MAJ-V34 Jiachong

The MAJ-V34 Jiachong is tank-like mobile armor used by the Human Reform League prior to the introduction of mobile suits. Though rendered obsolete by the Fanton, it remained in service as a patrol and fire support unit even after the Fanton itself was replaced by the Tieren. The Jiachong In addition to the standard model, the HRL also produced the unmanned MAJ-V34AI Jiachong AI-Controlled Type and an unarmed engineer version equipped with a bulldozer blade.



"It is believed that the mass production model of the Big Zam would have had the ability to enter the Earth’s atmosphere independently, and would have been able to fly thanks to a Minovsky craft system. 

Moreover, in the atmosphere its combat duration would supposedly have exceeded ten hours, allowing it to demonstrate even greater power than it could in space.

In fact, the Zeon forces were reportedly planning an operation in which 12 units of the mass production type Big Zam would each be carried in the belly of a Musai ship and dropped from satellite orbit for a surprise attack on Jaburo.”

- from Gundam Century Book/translated by and sourced from Ultimate Mark/Gundam Unofficial