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Overwatch Update 1.9 Patch Notes

Hero Updates


New Ability: Torblefeet

  • “Torblefeet” replaces Torbjorn’s “Build Turret” ability. Torblefeet increases Torbjorn’s speed by 500% for a period of 8 seconds, with a 10 second cooldown.
  • Torbjorn’s Rivet Gun has been removed.

Developer Commentary: With Torbjorn what we wanted to create was a sort of stealth flanker character that sprints between enemy’s legs and whacks their knees with his hammer. However, many players used him more defensively, setting up his turret in a defensible location and using his Rivet Gun to kill anybody that tries to come near it. With the removal of the Rivet Gun and the addition of Torblefeet, players are now encouraged to play Torbjorn as a more mobile harasser type character, snapping the enemy team’s puny shins and pathetic ribcages, all the while collecting their bones to craft his horrible trinkets of protection.

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snapped-taro-and-admin  asked:

I heard about your Headcanons Page~ I'm unsure where this page is, so ask it is; I personally have a headcanon with Taro that causes him to hate when people touch or mess with his hair. Sure, his hair is soft, but he starts to get grouchy, and he probably would even get to the point of trying to push people away. I came up with this mainly due to the Senpai Shrine containing a lock of Senpai's hair, and I can imagine him freaking out upon a chuck of his hair going missing. Ps, Love the "DNMS" AU

{ ok, you know what, i approve of this headcanon

Soaked for Science

I went to the March for Science this weekend, and since I went armed with @eclecticmuses‘ wonderful FitzSimmons commission for me, I couldn’t resist writing a flufflet about the two of them actually marching. All signs mentioned were ones I saw. (Also, a brief exchange was inspired by one I had with @ifwehadamonkey later that day!) 
Rated G, in a canon-divergent s4 where everyone’s happy, healthy & in reality. ;-)

“Four hours.”

Jemma groaned, droplets flying off the sleeve of her sunflower-patterned raincoat as she whacked him on the shoulder. “Ugh, Fitz –”

“We’ve been standing in the rain for four hours.”

A burst of static crackled over the sound system as speakers changed places on the stage.

“And so has everyone else,” she pointed out, hopping slightly onto her tiptoes to glimpse something at the side of the crowd. Fitz reached out instinctively to hover one hand over her lower back, ready to catch her should she slip on the sopping wet grass.

“I can barely remember what it was like to be dry –”

“Oh, for –”

“I’ve never seen fingers wrinkle because of rain –”

Clapping her hands together, Jemma let out a little noise of excitement and grabbed onto his arm, interrupting his good-natured complaining. “Fitz, look!” He followed where she was pointing, blinking as rain dripped into his eyes. “Not all superheroes wear capes,” she said, reading the sign that she’d spotted within the crowd, “most wear lab coats!”

“Daisy’d agree with that,” he said with a grin. “I don’t think any superheroes wear capes. Too impractical.”

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This week I was fortunate enough to receive the brand new simplehuman Wide View Sensor Mirror
I had seen a link to this being shared around on Facebook and it instantly piqued my interest! Being a makeup artist, one of my pet hates is poor lighting when it comes to makeup application - particularly at night. So when I read the features of this mirror, I knew I just HAD to review it!!! 

I nearly snapped off the delivery mans arms when I hastily snatched this beauty from him a few days ago. In fact, I often find myself stood at the door mumbling briefly about the product to warrant my erratic excitement when he knocks - I’m sure he’s used to me by now. I hope! 

Anyway, let me give you a little overview as to why this mirror is magic: 
As you can see from the images above, it has 3 wide view panels that are adjustable so you can view it flat or curved. This means you are able to see yourself panoramically from any angle!
So when it comes to checking if my contouring is completely blended I need no longer crane my neck to see the sides of my face, I can now see both sides with ease. The mirror also tilts back and forth so you can adjust it for a more comfortable view. 
In between the three panels are 2 strips of light, known as the tru-lux light system. What makes this light-up mirror different from many others is that it simulates natural sunlight so you can get a true view of your makeup as if you were outside. More on this in a moment! 

Another key feature of the wide view mirror is that it has a built-in sensor. So as your face approaches the mirror the tru-lux light system automatically illuminates without the need to turn it on. Only once you move away does it turn itself off again. It’s a rechargeable device which gives you 3 weeks battery life. And this also means it’s cordless once charged, so yes, you can easily move it from room to room. 

There is more to the tru-lux lighting system that just a sensor and the ability to check your makeup in natural sunlight… It’s the first of it’s kind to be app-enabled!
As soon as it arrived I downloaded the free simplehuman app and wirelessly I was able to control my mirror! I think Tommy had more fun than I did, you know men love a gadget!
You can adjust not only the lighting, but the sensor timings AND set alarms - incase you get swept away in the moment and don’t realise it’s time to leave for work. To alert you the light starts to flash. Cool eh? 

This next part is what REALLY made me long for this mirror…
You can capture the ambient light from different locations using images from your PHONE. Yes.
You simply choose your desired photo - it could be your office, or your favourite restaurant even, and the mirror will mimic the colour temperature and intensity so you can check your makeup in the lighting of the venue before you even leave the house! Gobsmacked….? Tell me about it. 

I will be consciously snapping photos of my favourite places just so I can see my makeup in those lightings - just incase.  
The app is so simple to use. I put in my WiFi code upon request, enabled bluetooth on my phone, it then searched for my mirror and we were connected.

Here is a little snap shot of some foundation swatches in a typical lighting situation vs in front of the tru-lux light system: 

You can see the colours of the foundation in much more clarity. 

This is what the app looks like upon opening. You can see the name of the mirror, the battery life, and options to click on to access light modes, alarms, and sensor settings.

Here is the light modes page within the app. It contains some pre-set light modes: ‘natural light’ ‘candle light’, ‘restaurant’ and ‘cloudy day’. 
The first 5 symbols are pre-sets, and then you have the ‘plus’ button to add your own custom light settings. Below, you can manually adjust the brightness OR you can press auto brightness. 

The mirror itself is quite weighty and extremely sturdy, you can trust that it will not fall over and break. Although it’s a little weighty it’s still portable. You can see from the images above that it’s super slimline and fits beautifully on a dressing table, or even in the bathroom.

It’s ideal for me as I often teach 1-2-1 classes downstairs, and I have a filming room upstairs, so I can easily cart it back and forth. 

Here is a little mobile snap of me and my magic mirror:

The mirror retail prices are as follows:
£299.99 here in the UK
$400.00 in the US
€399.99 in the EU

It’s currently available on the UK & US sites, and will be available on the German & French websites by the end of the week!

If you have any questions feel free to ask!

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