mobile phone charms


Finally done…

I made goods of Ricochet. FINALLY!
This is a rubber mobile phone charm.
They’re the troop of 50 Rico.
Rico obstructive to operate iPhone cuz it’s very big and is heavy. But I love even that obstructive to any cases very much, cuz it’s RICO!

( He had parts like bunny’s ear, was dispatched to my friends with the stationery of the bunny. lol)

[image description: two red apple-shaped squishies sitting on a red watermelon slice pillow. Both squishies have a round, brown-painted stem and a green-painted leaf moulded on the top of the squishy beside the stem. A small raised plastic loop is attached to the side of each squishy, serving as a mounting point for a lobster claw clip attached to a black cord mobile phone charm strap. The viewer’s left-hand squishy is housed in a clear plastic bag; the right is unpackaged.]

Apple Squishies - eBay, $1.26 USD.

Listing has free international shipping, with only one item left as of writing this post.

I bought these as replacements for the apple squishies originally given to me by @ambiguouspieces. I have to say that I like these ones better–for some reason they’re softer and squishier, the foam really giving under light pressure. They’re the softest, spongiest, lightest cheap/off-brand squishies I’ve ever handled, and feel really good to squish. Something about the density of the foam makes these incredibly pleasing to me!

They’re by far the slowest rising cheap squishies I’ve handled, too, only a little faster than my SquishyFun strawberry. If watching the squishy rise is part of the stim for you but you can’t afford a more expensive squishy, I absolutely recommend these. I suspect, like most other cheap squishies, that they won’t last too long under frequent use before splitting and tearing, but they’re cheap enough that I’m not bothered by it.

The listing does state that they’re unfragranced, but this isn’t true. They have a very slight sweet smell. It isn’t strong enough to bother me unless the squishy is right under my nose, but people who need absolutely no fragrance will still need to avoid these.

The seller shipped these very quickly and had great communication with regards advising me of this, so I recommend these both in terms of buying experience and use. I love mine. I only wish I’d gotten a green one as well…


Hello again loves!

FINALLY received my charms, put them together and now they’re up in my Etsy shop!!

This time one of the charms is a double sided one!!!
Double sided Anders Acrylic charm:
One side is regular Anders the other is Justice!Anders!! This charm is also available as a keychain!

Single sided charms:


Here is more info about the charms:
~1.5inch (3.8 cm)height
~professionally printed on clear acrylic
~glossy finish
~attached to a black mobile charm cord