Look what I doodled in my bedroom wall! haha, I’m suppose to leave it plain, no doodle thingy but I got bored so I messed with it. I know that it’s supposed to be “Purple Skies & Violet Rainbows” but people make mistakes too. ^^

After 5 days of not making any post with sense, here it is! I did this doodle just this saturday so hooray for me! ;)


I woke up with a weird dream… Umm, I don’t know how to start this post so I’m just gonna put how my day went.

• So as I said, I woke up with a weird dream. You’re probably gonna think that I’m a freak or something but I freakin’ dreamed that I had an incest relationship with my freakin’ brother jfc that is so fucked up :((((( And the other dream, let’s just say that I’m just gonna keep it to myself. (Future self, if you’re reading this, I’m 98% sure you’ve already forgotten what this dream is lol).

• I took my breakfast. Toasted bread, from a bread toaster (!!!). Idek we have a new toaster and it’s that kind wherein you’ll push a lever downwards omg im so sorry it’s my first time to use one.

• I was looking for my grey USB but I couldn’t find it so I cleaned my room but I still couldn’t find it. I decided to just use my other USB and I put it inside my bag’s pocket and guess what I saw… that’s right, plastic wrappers… oh and yeah my grey USB.

• It was raining today, so it was very gloomy. I decided to watch Kung Fu Panda on Disney whilw thinking of a way to ask my aunt if I can go out today with my “friend”. At first she was saying no but I insisted that I couldn’t cancel it anymore because I already agreed. So yeah, she agreed. I then took a shower and asked my uncle to drive me because it was raining. Then they got a bit mad because why do I keep insisting to go when it’s raining outside. I just wanted to see /him/ :c huhu so badass of me jk.

• I arrived in Market Market at about 1:58 pm and then I rushed to the fourth floor and looked around. I waited until around 2:30 until I decided to use the computer shop to message him because he doesn’t have a phone anymore. So he said he’ll arrive at 3 pm so I cursed at him and told him to go once he reads my message.

• I decided to go and have his shirt printed. So I went to the first floor and waited for the girl to finish her current customer. This may sound arrogant of me but the way she uses photoshop was so slow and cringe-worthy. I was cringing so hard I wanted take her mouse and finish the work for her but ugh :((((

• It was taking so long that I saw that it was already 3 pm, so I went to the fourth floor again but, no potato anywhere, I went downstairs again but puta ang bagal. I stayed there until 3:16 and decided to go up again. Still no potato. I decided to go to the computer shop again and to my surprise, he said he won’t be coming anymore. I was so disappointed I was already crying. I then rushed to the bathroom and cried inside the cubicle. I’m not gonna lie, I kind of already knew that he won’t show up due to the number of times he disappointed me but still, I was trying to be optimistic.

• I thought to myself that I’m not going to waste my outfit and cuteness crying inside this cubicle so I washed my face and went around to look for the things in my to-buy list. Unfortunately, the only thing I could find was an eyebrow pencil so yeah, the other shops were closed and their bleach dye were still sold out.

• Went around again and damn I feel so cute, I wasn’t facing down at all, I wanted everyone to see how cute I am jk dont hate me.

• It was still raining and I wondered how I was going to go home. So I looked for an umbrella and I bought one. So yeah, I went to Fully Booked first, chilled, and searched for books to read.

Remind me to read these when I have the time:
• The Twenty-one Balloon
• Shooting Kabul
• Why We Broke Up (yep still haven’t read this)

• Chill chill chill

• I decided to go home na. And yeah I kept on coughing and sneezing and ew runny nose.



After 6 consecutive days of work, I was glad to finally have a day off from all the human interactions. I know that it was part of my new year’s resolution to go out at least once a week but I was so tired and lazy and I don’t really have any things I want to do/buy, except for a black dress but I really was tired. And I don’t really want to look like a loner lol.

Anyways, about this week, (I’m actually updating my diary now so hooray!)

• I’m starting to delete my tweets, again. I don’t know, there’s something about having a neat timeline. I’ll start deleting the tweets once I get to write them on my journal.

• Weird dreams. Every dream is weird, that’s what makes dreaming (and sleeping) fun haha.

