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I heard about your Headcanons Page~ I'm unsure where this page is, so ask it is; I personally have a headcanon with Taro that causes him to hate when people touch or mess with his hair. Sure, his hair is soft, but he starts to get grouchy, and he probably would even get to the point of trying to push people away. I came up with this mainly due to the Senpai Shrine containing a lock of Senpai's hair, and I can imagine him freaking out upon a chuck of his hair going missing. Ps, Love the "DNMS" AU

{ ok, you know what, i approve of this headcanon

The pain movement

The physical procedure of writing for me is always in relation to shifting folds of pain and mobility in my body. Writing work does not cause pain: pain precedes and is en route, irrespective of the work—and pain wants to be folding with the work, desires participation in all conversations with all materials and sensations my body encounters. Pain is added first, even before I am added to sensations—my body encounters sensations and adds pain, the pain-edge of mobility, then come I—someone, turning folding swirling someman-and-somewoman—en route with the pain-body, stammering and adding language. Here—here—Move! And total pain even after decades has not removed my body’s capacity to work, to write. Pain too is changing, never the same pain moment to moment, a tremendous quivering sea—pain and mobility fold, unfold, snap to new folds—not always clearly but I feel it onward-moving—fold, unfold, refold…

Over the obscure plane of silence the pain-body desires no rest, no comfort, but mobility—Move!—the pain-body desires change, folding, unfolding, refolding in its zone of clarity—

[W]e must have a body because our mind has a privileged zone of expression, a clear and distinct zone. Now it is the clear zone that posits the exigency to have a body. … It is because we have a clear zone that we have to have a body, whose task [chargé de] is to travel through or explore this zone, from birth to death.*

—and pain does not obscure the zone but forms new passages within it, in folds, temporary obscurities, unfolding, refolding… And the pain-body presses consciousness through its ‘innermost narrows’**, and perception shifts and warps, reshapes and refolds with each pain moment—


Pain clarifies and obscures perception in its way, folds and unfolds and refolds perception—and the pain-body even in the spluttering stammers of physical confusion remains in motion with silence, added to that indefinite obscurity of the plane over which it moves with matter folding, unfolding, refolding… And every moment of writing in the pain-body is at once an effort of pain-folding and language-folding in motion with sensations—media vita in morte sumus—in the midst of life we are in death.

And I strive to make my body at once a passage for poetic sensations and pain sensations. I call to myself, author: How far will this pain-body go? How long will it remain in flight? How much mobility makes a novel? How much body does a novel need?

* Deleuze The Fold
** Celan The Meridian


Kingsley’s snapchat story is the actual cutest thing ever

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