70% of the screen is empty space. All of the menus are hidden away. Every several posts you scroll through you see an advertisement of some sort. When you like or reblog a post, it will show you more advertisements completely at random. When you try to remove said advertisements, you get a sarcastic message written by the people who run this website. When you click on a link, instead of opening the page it has a popup window that loads really slow. You can’t save messages; you can either delete them, or answer them & they automatically get deleted. There’s no way to reasonably hold a long conversation because posts eventually become unreadable when enough comments have been added. Elements from the mobile version have been reused on the browser version for absolutely no reason. When you hover over the logo, it flashes rainbow colors. Some of the advertisements are framed in a Microsoft Office clip art style image. Noticable site bugs occur on a daily basis, almost as if nobody is testing any of these updates.

The website I just described is popular blogging site Tumblr, and millions of people use it.

anonymous asked:

May I make a suggestion like on a part of the blog? On the ask you label it with "Ask(Read the guidelines and FAQ first)" The FAQ, it can be viewed easily both mobile and computer, since you put a link to it in the description. May I suggest maybe a link with the guidelines to be with the FAQ link in the description also? I know many users are only on mobile so they wouldn't be able to read your guidelines, since the sidebar links don't show anywhere on the mobile version

I’ll have to look and see if that’s possible. You edit the ask text in a different window than your theme.  I’ll have to look at the theme html later.

-the Polish one

Запущена бета-версия дизайна нашего сайта Теперь полностью поддерживаются мобильные устройства. Добро пожаловать!

A new responsive design of (Russian only) has released. Welcome!

TeamLab Mobile: Manage docs the easy way even on the move

Good news for those who want to constantly track project progress regardless of a laptop or office location. TeamLab’s introduced the Documents version for Android and iOS devices becoming a truly mobile management service.

The Mobile Documents provides a number of the most essential features that allow you to view corporate or personal documents, spreadsheets, presentations and images, organize files in a folder structure and make notes in .txt format. The search function makes browsing through documents smooth and easy. Android device users can also upload photos to their TeamLab portal. This way you get an ability to stay on top of your document processing and management chores no matter where you are.*

We will continue to upgrade TeamLab Mobile in the future making it a more complete analogue for the multiple options available in the SaaS version. Meantime, we’re working on the calendar option and CRM module that will be the next TeamLab autumn enhancements. Follow our RSS to be the first to get the news!


TeamLab, a multifunctional web office for business collaboration, document and project management, launches the mobile version of Documents module designed to manage documents workflow directly on your mobile devices.
Due to the latest improvement Teamlab users can view and organize documents, spreadsheets, images or presentations, make notes using mobile Android and iOS devices.

With the Mobile Projects and Community modules already available, TeamLab users can now control all the business processes regardless of location. TeamLab Mobile gives the ability to manage projects, take part in discussions, read corporate or personal documents, keep up to date with team activies and business news.
Providing users with a multi-featured mobile version, TeamLab presents a complete online office suite, accessible from everywhere. To find our more information on TeamLab, please visit

So this stupid thing with mobile repeating captions in reblogs is bullshit

Mobile was the functional version of this stupid site and now that’s fucked up too

Is there a way to fix this? Bc y'all know staff won’t