Weezer - The Blue Album (Black 180gram #1620/3000)

Ive featured this before, but not this pressing. Mofi did an amazing job on this pressing. Mastering at half speed from original master tapes made this sound absolutely brilliant. this classic album has been in my rotation FOREVER. I can also remember as a kid our first Gateway computer came with the music video for “Buddy Holly..” No clue why, but I loved the song and considered myself a fan from then on. 

This album is only properly experienced through this pressing, I promise you its worth the high price tag!


Got my limited edition/numbered MFSL pressing of Weezer’s debut album. It sounds wonderful. The packaging is fantastic (though the 180g vinyl still managed to cause a small seam split in the heavy duty cardboard used on the jacket of my copy while in transit). 

This is the first MFSL album I’ve ever bought new. It was worth the $30. 

Pick up yer copy now before this shit gets hella expensive.


Who remembers Gold CDs? They were fairly popular many years ago among audiophiles. DCC made a lot of gold discs. MoFi made UDCDs. I had a bunch of these, and they are all out of print now. Sold off a lot of them because they were going for crazy money. I still have a few laying around. Audiophiles are nutty people. I’m not excluding myself either.

Don’t leave home without it (Taken with instagram)

This brush cost me $20.  But it does amazing work.  One run through with this brush will make an impact on the quality of the record.  Visible dirt and dust are easily picked up.  I give my records a thorough brushing with this before I wash them–if I need to.

A note to people buying brand new stuff.  Records right out of the shrink need a good brushing as well.  There is lots of residue and dust left over from the pressing plant.


On this day in music history: November 6, 1981 - “Shake It Up”, the fourth album by The Cars is released. Produced by Roy Thomas Baker, it is recorded at Syncro Sound Studios in Boston, MA from Spring - Fall 1981. The Boston based band’s fourth release is in a more commercial and pop oriented vein than their previous release, the hard edged and experimental “Panorama”. Recording in their newly purchased Syncro Sound Studios (formerly Intermedia Studios), it also is The Cars last album to be produced by long time producer Roy Thomas Baker. It will spin off two hit singles including “Since You’re Gone” (#41 Pop) and the title track (#4 Pop), which is their first Top 10 hit and their highest charting single to date. The song “I’m Not The One” is belatedly released as a single in early 1986 (in remixed form) as part of their “Greatest Hits” album. In 2009, audiophile label Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab remasters and reissues the album on CD and vinyl, packaging the CD edition in a mini-LP sleeve. The album is also reissued on CD and vinyl by Rhino Records in June of 2016, as part of “The Elektra Years 1978-1987” box set, compiling all six of their studio albums. Shake It Up" peaks at number nine on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified 2x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.