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Power Play AU

Characters A, B, C, D are members of the royal court. A and B, as the most experienced, do a fine job of running things. That is, until the ruler of the kingdom introduces a new enforcer, Character E, who quickly goes power hungry and is none too happy about Character A and Character B’s greater confidence and experience. Character A is a bit concerned, but Character B just does their best to stay on their new superiors good side. That is, until Character A disappears.

Character B is knows what happened, but is too afraid to speak up. When Character C suspects something fishy and tells Character B they’re going to put themself at risk to speak out, Character B realizes that, as the most experienced member of the court, it’s their duty to step up and defend their fellow less experienced comrades.

y1ffgod  asked:

You wouldn't believe but I'm actually pretty close to sobbing since I've seen your mermaid AU everywhere but with no source and I stumbled upon it today thanks to tumbles mobile :,))))

I’m pretty close to crying that you’ve seen it everywhere with no source ToT But I’m super happy you found me too!! Lets get fishy 🐟

anonymous asked:

Oh discussion! I'll just say this: Alm's voice actor was my absolute favorite of the whole cast, if not simply because of nostalgic reasons. Right before playing Echoes I recently finished NieR: Automata and the person who does Alm's voice also does the male protagonist of that game. They're both pretty similar in character, at least to me, and I will now forever head canon any character of that personality with that kind of a voice. Also extreme shout out to Berkut's, he was absolutely GREAT.

oh my gosh another nier auto fan
yeah that voice actors incredible, i can’t remember his name unfortunately. his delivery is FLAWLESS, he’s so good at playing lovable dorks that go through unspeakable tragedies
he actually has a twitch where he plays games he’s in with VAs that worked on the same game, it’s really neat and worth looking into!

chibified-wolf  asked:

Maybe it's just Tumblr Mobile or it could be that Tumblr hates links but I am having trouble viewing your commission information

It’s always 100% of the time tumble Mobile’s fault. I’d say you’d be able to get to it by just typing /support at the end of my URL or clicking the link or looking in the pages tab on my blog’s homepage but…

Mobile doesn’t have any of that. It’s why I put that my blog is best viewed on a computer–because the app is just so bad :C