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Bound to You

Pairing: Bones x Reader
Word Count: 672
Warnings: 100% smut sorry not sorry ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
A/N: Requested by @outside-the-government with the prompt “Unbind Me” based off a post I reblogged a million years ago lol. School’s over and it’s my first day off in awhile so I finally had time for fic writing!! I guess you could say I came back with a bang ;D also I’ll try to add the read more later. I’m on mobile so idk if it worked.

“Let me go, Lee,” you groaned as you struggled against your bonds. At least Leonard had the decency to use the padded cuffs. He probably remembered patching up the raw skin on your wrists after the last time.
“I thought you said it was better this way.” Leonard pressed a kiss to your hip bone before sliding his tongue back down between your legs.
You bucked up against his mouth. He splayed his hand across your hips and pushed you back down onto the bed. “Maybe it would be if you’d actually fuck me.”

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I'm on mobile and I can't check the FAQ??

Ah but you can. If you see a post tagged “faq”, tap the faq tag. This directs you to the page on this blog of posts tagged faq. Here are some visuals

i would REALLY appreciate a few commissions my way right now. The bar me and dan work at is not doing well and ppl keep taking our hours away from us.. We are struggling right now and are about to be hit with big bills..

I’m on mobile right now, but my prices are listed on my blog page! thank you 🌈

Amy's 500 Follower Celebration

Hey everyone! I just hit 500 followers! Which is absolutely incredible, I love all of you 💖💖💖

So, as a thank you, I’m doing quote and lockscreen edits!! Send me a quote and I’ll make an aesthetic edit, send me a character and I’ll make you a lockscreen! Feel free to request both if you want!

- Please be following me
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- No more than one request of each kind of edit
- Allow me the time to make them. It may take me a few days but I’ll get around to your request, I promise.

I’m on mobile currently, so I can’t link you properly, but in the tags of this post (when viewed on my blog) will be the tag I use for my edits, which has examples of my work.

Once again, thank you all so much! I love each and every one of you!

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Okay so I'm sorry because I could google this but I'm on mobile so yeah... could you like tell us who Plato is exactly and everything? I'm stupid and need someone to inform me. Like a summary or something. A dumbary.

no problem. plato was an ancient greek philosopher who lived from 420ish-340ish BC. plato is responsible for writing (i believe, but do correct me) the earliest fully extant works of philosophy (ie. not fragmentary). plato was born to an aristocratic athenian family, and was at the time of his first interaction with socrates still a bright young man with a typically upper class athenian interest in all of the traditional disciplines. rumour has it he burned all of the twenty plus plays he wrote when he met socrates. plato began to write dialogues, documenting the interactions either literally or sort of ‘in spirit’ of socrates’ debates with others. (if you want to know who youre speaking to broadly: if its an early work, about ethics and it doesnt come to a clear conclusion its socratic. if its a later work, about other things but potentially also ethics, with a clear conclusion, thats platonic). plato’s philosophy was noted for serving to reconcile two ancient greek problems: parmenides’ assertion that nothing changes according to his paradox of generation, and heraclitus’ claim that 'panta rei’, everything flows, or is in flux. in his magnum opus, the republic, plato elucidates in his typical dialpgue style a theory of the forms, encompassing both a non-changing non-physical perfectly conceptual world and a physical, fluctuating counterpart. this idea would go on to dominate western thinking and religion until the present day in some form or another. plato is also responsible for the establishment of the academy - one of the earliest sites for the teaching of philosophy and responsible for the tutelage of a number of hugely important philosophers, perhaps most notably aristotle. hope that helps buddy. if you need more, feel free to ask. love conor xo

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How do you edit you gameplay pis? They're so nice I try using actions but they're all too dramatic and look nothing like the examples

I’m on mobile rn so I can’t link it but the actions I use are on my resource page! i don’t do anything to my pictures other than putting the action on it

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wait, i've heard and seen pretty much every bad thing about 6pence except for the CHILD LABOUR part?? please elaborate because i've never heard about that despite how serious that is

Let me link you to my sources! This is where I learned of it (I’m on mobile so the links are ugly):

And this is someone answering a very similar ask to yours with receipts!

Hope this helps!

