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Power Play AU

Characters A, B, C, D are members of the royal court. A and B, as the most experienced, do a fine job of running things. That is, until the ruler of the kingdom introduces a new enforcer, Character E, who quickly goes power hungry and is none too happy about Character A and Character B’s greater confidence and experience. Character A is a bit concerned, but Character B just does their best to stay on their new superiors good side. That is, until Character A disappears.

Character B is knows what happened, but is too afraid to speak up. When Character C suspects something fishy and tells Character B they’re going to put themself at risk to speak out, Character B realizes that, as the most experienced member of the court, it’s their duty to step up and defend their fellow less experienced comrades.

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Hello! I saw that you're an INFP Virgo like me! How are you? I hope you're having a wonderful day 😊❤


Okay I’m doing great but omg I’m crying because you’re one of my FAVORITE Luhan blogs ever and when I saw you followed me I was like “?????????” “?!?!?!?!?!??!” “!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!??!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!”

My day just got like 100x better and I have no idea why you followed me but omg ty so much, I love you TT_TTTTTT And you’ve always seemed like such the sweetest person ❤❤❤❤❤

I know!!!!!! I saw you were an INFP and Virgo like me and was so excited!!!!! AND YOU LOVE LUHAN

I love your blog and your URL and you always post the nicest, aesthetic things and :’))))))

I hope you’re having the best day too!!!!! Omg you are so lovely I swear :D 💘💝💘💖💕💝💕💝💘💝💕💝💕
Return to the Den of Snakes Chapter 2 "Vigilantes' Tango"

“Damn, that chicken vegetable medley won’t taste so good the second time around. What the Hell did I sign up for? I should’ve stayed back in Star City, but how often do we get to go to Europe? How much longer?”

Felicity assured her sister-in-law, “We’ll be there soon.”

“Speedy, close your eyes.” Oliver instructed, using a rather zen voice. She did as he asked. “Breathe slowly. Be still.”

I apologize I can’t tag anyone on Tumble mobile website – not the app.

okay does anyone else’s tumble mobile make all notifs white unless u click on the person’s blog? bc i kno im following octopivoices/izzy but when i look at their notifs (like the reply i gave earlier) their notifs were white but when i clicked on them they turned blue again idgi

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You know sharks have sandpaper skin so if Sidon gave Link a bj it may had well gone into a cheese grater

I finally found the inbox on the new tumble mobile layout and this is the only thing in it and all I have to say is

tumblr has made me follow 6 random blogs ive never seen in my life within the past month. they just appear on my feed suddenly one day..?? and I have no recollection of following them cause I rarely am on here anyways

like a few weeks ago I suddenly had a kingdom hearts fact blog on my feed. I’ve never played a KH game. so it wouldn’t even be “I was following this blog then it died and came back”

so if you’re one of the ppl who tracks their followers and sees I left… it’s nothing personal it’s just me being confused by random stuff on my dash that I didn’t follow, tumbl mobile decided to have me follow