• I feel like someone on twitter muted me but like what Kuya Edward said to me; “You shouldn’t worry about what people think of you and you’ve nothing to be insecure for. Keep being yourself”. Yes, I fangirled when he tweeted me don’t look at me.

• The Maine is baaaack!!!! And they have an upcoming album called American Candy and I can’t wait to hear it! Pretty sure it’ll be dope since they never fail to make an amazing album.

• Head n’ Shoulders shampoo smells so good huhu (lolwat)

• Okay, we had a customer and he was mean to me. Actually, he’s just really not in the mood and his girlfriend keeps on calming him down. But really, I wanted to cry huhu. Oh well haha.

• Dreamed that Boys Like Girls was part of the Bazooka Rocks IV lineup and asa ka naman Moesha.

• Last night was fun, we had a group scheduled dinner. At first they were really intimidating but once they started eating, they asked me to take some photos of them since it was the guy’s birthday. And you know what they told me? They told me I was good at taking photos of them. Those words mean a lot to me, I was so happy huhu.

• Then we went home and Kuya Myles’ friend was having his birthday party at our house so they had a party. I just took my dinner and then drank a bottle of beer (I don’t exactly quite remember when I started drinking but yeah, my family’s pretty happy about it, idek) then went up to my room.

• Today mostly consists of failed selfie attempts, me lying on the floor, and more selfies. Haha.

I’ll start working again tomorrow but I was grateful to finally see the sunset again.


○ My alarm rang at 6 am to study for my physics quiz but I stayed and slept til 6:40 because my eyes were really heavy.

○ Went to school and Ibizza gave me a copy of the last book of Fifty Shades since I was borrowing it.

○ I actually read like ¼ of the first book and I keep on trying to read it but the plot’s really boring so I always fail. So I decided to just read the last book since my friends keep on saying that the story’s good. So, why not. If I liked the story, I might try and read the others.

○ Ghislain let me borrow her MPHFPC book.

○ Doodles on my hands.

○ Selfies from this morning and when I got home.


September 27, 2013

Hooray! A proper blog post, this week wasn’t really awesome. Last week, I didn’t went to school on Monday and Tuesday because I had measles which was itchy. All I did was use the internet, watch How I Met Your Mother and Star Wars. While this week, we didn’t went to school on the same day since it was raining hard but last Tuesday wasn’t really raining. I don’t even know man. It was really a boring week since I don’t talk much anymore as I did before. I just sit on my seat and only talk when one of my classmates decides to talk to me. And he doesn’t really sit next to me anymore and I don’t really mind. Okay, not really, he always seem to talk to this girl and I just don’t look at them so uhh fuck them. Speaking of them, I really need to stop crying because I look stupid.

On the other news, people who are going to the camping tomorrow went down early for an assembly while people who won’t are going to stay in one room for the whole batch. So our room was really noisy and it was really irritating so I went out of the room even though we weren’t allowed to but meh, going out of the room without asking for permission became a habit of mine. And no one really cared since our teacher was outside and I didn’t think she saw me or cared at all. I went back to our original classroom and sat on the floor and read Looking for Alaska on my phone. Rene opened the door and I was by the door sitting, he looked around and didn’t saw me. After a while, he opened the door again and he looked around and then I said “yo.” then he closed the door and opened it again and called me names, I guess he was shocked hahahaha. So yeah, he asked me why I was there and I told him that it was really noisy so we bid goodbye and I stayed there until the bell rang. I walked home while it was lightly raining and took some photos. So uh yey, hi guysss c:

I had this baby for almost 7 months now and I didn’t touched it for almost 4 months straight because of the broken string issue. So that left me with 3 months with him (yes, he’s a boy) I still didn’t gave him a name though.

So basically, I spent 3 months with him but I still didn’t learned any song to play using him. And just a month ago, I learned how to press the strings properly. So 2 months with him had been wasted because I was not pressing the strings tightly enough to make any sound from him.

I’m currently trying to learn 6 months by Hey Monday and I think I’m getting the hang of it. But whenever I sing while playing the guitar, I always mess up the strumming. I don’t think I’m going to learn how to play any songs while I’m singing before the club thingy will start this school year.