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heya :-) i'm on mobile, sorry if you've answered this before! i saw your recolour/retexture of rusty's dress, the one with a comic-strip type print on it, and i just wanted to ask how you made it "plain" and added shadows and things! asking because i really want to maxis-matchify rusty's lemon print d&g crop top, but i haven't tried making my own textures before. thank you so much!

Hiya!! I’m so bad at explaining and idek where to start, so I’m sorry if none of this makes any sense :’)

I exported the original texture of the dress and exported the textures of the base game dress and skirt I used to retexture the dress, opened them all up in Photoshop and cut bits and pieces of each to make the retexture of the dress - I used a variation of the blur/smudge/liquify/fill tools to blend everything. I actually didn’t make a shadow map for the dress, any shadow detailing on the dress is on the texture and was either already on the texture of the skirt  I used or was blended/”drawn” by me. I made the actual shadow map blank in S4S!

I looked up the top you’re referring to and not gonna lie - it seems like it would be quite difficult to do. I suggest looking at the texture of the top and then going through the clothing items in S4S and looking at the textures of them side by side to see what parts of what textures could work with the top. I’m sorry if this was all a mess and wasn’t much help - if there is something specific you need help with, feel free to dm me and I’ll try to help you! Good luck with the top anyway :)

You: Tall boys with cute laughs and deep voices with messy hair 😍

Me, an intellectual: Park Chanyeol 😍

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: : Mobile Masterlist : :


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Jealous Me ~ D.O x Reader

Jealousy (F) ~ Yugyeom x Reader

A Rainy Day With Tae (F) ~ V x Reader
Ghost AU


Lightsaber ~ Star Wars x EXO Crossover


Finding Out You Have an Idol Brother

You Running Your Hands Through their Hair when You’re in the Mood
They Have A Crush On You And You Change Your Shirt In Front of Them
They Think You’ve Been Cheating On Them Because of False Rumors
Your Younger Sister Flirts With Them
You Snap At Them During A Full Moon
Biting Them On The Shoulder During Sex To Keep Yourself Quiet
When You Get Leg Cramps From Trying New Sex Positions
Surprising Them In The Studio By Back Hugging Them
When You’re Baby Sitting Your Neice/Nephew and They Teach Them A Sexual Reference
Accidentally Moaning Erotically While They’re Giving You A Back Massage  
When They Find Out You Sleep Without Clothes

Reacting To Their Girlfriend constantly Screaming about Spiders (Dream)
They Find Out You Have A Secret Tattoo (127)
EXO Flirting With You
They Find Out Your Big Bro Is An EXO Member
Their Foreign Girlfriend Learns How To Use Chopsticks

Finding Out You Have an Idol Brother

Monsta X:
When You Play In The Sea On Your Date
EXO Flirts With You

Waking Them Up To A BJ
When You Suddenly Become Very Cuddly/Clingy

An NCT Member Flirts With You While They’re On A Music Show
Reacting To A Young Fan With Their Parents At A Signing (Hip-Hop Unit)

Stressed But Caring Girlfriend ~ Hyung Line / Maknae Line
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Jay Park:
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Millionaire/City Boy: Kris / Sehun / Tao / Suho / Chen / Lay / D.O / Xiumin / Chanyeol / Luhan/ Baekhyun / Kai

Fantasy/Fairy Tale: Luhan / Lay / Kris / Chen / Tao / Xiumin

Zombie Apocolypse AU: Suho / D.O / Sehun / Kai / Baekhyun / Chanyeol

Royal AU: Joshua / WonWoo / Mingyu
Spin Offs: Boyfriend Dokyeom

Monsta X:
Street Racing/Gang AU: Shownu / Wonho / Hyungwon / Jooheon / I.M / Kihyun / Minhyuk

Boyfriend AUs:

Aesthetic Reactions:

Taehyung Comforting His Girlfriend When She’s Upset

Baekhyun Proposing To His Girlfriend

Random Spin-offs:

If BTS Were Colors
Husband Jungkook

What Really Happened


The problem is that Eren is ridiculously handsome these days.

Sure, Levi had always acknowledged that the kid was kinda cute, especially after he’d started growing his hair out and learned to control his temper better. That had been it, though, and since back then Levi had still been his Captain, he’d never really even allowed himself to dwell on such things. But now when he’s retired - and growing soft with age, as Eren himself had claimed once with a twinkle in his eyes - he’s become painfully aware of just how attractive he finds Eren.

