mobile strike force

So I literally cannot open any other program on my computer until I’ve written 900 more words. I’m the slowest writer in the world… beginning to think that installing this program was maybe not the smartest move.

Ok, Overwatch idea

Blackwatch was the main reason for Overwatch to exist. A private, unaccountable, mobile strike force not bound by any laws was what UN wanted in the post-crisis world. It probably was responsible for shaping much of the current reality as it is.

Overwatch was the cover up, the shiny set of keys jingled in front of the public so they didn’t pay attention to the background, smoothing out the ruffled feathers, etc - and at the same time a perfect scapegoat once Blackwatch finally had to be pulled into the light. Because that moment had to happen - once the work was done and both organisations weren’t needed anymore.

A perfect plan, really, with Gabriel devised as the villain and Jack set up to take the blame for his villainy. Both discredited and publicly shamed, simple effect of too much power, case closed, files burned, finito.

With that UN got to eat their cake and have it too.