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I know things are terrible right now but take a look at my cat. She’s fine. She’s content. She doesn’t even know what a President is. All she’s worried about is when I’ll give her breakfast and whether the bed or the sofa is the better sleeping option. No matter what happens all is well in the world of my cat. Even if the world goes to hell, she is happy.


If you see someone in a wheelchair stand up or walk, just keep your mouth shut. They either were prescribed that wheelchair and their insurance agreed they needed it, or they became so desperate for the mobility the chair would provide that they paid a lot of money out of pocket (because they don’t have insurance or they have a shitty ableist doctor or whatever).

It’s estimated that around 85% of full time wheelchair users can stand or walk to some extent. Think of it like glasses: the majority of people who wear them can technically see without them, but they reduce pain, improve the quality of the wearer’s life, and enable millions of people to do things they otherwise couldn’t. A wheelchair is no different. In fact, even part time users legitimately need their chair, just as people who need reading glasses legitimately need their glasses. In addition to paralysis, some reasons for using a wheelchair include pain, fatigue, fragile joints/bones, vertigo, and many, many other debilitating symptoms.

Using a wheelchair is already stressful enough as it is, thanks to iffy accessibility. Please don’t add to a disabled person’s difficulties by calling them a faker.


shades of byun baekhyun

➳ 2 / ; all shades of pink i could find for @my-bobohu

french vocabulary - nighttime & getting ready for bed

🌆sunset (m) - coucher de soleil
🌃night(time) (f) - nuit

🌙moon (f) - lune
🌟star (f) - étoile (pl. les étoiles)
💫shooting star (f) - étoile filante
✨a starry night (f) - une nuit étoilée
🌌constellation (f) - constellation

🛏bed (m) - un lit
🛌sheet (m) - un drap (pl. les draps)
⛺️blanket (f) - couverture
👕pajamas (m) - pyjama/s
🐻teddy bear (m) - nounours

👄toothbrush (f) - brosse à dents (to brush your teeth - de te brosser les dents)
💋toothpaste (m) - dentifrice
✅dental floss (m) - fil dentaire
🚿 shower (f) - douche (to shower - de se doucher; to take a shower - de prendre une douche)
🛀🏽to take a bath - de prendre un bain

😚to say goodnight - de dire bonne nuit / bonsoir
😴to sleep - dormir (to fall asleep - s'endormir)
😌to dream - rêver
💤to snore - ronfler

⭐️dream (m) - rêve (pl. les rêves)
🎵lullaby (f) - berceuse
🕚bedtime (f) - (l'heure de) coucher
📖bedtime story (f) - histoire

🌉good night! - bonne nuit !
😘sweet dreams! - fais de beaux rêves !


Iwaizumi Hajime Wallpapers: Requested by @jeanawei

daily reminder

So, around a week ago I was scrolling through Tumblr, and my mom was right besides me. I see a maxmoefoe post and I liked it, and my mom looks over and says: “oh is this the Australian guy you like who’s always angry or puking?” aND I SCREAMED.

Well today, I was once again scrolling through Tumblr and I reblog a photo of Joji and my mom says: “is that the guy who plays Filthy Fred?” and I lAUGHED SO FUCKING HARD

It’s filthy Fred guys