He’s sitting amongst tall grass and wildflowers, more focused on admiring the line of Eren’s broad shoulders than paying attention to what he’s doing with his squad. Since he can’t deny a single thing from Eren, he’d naturally agreed to come along and watch them train. It would be really helpful, Eren had said, worrying on his bottom lip with his teeth in a way that had been horribly distracting to Levi, because even though he’d now officially been promoted to Squad Leader, he could use some feedback on his training methods.

They’ve been at it for what must be hours now, and Levi’s quite impressed. Maybe he really is old and soft, because he’d have allowed at least one break somewhere in between. Eren’s more strict than he would’ve imagined, even tense at times, and Levi’s not at all envious of his squad members.

It’s quite nice, in a way, sitting in the sun and merely allowing time to pass. That’s a luxury in and of itself, he thinks, being able to stop and smell the flowers, both figuratively and literally. He’s plucked a freshly blooming daffodil from the ground and is twirling it in his fingers when Eren seems to have decided it’s finally time for a break.

Without hesitation, Eren comes to him, leaving his squad to cool off amongst themselves. He plops down on the ground next to Levi, a little out of breath but still no less gorgeous. There’s a small frown resting over his features and Levi wants to kiss it away, to press his lips against the crease in his brow and the downturned corners of his mouth.

“Hi,” Eren says and manages a wry grin. “How am I doing so far?”

Levi tears his gaze away from the shining green of Eren’s eyes and instead turns to watch his squad members, most of whom are also on the ground, trying to catch their breath. “Well,” he starts off and intends to go on, but apparently that’s already enough for Eren.

“Really? I don’t know,” he sighs, taking a hand through his unruly hair. He’s discarded his jacket long ago and rolled up his sleeves, and Levi finds himself hopelessly transfixed by the firm muscles in his arms. Not to mention his hands, dear God, those broad palms and long skilled fingers that Levi’s imagined touching him all over so many times that he’s lost count by now.

To top it off, Eren towers over him by now, having grown several inches over the years. That’s completely unacceptable to Levi. This is Eren, his Eren who’d he’d vowed to protect, the perpetually angry and squeaky-voiced kid who’d looked at him like he’d hung the damn moon. His Eren is not allowed to be this attractive, because Levi honestly cannot handle it.

Eren is in the middle of rambling about something when Levi realizes he hasn’t been listening at all. He’s fidgeting in place, that much Levi registers, hands clenched into fists and his stare darting back and forth from Levi’s face to his own feet as he talks. There’s something trapped in the green of Eren’s eyes that reminds him of a panicked animal, and Levi wants nothing more than to soothe him and tame him.

“Hey,” he interrupts, making Eren stop abruptly. “It’s okay. Breathe. Relax.”

It’s a horribly clumsy attempt at comforting him, but Eren’s shoulders do drop a little. “Yeah. Okay,” he repeats with a long exhale. “Sorry. It’s, uh, you being here just makes me a little nervous.” It’s all said in one hasty breath, almost fearfully.

Levi blinks. “It’s okay,” he repeats, and having ran out of things to say, reaches out and hands his daffodil to Eren. “Here. Take this.”

It’s silent for a while, but Eren does extend his hand and pluck the flower from his hand, his face questioning but also a little hopeful. “What?” he asks, as if he hadn’t quite heard right.

“It reminded me of you,” Levi says and opens his mouth to explain further, but when nothing comes to mind, he closes it again. “Make sure you don’t crush it, though. Maybe train your squad a little less intensely.” He’s not sure if Eren can manage that for even a fraction of a second, being less intense than he usually is, but for the sake of his overworked squad members, Levi sure hopes so.

“Thank you.” Eren’s lips are curving into a tiny smile, and it’s the most beautiful thing Levi’s ever seen. “I’ll try to take good care of it.”

“I know you will,” he says, more to himself than to Eren since the kid is already up and ready to continue,  newfound enthusiasm in his voice.

One of the members of his squad outright whimpers when told to get up and resume training, another one actually has the gall to talk back at Eren, but none of them even mention the delicate daffodil now tucked behind his ear.