Original digital work by Ariel Piluso.

This blog has become a sketch pad. From the original idea of instant digital screens it has now evolved into a place to see quick and rough phone captures edited with a number of apps/tools. A way of cooking without a recipe more like mixing lots of ready-made or instant food. A long way from the analogue capture and the darkroom days. Most enjoyable anyway.

Es wird Zeit, endlich allen zu danken, die mir in den letzten beiden Wochen so viele Herzen geschenkt, meine Bilder gerebloggt und so viele wunderschöne Kommentare geschickt haben. Vor allem mein Riesenrad scheint vielen zu gefallen…mir auch:-).
Ich wünsche euch allen einen wundervollen, sonnenwarmen Sonntag!

It’s high time to thank everyone who has given me so many hearts. For all your reblogs and and following and wonderful comments: this was great over the past two weeks.
It seems many of you like my Ferris wheel … I love it too :-)
I wish you all a wonderful, sunny warm Sunday!

A special THANK YOU to: inspiringbitsandpieces, manualiris, justpackandleave, monochromacity, avecmoiledeluge, mobileroids