So this is the jacket that I’ve been wearing to school. Even though it’s too big, it’s really comfortable and soft. :3 So last July 4, I was making a post about ‘heartthrob’ wearing my jacket but the internet connection crashed and my post was wasted. ugh.

Anyways, he borrowed it from me for 3 subjects and 15 minutes of recess. I put it on as soon as he returned it to me cause I was really cold and I can’t just take it from him because I want him to wear it longer. So when it was already wearing it, it was warm… warmmm… waaaarrrmm… and the smell…. oh God, THE SMELL! gah!!! X"“"D So yeah, I was really in a good mood. 

Then yesterday, July 6, it was our exam and he borrowed it from me again cause I brought it once again. And then when he returned it, again, his fragrance was there again. Oh Gooooood!!! heh heh heh heh…

So this jacket is now my favourite jacket and lucky charm. goodbye. ((((((=


A Quick Shot. We went to Greenhills just now and bought this Harry Potter Glasses. I was going to buy the fake glasses cause it makes me look smart lol. But I laid my eyes on this bebes. I don’t know where I got this curve (I think it’s ate Angela’s curve), I just saw it in my folders but I like the effect so.. :) Is it okay if I wear fake glasses in school? :D

An hour and a half from now, Greyson’s Fan Day will start and I’ll just be here scrolling through tumblr. I’m trying to trend “Fans Day Should Be Free” on twitter but I gave up lol. But a lot of enchancers were tweeting it. :) I’m also thinking about changing my username but I don’t know if I should continue it. :3

July 3, 2012 PLAID

Not much changes. I still haven’t talked to him and I’m getting the feeling that he’s trying to avoid me. Well, who wouldn’t? I’m like one of the awkward whales in the batch. lol. Did you know that my school was supposed to be suspended but somehow the school management continued the classes which is cool for me because when it was time to go home, he was in the hallway with his friend and me and my friend were also walking in the hallway and nothing happened. He and his friend were just in the hallway jejeje. :3

Anyways, you know the guy that I’m talking about that had the cute hair? The section heartthrob? Well, we’ve been “kind of” getting close to each other now because he’s like nice to all the girls. Also, one of the reasons why we’re getting close is that he saw the photo of Greyson Chance in my diary and he said that he is a G-word and I got mad but he took it as a joke and yeah. And have I blogged about how we have so many things in common? We even have the same sketchpad! lol, okay.

Also, just now, it was really cold in the classroom so I had to wear a jacket. But I have to take it off every once in a while because my jacket was gray but the school only allows black jacket. I know, ang arte ng school namin. -_-

Song Playlist in my Blog!
  • Don’t worry, it’s not autoplay
  • Still worried because the links on my blogs doesn’t change.
  • Because I find it annoying when I want to copy the URL and bla! You know what I mean. >:D<

Playlist Artist: FM Static (1), A Rocket To The Moon (1), Amy Pearson (1),Taylor Swift (1), Shontelle (1), Kate Voegele (1), Janice Vidal (4), Demi Lovato(2).

I was going to include Auburn, Ina, Tynasha Keli, and some songs that you can only hear in the radio unless you have it downloaded on your computer but their genre isn’t really in the mood of the playlist? Bakit pa kaya naging PLAYLIST? :P Anyways,my favorite is Wish I Was Her and Stuck In Love With Each Other. =)

While I was making my playlist, I keep searching for Taylor Swift’s song Fearless on youtube that was Studio Version but somehow, I only found one and the video was very slow because of the videos design. -_-

Sorry that I didn’t post 2 days. I have my blog rule: 1 post per day and last April 8th, I posted 3 things so that includes April 9 to 10. :>

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What Happened Yesterday?

I know not so many of you will read this but I’m gonna type it anyway.

So I currently have 2 sketchpads and I already used the first one just now and doodled my name on the first page making it obvious that it is mine and my very first sketch is my books of The Mortal Instruments (look at the photos above to view it :3). I need to practice how to draw angles from an object and I am currently struggling. I’m having a hard time trying to draw the cover of City of Bones so I’m not yet done. :))