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Warm cuddles in bed were now their pass times and they wouldn’t have it any other way.


Yuri woke up with a small, soft smile on his face. He loved that, the way he was awake but also staring at a dream.

‘A dream come true,’ he thought.

He poked a toe from out of the covers. Nope, too cold, definitely need closer cuddles now. As Yuri shifted to hold Victor closer, he felt him stir.

“Love that,” Victor mumbled sleepily, eyes already closing again.

“Love what?” Yuri asked, a playful smile spreading across his face, slowly waking him up.

“You, Makkachin, warm,” Victor tried to explain, taking a moment to remember how words worked and which language he was supposed to be speaking.

Victor smiled a bright smile down at Yuri, finally finding the word he needed, “Together.”

Yuri’s face just became more beautiful in Victor’s eyes as he blushed, eyes full of so much love, Victor felt he would burst from looking into them for too long.

Yuri pulled Victor closer, “I love all of that too.”

Makkachin, woken up from both his owners mumbling and shifting, pounced on them happily, licking both their faces as if to say “Me too!”.

The couple chuckled, rubbing Makkachin’s head in return.

“What time is it?” Yuri yawned.

Victor looked briefly at his phone, “Well, in Barcelona, Spain it’s XX.”

Yuri’s eyebrows scrunched together as he tried to figure what that meant in Japan’s time.

“So… it’s… 12 or so?” Yuri asked.

Victor nodded, tapping away at his phone to change the internal clock.

Yuri sighed, “So we should probably get out of bed then.”

Victor whined what sounded like a no, burrowing into Yuri’s neck and pulling in him as tightly as he could.

Yuri giggled, “Victooooooooor”

“Yuriiiiiiiiii,” Victor whined back.

Makkachin jumped off the bed at that point, deciding moving beds were not comfortable beds and that he could smell food somewhere and was determined to beg until he got it.

This time Yuri whined, Victor wasn’t the only self heated pillow he had and losing the other felt like he was freezing to death.

“Makkachin, noooooo” Yuri desperately pleaded but Makkachin was already gone.

“10 more minutes?” Victor mumbled helpfully, still buried in Yuri’s neck.

“Fine, but no more. We do need to actually do stuff today,” Yuri complied.

“Yay,” Victor mumbled happily, squeezing Yuri and then comfortable falling asleep again.

‘You. Makkachin. Warm. Together. I love all those things so much,’ Yuri thought before drifting off with Victor.

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Aww no now I'm just imagining gavin laughing off one of Michael's outburst but then going home and really thinking he's lost Michael's trust. Like he keeps pushing him away by brushing off the issues but he just can't help himself. Sometimes he laughs so hard so that if Michael sees tears in his eyes he thinks it's from the laughter. He lies to himself by dancing around the truth, playing some game but deep down his heart breaks when he sees how much it affects Michael, in crying irl

See, the thing that makes Gavin great is also his downfall. He’s good at being personable, yet distant. He’s good at being guarded. Sometimes, he’s too good at it. He’s not dense, he can tell it bothers Michael. He can tell Michael wants more, wants some kind of validation, but Gavin just can’t. Gavin is good at one way information. People can spill every piece of them to him but he won’t drop his guard, not ever. He’s been with the Fakes long enough to let lose and honestly care about these people, but that instinct to brush it off is still there. And it scares him because he cares. Because he does so much. When Michael gets fed up and snaps, Gavin can’t help but clam up and recoil into his perona, his security blanket. He’s scared he’s going to lose Michael one day, that one day he’s going to get over whatever he thinks of Gavin and move on. But Michael won’t. He cares too goddamn much about that stupid Brit.


“What we need are jobs and houses, not coffins.”

Photos from the first ever Lakbayan ng mga Maralita held last December 6, at the Mendiola Peace Arch led by the Kalipunan ng Damayang Mahihirap (KADAMAY). 

The demand the government to address the concerns of the urban poor sector and create long-term solutions such as, free mass housing for the poor;  setting a P750 ($15) national minimum daily wage for workers in the private sector and P16, 000 ($321) monthly wage in the public sector; end to contractualization and the creation of sustainable job opportunities; end to Oplan Bayanihan and the killings resulting from the war on drugs, and national industrialization and genuine land reform as concrete steps toward ending poverty.

In an UNPRECEDENTED display of ABSOLUTE fucking bullshit, some b/witch tried to hex my brother’s laptop and mine got included.  So I’d like to thank my mom and dad for giving us the same damn name and nature for giving us ALMOST IDENTICAL BIOLOGICAL MAKE UP!!!!!!!!! And of course shout out to the pisslord himself, FUCK you gabriel Lozano avelar for pissing off a witch