper and shifts positions all the time, and Mikasa puts up with it surprisingly well. 

Who steals all the blankets: Mikasa cause Sasha moves too much to care anyway
What they wear to bed: Sasha’s in shorts and tank tops, while Mikasa’s in tank tops and pajama pants
Who likes seeing the other wearing their t-shirt: Mikasa likes seeing Sasha wear her t-shirts cause they fit just slightly different on her, and it’s perfect
Who falls asleep mid-conversation: Sasha, cause she’s bad at staying up as late as Mikasa. Mikasa will just kiss her forehead and hold her close while turning back to her book, planning to bring the subject up again tomorrow. 
Who wakes up in the middle of the night with nightmares: Mikasa. And Sasha always knows, and wakes up and makes her talk about it. 
Who accidentally punched the other in their sleep: Oh, Sasha. Definitely. 
Who can’t keep their hands to themselves: Mikasa. :)

Eyes shifted briefly, creeping over the edge to look down at the man, he saw that cart filled with hay but it worried him still about letting himself drop back first over the edge. How and why the hell did he sign himself up for this? Of course the still in training assassin didn’t but it was still a wonder as to why he decided to go along with this idea brought up by the Italian.

“So, I’m trusting you with my life, please don’t let me collide with the ground!” Jacob shouted down at him, worried a little.

starter. ( @ezio-auditore-theyoung. )

Damien shifted uncomfortably in his seat finding he wasn’t able to get comfortable. He was frustrated in more ways than one and it was starting to get to him. He didn’t even have blood or the ability to just grab a slave down here. He was hungry and horny and ready to punch the next person to fucked with him because of it. “Just leave me alone!” He growled at at the person trying to talk to him unable to have his normal composer.

This Mobile Masterlist Kills The Shingles Virus

Alright, I figured I post another one of these glorious lists to keep you all occupied and away from your pitchforks. I’ll get back to writing as soon as I’ve finished my summer reading. If you’re new to the army (welcome, by the way), you may not know what exactly this post is. It’s pretty easy to guess, but I’ll still walk you through everything. Consider me your overly-helpful young person attempting to guide you across a near-vacant street. This post is the mobilized version of the “Masterlist” page for all those unfortunate enough to be viewing my writing on their mobile devices. We pray constantly for your safe deliverance to a laptop or other computing device. Stay strong, mobile minions. You’ll find links to every piece of writing I’ve posted to this blog listed below by character, genre, and in chronological order with the most recent work listed first. Everything continued or part of a continued story line is listed on this page in groups of collective stories, and can also be found on the “The Story Continues…” page with additional details such as a brief summary of each installment and the story as a whole, genre sorting (be it fluff or smut), as well as the links listed on this page. Links should open to a new page, so don’t worry about losing your place on your dashboard. Anything you want to read can be found directly below, linked, sorted, and desperate to be discovered. It’s all down there waiting for you.


Continued Imagines: 2 (“Warden” - “Guard Down”)


- “Anything But Zeppelin” - “Unintelligible” - “Finals” - “Carve” - “Preference; Comforting Companions” - “Off The Beaten Path” - “Phoenix From The Ashes” - “Eavesdropping” - “Damaged Goods” - “The Pit” - “A Miracle” - “Groceries” - “Use Your Words” - “Can’t Bail On Tradition” -“Preference; Keeping Warm” - “Perfect Length” - “Demon Spawn” - “Ink And Amulet” - “It Suits You”- “Gone But Not Forgotten” - “Tutor” - “A Mutual Confession” - “Ransom” - “Preference; You’re Pregnant (Sister vs Daughter)” - “Driving Miss Daisy” - “Well, This Is Awkward” - “Underwater” -“Abandon All Hope” - “Choose” - “Control” - “She’s Taken” - “You Have No Idea” - “Don’t Judge A Book” - “Save Me” - “Can’t Have Both” - “Family Don’t End With Blood” - “These Boys…”  - “Sam”


- “A Welcome Distraction” - “Silence In The Shadows” - “Wiggle Room” - “Here’s To Forever”


Continued Imagines: 9 (“Angel Radio” -/-“A New Look” - “A New Approach” -/-“Gone Without A Trace” - “Marco, Polo” -/- “Best Kind Of Liar” - “Little Blue Lines” - “Better Late Than Never” - “Home Delivery Services”)


- “Scorch” - “Loophole” - “Carve” - “Strictly Professional” - “Preference; Comforting Companions” - “Phoenix From The Ashes” - “Meet The Parents” - “One Foot Over The Line” - “Uh… Mrs. Winchester?” - “Lover, Hunter, Doctor” - “Stay” - “Bubble Bath” - “Hopeless Romantic” - “Soap Suds” - “Preference; Keeping Warm” - “When, Not If” - “Different This Time” - “Heartache” - “Date Night” - “Us… Someday” - “Gone But Not Forgotten” - “Assisted Living” - “Just Studying” - “Preference; You’re Pregnant (Sister vs Daughter)” - “Honey, I’m Home” - “Broken Bottles” - “Well, This Is Awkward” -“Underwater” - “Responsibility” - “Choose” - “Preference; You’re On Your Period” - “Night Terror” -“Everything Will Be Okay” - “Waiting Up” - “Can’t Have Both” - “Doctor Doctor” - “These Boys…” - “Shortened Tempers” - “A Case Of Fetch” - “Stage Kiss” - Handcuffs” - “Dean”


