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Who’s on Katsuki Yuuri’s Wall?

Fandom: Yuri!!! On Ice

Pairing: Victuuri

Summary: It all started with a phone call taken at the wrong time.

Tags: Fluff, the posters of Victor, Humor, Phichit and his damn phone

It all started with a most unfortunate call from Yuuri’s sister. At the most unfortunate time too. Minutes before the GPF woudl fully begin.

“Yuuri, kaa-san did your laundry but accidentally left your door wide open, so Makkachin got inside. Everything was fine until he got to the bed and found your stash of posters.”

Yuuri suddenly wished that he hadn’t put the mobile on Speaker in order to hear better, because everyone within the vicinity had heard and were gathering around, interested in their conversation.

Why was Mari talking in English anyway?

“A few of the good posters got torn up though. Sorry.”

Yuuri was suddenly panicked. “The platinum one wasn’t among them, right?!” Yuuri asked, practically pleading for her to tell him what he needed to hear.

“No, that one’s fine. The one with the poodle is torn apart. Almost as if in jealousy actually.”

Mari sounded amused, but this was not amusing. He’d loved the poster of Victor and his first poodle. It was what made him want to get a poodle of his own. And Victor’s long hair was so beautiful then.

After the call, Phichit had decided to open his mouth. “So which poster got it?”

“An unimportant one,” Yuuri murmured, placing his mobile in his pocket. He at least had several others of smaller sizes. So it wasn’t too much of a loss.

“Are there any posters of me?” the Thai skater asked, a wide smile on his face.

“N-No!” Yuuri squeaked. “I have a photo of both of us on my desk if it helps.”

“Meh,” Phichit shrugged and pulled out his own mobile. Yuuri didn’t even want to imagine what he was up to on it.

“Any posters of me?” Chris whispered in his ear as he leaned over Yuuri’s shoulder, only to be pulled away by Victor who was frowning heavily at him.


“My heart is broken, Yuuri! How could you not have my gorgeous self on your wall?!”

“I’m sure you’ll manage,” the brunet murmured without remorse.

Phichit smiled and sent Chris a pitying look. “Don’t feel bad, I guarantee that Victor’s body takes up most of every wall in Yuuri’s room.”

Shut up!” Yuuri’s voice had literally just ascended two octaves.

Phichit merely gave him that smile that the world was beginning to know him for. The one that told Yuuri that he was not ashamed of what he was doing and would most likely be doing it again in the future.

“What about my body being on Yuuri’s wall?”

Of all the times to be paying attention, it had to be now?

Yuuri’s mortified glance in Victor’s direction was met with Victor’s adorable confusion.

Phichit went to open his mouth again, but Yuuri was quick to slam a hand over it, to halt any further embarrassment to himself. The look he sent his long time friend could silence the loudest of crowds.

“I’m no longer on Yuuri’s wall. He took down all the posters of me and hid them under his bed.”

Yuuri would swear that he could hear the rapid acceleration of his own heartbeat. That was how silent it got in the arena. For him at least.

Victor knew. He somehow knew about Yuuri’s shrine to him.

His horrified look was met with a cute grin.

“You were drunk on sake and decided to show me your collection. You were very proud of it, and kissed the long-haired ones of me, several times.”


Victor merely wrapped an arm around his trembling shoulders. “I was very flattered and immediately got Minako to get me some posters of you so I could enjoy you as well.”

Phichit’s phone was flashing every few seconds, and Yuuri knew this was going to make it to Instagram. And Twitter. And probably Tumblr if Phichit had any say in the matter.

Enjoy, eh?” Chris winked, quirking his brow suggestively.

Yurio gave a disgusted noise, finally announcing his presence. “You’re all disgusting.”

“Don’t worry, little kitten, one day you’ll be ‘enjoying’ yourself when you look at photos of other people. Fear not!” Chris cheered, giving a small wiggle of the hips.

Shut up!”

Yuuri sighed in relief as the others took to teasing Yurio over his lack of physical and sexual maturity. That meant they had gotten over his embarrassing revelation.

“Yuuri, when we move in together, we’re going to have to designate which wall gets what poster.”

Of course Victor hadn’t forgotten, had he?

“I have this nice one that makes me want to bite your ass.”


The man shrugged. “Just telling the truth, Yuuri.”

There was a giggle that didn’t come from either of them, and both looked up to see Phichit. The light on his phone’s camera was flashing, illuminating their figures.

“Twitter is going to love this confession!”


The other skater giggled again as he stepped away before Yuuri could grab him.

“Phichit, I swear!”

“Oooh, swearing means serious business! My followers are going to love it!”

“I hate you!”

“No you don’t!” Phichit sang in return. And damn it all was he right.

The jerk.

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Can you imagine Shizuo watching an Asian drama “Izaya… they broke up and he’s back with his fiancée who no one likes… And now she’s falling in love with the other guy when she belongs with the first… She’s been such a positive influence on him but he’s losing her how could this happen” and looks so lost and confused and Izaya’s just like “honestly, Shizu-chan, this is the fifth one you’ve watched with essentially the same plot how are you still surprised”

Breathe Again

They go home, back to their house.

The two of them are soaked through, the rain had persisted to fall on them the whole walk home. It only occurred to Emma that she could have magicked them home instantly after they had arrived on the front steps, but they had been so caught up in each other that it had completely slipped her mind. The thought of anything but him had seemed irrelevant as they held on to each other, pausing occasionally to plant kisses on damp skin.

