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Like You Mean It

Hey there!  I wrote another Rupphire Fic.  The general idea of this one’s been hitting me over the head for the past couple of weeks and wasn’t going to stop ‘till I wrote something.

It’s a human!AU.  Sapphire just moved into an apartment in a new city and is acclimating to her new surroundings when she hears another resident playing music.  She falls in love with their voice, and she ends up out on the balcony every night listening in.

Here’s the ao3 and links if anybody prefers to read there, and that’s about it!

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Backbending is a wonderful thing. Moving and stretching your spine increases the blood flow, improves mobility and gives your more energy for a long healthy life. Keep rounding, arching and twisting. Practice everyday to experience the full effects 💕
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