- “If The Tent’s A Rockin’” - “Losing You…” - “You’re Mine” - “The First Time”


Continued Imagines: 12 (“At First Sight” - “You’re Growing On Me” - “Under His Wing” - “Wandering Thoughts” - “Warrior Of Heaven” - “When You Wake” - “The Ultimatum” - “A First Glimpse” -/- “In The Name Of The Father” - “Et Filii” -/- “Under The Spotlight” - “Lock And Key”)


- “Watchful Eye” - “Preference; Your Angel Cheers You Up” - “Love And Let Go” - “Preference; Comforting Companions” - “Phoenix From The Ashes” - “Nicotine” - “I’ll Be Seeing You” - “Prayer And Promise” - “When the Ball Drops” - “If I Had Lost You…” - “You’ll Be In My Arms” - “A Flirtation” -“Seven Minutes In Heaven” - “Under The Influence” - “Gone But Not Forgotten” - “Jump” - “Chains” - “A Heavenly Stranger” - “More Than You Can Chew” - “Bake Day” - “Stars” - “Shoulder To Cry On” -“Overprotective” - “Preference; You’re On Your Period” - “Keeping Company” - “Feeling Human” - “The Fall”


- “Like A Virgin”


Continued Imagines: 5 (“Mr. Lonely” - “Forming Habits” - “Conflicting Emotions” -/- “Come Ten Years…” - “Just A Pinch”)


- “Usurper” - “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” - “One Up” - “The Jester King” - “Prince Of Hell” - “Running With The Devil” - “A Proposition”


- “Torture Chamber”



- “Preference; Your Angel Cheers You Up” - “Playing Doctor” - “Familiar Face” - “Too Good” -“Designated Flier”



- “From The Fire” - “Breath By Breath” - “Where Have You Been?”


- “Roll Of Thunder”



- “Overworked”


- “Walking On Eggshells”



- “The Great And Powerful Oz”



- “Watch Your Step”


Continued Imagines: 1 (“Parent Slash Guardian Angel”)



- “The Unexpected” - “Whisked Away” - “The Dare” - “Breaking Tradition” - “The Light” - “Strange Beginnings”


- “The Liberation” - “The Ballad Of An Unseen Shift”


gaonweek of: october 2nd - october 8th
album / digital / download / stream / bgm / mobile
highest ranking for each chart seen above!

album chart
103. married to the music (repackage)
106. she is (jonghyun)
108. press it (taemin)
110. ace (taemin)
179. everybody
187. the misconceptions of us
211. hello (repackage)
214. replay
246. romeo
260. sherlock
290. story. op. 1 (jonghyun)
317. the shinee world
318. amigo (repackage)
329. lucifer
332. misconceptions of me

digital chart
29. 투명 우산 (don’t let me go)
52. prism
69. feel good
76. lipstick
77. shift
78. so amazing
80. don’t stop
85. u need me

download chart
17. 투명 우산 (don’t let me go) - 62,853
29. prism - 46,387
37. feel good - 37,213
39. lipstick - 35,919
41. shift - 34,812
44. so amazing - 34,399
48. don’t stop - 32,983
51. u need me - 31,933
total: 441,482

streaming chart
92. 투명 우산 (don’t let me go) - 793,794
111. prism - 603,613
129. feel good - 450,834
145. lipstick - 382,742
165. shift - 344,542
169. don’t stop - 334,162
174. so amazing - 315,944
197. u need me - 278,673
total: 5,000,746

bgm chart
* background music
71. 투명 우산 (don’t let me go)
180. prism
242. feel good
277. shift

mobile chart
n / a


Aaron Hegert, Transition/Template for Transition, (2012)

-From the Artist Statement

Transition/Template for Transition, an ongoing project, is an attempt to actively explore the flux and shift of particular spaces from their intended uses, to the secondary, more devious, forms of use that are hidden in their utilization. I want to access a certain mode of “making” that is more akin to consumption than it is to production. To begin, I took an explicit example of clandestine spatial consumption, a concrete ramp (transition) illegally built by local skateboarders in a derelict business park, and the wooden template for that transition, found on site, as subject matter for my photographs. These objects, and the perception that preceded their becoming, act as a blunt edged metaphor for a more general inquiry into the practice of catalyzing a space that is characteristically vulnerable: a space that is vulnerable to multiple associations; to manipulation by users who are not its maker; to a push from what it is, to what you want it to be.

During the progression of the project, I have looked at these subjects both in and out of context, both as documents of, and models for, a critical spatial practice. And though I have integrated some environmental details and some experiments influenced by these observations, I have returned to the original transition and template repeatedly because of the simplicity of their formal and material qualities, and the complexity of the spatial and perceptual shifts they mobilize.