She forgets to ring her parents.

She finds out how worried they were about her when she gets a call in the middle of the night. The sharp shrill of the ringing wakes them both from their deep slumber, Killian groaning into her bare shoulder where his face is nestled, the arm that is slung across her waist tightening its grip. He tries to stop her from clambering about of their bed, the bed they have only now had the chance to sleep in. She unwillingly pulls away, hopping across the cold floor of their bedroom to where her phone had been thrown carelessly on the chair under her clothes in their haste the night before. In her weariness she merely presses the answer icon without paying attention to the name on the screen as she pulls on his shirt from the night before.

“Hello?” She sighs down the phone. The shrill voice of her mother that responds hurts her still sensitive ears.

“Emma?” Emma hums in a recognition that it is indeed her answering her own phone in the middle of the night. “Are you alright?”

It is then that Emma realises that her parents haven’t heard from their daughter since they left her sobbing at Robin’s graveside, for all they know she could have thrown herself off a cliff. She quickly reassures her mother and, since she has apparently put her mobile on speaker phone, her father too.

“Yeah, I’m fine!” She almost giggles with the sudden giddiness that has bubbled up just thinking about what happened mere hours ago and the time since. “Actually, I’m better than fine.”

“Emma, what’s going on?” David’s voice is on the edge of panic, her reassurances not helping him believe her safety; if anything, she expects he thinks she has actually gone crazy.

“You’re not going to believe this but…” She is cut off by Killian’s voice, deep with sleep.

“Love, who is it? Who are you talking to at this god forsaken hour?”

She is quick to reassure him it is just her parents. Her voice catches when she sees him, bare chested, sheets pooled at his hips as he rubs sleep out of his eyes like a child.

“Emma, who’s there? Who are you with?” The voices in her ear are concerned, but this isn’t something she wants to share over the phone.

“Mom, Dad. Why don’t we just come over? It’ll be easier that way.”

“We? What’s going…” Emma hangs up before they start questioning her further. She heads over to where Killian is lying on the bed, his eyes following her across the room sleepily. She crawls up the bed and into his side, feeling the heavy beat of his heart under her palm; they have had a blissful few hours alone, but now they must reveal his survival to her parents. Getting dressed back into their clothes from the day before - the wardrobes in this house still sit empty, waiting for their clothes to fill them – takes them long than usual, their pauses for kisses slowing them down until they are in an acceptable state of dress for Emma to magic them to her parent’s apartment.

They appear in a puff of smoke in the middle of the living room, much to the surprise of her parents.

David and Snow are still in their clothes from the day before too, though Emma expects that this is because they have been too busy worrying about her and what had happened to her to change.

It takes them a moment to realise what’s are seeing. But when they do see that Killian really is here, alive in their apartment, their faces twist in completely different directions. Snow’s lips immediately turn upward and tears well in her eyes; David seems hesitant, but relief is splashed across his features as he steps forward to land Killian in the most emotional hug she has ever seen the two men share. The slightly sleep addled Killian takes a moment to understand, but quickly returns the hug with equal vigour, even emitting a low chuckle as Snow too joins this family reunion.

Because it is a family reunion; Killian has been a part of their family since long before the couple were confirmed true love by the gods.

The creak of the stairs signals the arrival of Henry. Emma’s parents pull away from Killian when they hear their grandson’s chocked sob at seeing the man who has become such a father figure in the absence of any other. Henry practically launches himself across the room to Killian who has to take a step backwards to account for the force of Henry’s hug. There are quiet murmurs passed between Emma’s two boys that she cannot hear, but she knows Killian is reassuring Henry of his return to the land of the living once and for all.

Eventually they all return to their own beds after Killian’s recounting of how he manages to get back to them all, back to Emma. She has not heard this either, they had been too wrapped up in being together again to talk about something as trivial as how he actually got back.

As Emma drifts off to sleep, content in her lovers arms, she can finally breathe once more.

Arthur|Harry receives a text message from Eggsy in the middle of a meeting with some higher-ups in the government. He slides his phone unlocked to read the message, and it goes something like:

“Harry, love, it’s important. Please check the link below. xx”

Harry frowns, worry etched on his face as he ignores what the Prime Minister is saying as he taps on the link.

Several worst-case scenarios go through his head: Does it contain classified information? Has Kingsman been betrayed again? Is Eggsy in trouble on his mission in Cape Town? Are they being tailed again by one of Harry’s enemies? Fuck, the list could go on for days, and Harry’d be none the wiser.

Only, that and his worry goes out the window when the familiar tune of a song he hasn’t heard in years filters through his mobile phone’s speakers. And the tiny fucking device was in full volume, too, unfortunately.

“We’re no strangers to love
You know the rules, and so do I!”

Eyes widening in horror, Harry didn’t hear Merlin snorting in barely restrained laughter from behind him, and nor did he see the Prime Minister and head of MI-5 and MI-6 biting their lips from laughing out loud at what just happened to the leader of Kingsman.

Buggering fucking hell.

Harry just got Rick Roll’d.

“Consider yourself suspended from mind-blowing sex for a month. Or two. xx” is what Harry types out in a hurry, face red in embarrassment but composure somehow still intact.

That was the fourth time his husband has played a prank on him in six weeks, and Harry has had enough. It’s time for payback.