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Poets, do not fall in love with me.
I am no muse.

I will not taste like red lipstick or regret when you kiss me for the first time.
I will be neither a sinner nor a saint,
I do not warrant extended metaphor.
My eyes are not the shade of anything special,
The roses in my cheeks have wilted and died.

When we are no longer we,
I will not stop writing about you.
Poems about your laughter will drip from my pen past midnight years later.
Even I will find them trite.

I am unbeknownst to Erato,
I am a stranger to Calliope.
Poets, do yourself a favor.
Find someone who is the beautiful kind of broken.

—  You couldn’t write a single stanza about my smile.

I was just thinking about the party banters in DA2 where Varric starts telling Anders jokes, which indicates that they spend time together off camera swapping jokes and I gave myself feels.

We have one cutscene with Anders in the Hanged Man amusedly telling a story to Varric and we have another cutscene with Varric at the clinic when Anders tries to give Varric his most prized possession: his mother’s pillow. An item which he did not offer to Hawke, interestingly enough. That speaks volumes as to his friendship with Varric.

I just think about them sitting around telling each other outrageous jokes and of Varric seeing a very rare side of Anders: laughing and happy.

Away from Home

He wasn’t supposed to be outside like papa had always told him; always had been told that people were out to hurt him. He didn’t know that this time someone would, that someone would take him away from everything he knew. Vincent blinked groggily as he began to awake from whatever blow had landed on his head earlier, whimpering in pain as his fingers groped in darkness to find his porcelain mask. It had been there to protect him, but it was gone now. Where was he? And what had happened? Papa had said that because he was not human, that they may want to take him.


Welcome back (teenageddipperpines)


Violet sighed as she looked over the map of her new school nervously. Her family had once again gotten relocated after someone saw to much of their powers
(She accidentally disappeared in the middle of her school cafeteria when someone spilled red juice on her white pants. Fun.)
It took all of the young supers will power not to disappear by accident as she slowly walked the busy hallways and tried to ignore a few odd stares.
Violet felt a little tension relief when she managed to find her locker…until she realized someone was in front of it
“Um excuse me?” She tried to ask when they didn’t seem to hear her she spoke a bit louder
“Excuse me I think you’re in front of my locker?”

group chat: j, gray, nick & you
  • JORDAN:operation "get my sib a date asap bc he's so depressed it's messin me up"
  • GRAYSON:are you really gonna discuss operation twink in front of the said twink ... wrong group chat, idiot
  • JORDAN:shit

I made this for those of us who managed to Tier ½ in this Eli/Rin Bloodbath. I thought you would appreciate it. 

Just watched the new ep, and Charlie’s death is the perfect example of why this show needs to end sooner rather than later. This co-dependency is bad and it makes Sam and Dean do bad things arc is being stretched to its limits at this point, and with hardly anyone left to die as a result of their fucked up choices, we lose amazing characters like Charlie.

The one thing that is bugging me though is that it feels like Charlie died more from loving Dean and less from Sam’s actions, and I don’t know how to feel about that at the moment. I think, regardless, this is going to set Dean off, and with two more episodes to go I see another potential causality of Sam’s actions on the horizon.

If Cas is the next to go, I think we might be gearing up for Dean actually doing what he never thought he could by killing his brother. I’ve seen spec about this going around but I hadn’t really considered it until watching this most recent ep, but if Sam somehow has to sacrifice Cas for the sake of saving Dean, I can absolutely see it happening.

Still sort of living in denial about her death, but I know how this goes at this point. I know she is a victim of a 3 season arc being stretched out to fit 4+ and it makes me so very sad, and I don’t have much else to say about it at this point other than I really hope I’m wrong, and maybe she’ll be back again, and alive, very soon…

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            Bellamy had been wandering around somewhat aimlessly when he’d noticed that he wasn’t alone like he’d originally thought. He went to go speak to the other, perhaps to tell them to leave him alone – because what other purpose could they have for being in his space? – but upon getting within touching distance of the newcomer, Bellamy’s jaw dropped slightly.

            It was like looking into a mirror, and yet he knew that the other was completely real. There were no words to describe the confusion he was now feeling. “Is this a joke?”


( filiusaugustus )

               There was a sneer on her face as the older boy passed the group of Phoenician girls. “The trash belongs down in the lesser stations, so what are you doing here Blake?” She called out, earning a few snickers from the girls she called friends. It was no secret that Alpha and Bellamy seemed to really hate each other. From their snide remarks to just the way they managed to exchange looks, most knew to stay clear and out of the cross fire. Alpha’s friends couldn’t say what had ignited this hatred between the Phoenician and the Waldenite, but it was there. (And no doubt a bit terrifying for anyone stupid enough to get caught between them.)

               As she waited to see how he’d react to that, she was slightly exited by how he’d really react to it later, when the two of them found time to be alone. It was no secret they seemed to hate each other, but nobody knew how things really were when it was just them. Alpha loved how rough the two got with each other. Whether it was exchanged words in public or her nails down his back when they were alone together. “Maybe he’s not smart enough to answer.” She says to her friends, loud enough for him to hear.