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  • Pidge: Lance, knock it off. Now.
  • Lance: Aww... whatcha gonna do if I don't, Pidgie?
  • Pidge: I will delete all your music files and replace them with Altean Rockabilly.
  • Lance: ...
  • Lance: That's low, Pidge.

I’m so happy that you liked the other one, so I tried a tilting head kinda one, and I’m satisfied ( pun intended ) with the results. Sorry for submitting so many things. I just really love your blog, and your au > ww <!! *runs away* p.s: keep up the good work 👍

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He’s so into it, rock that solo boi!!

Honestly though, this is very nicely drawn! Do you post your artwork on here normally? If not, you should consider it. You’re got some beautifully smooth lines there.

Btw, HOW are you submitting things to me rn??? I thought my submission box had vanished????

ok so yeah like i said this isn’t really complete and it’s hardly edited. lol i looked at when the last save was and it said october 26 2015……

 also it’s super short. anyway

            It’s a nice evening, and all the campers are eating dinner—of course, Percy’s at his table alone, but he’s not as lonely as he used to be before. He continues to cut up his brisket (albeit clumsily) and glances around at the other cabins at their respective tables. Lifting up his fork and taking a bite, the flavor of the meat hits his tongue and spreads through his taste buds. It’s nights like these he lives for, where everything is okay and there’s no threat of worldly destruction hanging over their heads.

            Percy looks directly forward to the Zeus table, where Jason sits alone as well, eating his own dinner. He wonders briefly if Jason would be opposed to joining their tables together. He figures Chiron wouldn’t be too picky about it. Percy makes a note in his head to ask later, but he probably won’t end up remembering until tomorrow night when he’s reminded by this same situation.

            When he clocks in again, Jason has noticed him staring and has a slightly confused expression. Percy smiles a little embarrassedly and mouths Sorry, spacing out. Jason nods in understanding, giving a little smile of his own before looking back down at his meal. He watches the Roman cut up his meat in a uniform fashion, easily slicing through the tender food. Percy scans the ridges of Jason’s hands, briefly wondering what it would be like to hold them. Nice, probably.

            This time, when he zones back in, there’s blue Coke down the front of his shirt and chin, and Jason is struggling not to laugh.

            The day’s hot and many of the campers move through their schedules in a leisurely manner. Jason’s sitting by Piper in the arts and crafts building, trying (and failing) to make a sculpture of…well, whatever it ended up looking like. Somehow, Piper’s clay figure was turning out much better than his own. Maybe it had something to do with beauty powers?

            He turns to her, hoping to ask how she’s doing so well when Piper says something first. “So, do you like anyone at camp?”

            The air is knocked out of his chest and his mouth hangs open like a fish. Suddenly, a pair of sea green eyes, black hair, and a lopsided smile pops into his head and even though he tries to push it out it doesn’t budge. He can feel the blood rushing to his face, making it appear pinker than it already was from the heat.

            “-ason? Jason, are you having a heat stroke or something?” Piper’s glancing at him worriedly, and he finally sucks in a breath.

            Pushing up his glasses on the sweaty bridge of his nose, he says, “No, I’m fine.” Piper nods and goes back to her sculpture.

            Casually, she whispers, “So you do like someone then.”

            “Please stop.”

            Annabeth’s Ancient Greek lessons have always caused Percy’s mind to wander. She’s explaining something about the origin of the marathon, or something—he stopped listening about five minutes or so in. He doodles on the paper he’s supposed to be taking notes with, not really paying too much attention to what he’s writing.

            Jason Jackson? Nah, too repetitive.

            Percy Grace? Eh….I guess it could work.

            Percy Jackson-Grace? Oh, that’s kinda—

            Percy’s eyes widen when he realizes what he’s debating internally for the past five minutes. He glances from his paper to Annabeth, who thankfully hasn’t looked at his paper yet. Reading it over, he feels his cheeks become warmer and he rips the paper into little pieces.

            “…and that’s how—Percy, what are you doing? I told you to take notes on that.”

            “I was. They just…weren’t the right notes…”


This is my mare’s left front hoof around 6-7 weeks post trim. Her bars are obviously overgrown, but is everything I have circled in red also overgrown bar? I don’t trim her myself, but I am trying to learn so one day I can.

Barefoot hooves: yep that’s bar or potentially bar and sole squashed together. Looks like it’ll come up pretty easy though!