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Any langsty fics you recommend?? I'm running low on fuel for my soul

I’ve got Two I’ve been holding back from y'all actually– (no links bc I’m on mobile, sorry ;7;)

“blue, buried deep” by aknightley isn’t necessarily pure langst, but it’s a lance focused fix-it (of sorts) for season 2 that does it peRFECTLY LIKE go,d ,,I’ve read it so many times I love it

The second one I’ve been holding back because’s a series and I jumped straight into the sequel, then only skim read it bc I’ve been short on time lately and it has the highest word count in the fandom BUT
THE PARTS I DID READ, OK,, if you have the time to read this please do because it’s soooooo so so well written and plotted and paced and characterized and the langst actually physically hurt my heart; I haven’t read,, such good langst,, in Never
The series is called “Voltron: Duality”, found on squirenonny’s ao3 and it’s legendary, thanks, 12/10 recommendation, I’m going to go cry in a corner about it now Bye

i would REALLY appreciate a few commissions my way right now. The bar me and dan work at is not doing well and ppl keep taking our hours away from us.. We are struggling right now and are about to be hit with big bills..

I’m on mobile right now, but my prices are listed on my blog page! thank you 🌈

hey there!! im Finn and I’m mobile-zoned bluh
I post a lot about dogs and I love making friends! I’m saving money and doing research to get a working dog of my own one day!
I lost a lot of followers lately :(
could I have a promo :D

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Who are your favourite blogs ?

OMG I have so many!! ♥




♥♥I love all blogs but these ones have a special place in my heart ♥♥ Sorry for awful quality, I’m on Mobile so the format is terrible!

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I'm on mobile and I can't check the FAQ??

Ah but you can. If you see a post tagged “faq”, tap the faq tag. This directs you to the page on this blog of posts tagged faq. Here are some visuals

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ive been looking for a five? im sorry i don't really remember it but like blue and lance get really close and lance is only ever around blue? he doesn't really talk to the team either, and blue is the only girl lion? lance can like talk to blue too. the team confronts him and blue gets super protective??? it was on ao3 and i can find it anywhere it's making me so mad i stg!!! please help!!! thank you, i love ur blog 💗

(Pt 2, poorly formatted bc I’m on mobile: gosh i sent my ask yesterday but i also remember lance having a sister who died in a car accident and his dad blamed him? he like disowned him and he had to live with hunk. it was rlly long though?? sorry these are like a lot of spoilers for people who havent read it but i cant find it anywhere i’ve been looking for WEEKS!!)

I could’ve sworn I’d seen something to do with the first part of your ask but I can neither recall that one nor any with the added details :’( I’m sorry,,you gave a whole ton of helpful info too; maybe someone else here knows?

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afdgs that was not what i asked but!... this was a terribly cute answer!! im sure it made your anons very happy!! ok third time's the charm, i tried to ask: of all the asks for headcanons and other prompts can you name five you liked the most! that were exceptionally fun to write idk. sorry i was not clear with this afdshdsf

NO its okay, I can’t read akxbhdkc
Hmm, I’m on mobile so I can’t link them, theyre all on my Masterlist though! Here are a few top favorites:
1. Mc helping the Rfa+v+Saeran recover from a previous heartbreak! That one was such a sweet prompt, especially because I got to write about hurt/comfort!

2. It sounds bad, but another favorite are the cheating ones. I think they’re extremely OOC, and the characters would never, ever, cheat, but I feel like a did a good job! Especially since some of the comments told me I broke their heart, haha!

3. Rfa+V+Saeran Cumming too early! I really enjoyed this prompt! Actually, this person always sends in Top Notch stuff! Every time they send in a request I’m reeling because it’s usually 100000% up my alley! I feel like I didn’t do it justice, but? I loved the prompt!

4. RFA+V+Saeran helping Mc with a panic attack. I got some comments about how it felt very real, and I’m proud of that! Plus I thought Jumin’s was cute…

5. Afterend!Saeran owning a Ice Cream shop! It was a prompt for Saeran day, and I really loved that one. I thought I made it really cute, and afterwards I had to bury my face in my plush because I couldn’t stop imagining how cute it was! It was so cute orz

I actually have a few other prompts I really liked, but it’d slowly turn into most of the list. I did like discussion with the characters, too. That was fun!

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Hey can you put the links for all the chapters to we are young on the next chapter you post? I think I'm missing one and that would be a tragedy 😱

Hey darling. The moment I post a chapter I add it to the “We Are Young” page I have set up. You can find that page by clicking “writing” on the top of my blog. Here’s the link (I’m in mobile right now) ->

TalesFromYourServer: Why is the rum always gone?

Hey TFYS. I’ve been reading the stories here for ages. Love your work, keep it up. Please ignore formatting, I’m on mobile.

This is my little story from last night that I found amusing/frustrating.

I work in resort restaurant which holds lots of large functions including work conferences, weddings ect. I was working the bar last night while a big conference group (about 100 people) were having their dinner. Because we’re a rather fancy resort, management have implemented a few rules to make sure we uphold that level of fancy-ness. That means people aren’t meant to get stupid drunk. That doesn’t stop the from trying.

I had a man come up to me while I was serving and ask for a double rum and coke.

Me: unfortunately we don’t do doubles. Sorry sir, house rules.

Man: ok well I’ll get a rum and coke with a shot of rum on the side.

Me: sorry sir. We don’t do shots either.

Man: huffs I guess I’ll just get the rum and coke then.

Me: makes the rum and coke and sends him on his way

Not even 10 minutes later, I was joined by another server to help me get through the last call rush. (I’ll call her blondie) The last call also has rules to stop people getting silly, like one drink per person.

The same guy I’d served not 10 minutes ago comes back to the bar, with the same drink.

Man to Blondie: Can I please get a shot of rum in my coke.

Keep in mind I’m standing right next to her, hearing the whole thing.

Blondie looking at his glass: Sir that drink already has rum in it, I can see the foam from where the post mix has frothed it.

Man: no it doesn’t. It’s just coke. I want to get a shot of rum added to it.

This is when I jump in, because now that we’ve called last drinks I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I’m not taking any more nonsense.

Me: Sir I just served you that drink and I put rum in it. I already told you we don’t do doubles.

Man: Ok well I’ll have another rum and coke then.

Me: unfortunately it’s one drink per person for last call and you’ve already got a drink so I can’t give you another. Please step away from the bar.

The man walked away with the huffs, wondering how his devious plan could have failed.

Blondies only response was “I might be blonde but I’m not stupid”

By: Mad4Josh

I moved…again
I’ve been moving around a lot lately and I hate it because my anxiety is going haywire but honestly thank god for my boyfriend because he keeps me grounded a good majority of the time. I apologize for no read more but I’m on mobile :/

Anywho, we’re staying with my dad right now, our old apartment (well, room…it was a shared living space) was getting way too uncomfortable- our landlady was living there and she also decided to add two random strange men to the equation (that even she didn’t know) and not only did that crowd the 2 bedroom house but it was extremely uncomfortable because 1) she has a terrible judge of character and the people she tends to seek out are just not good 2) she was banging one of them behind a friggin sheet hung up off the kitchen and 3) the other guy would walk around in his boxers.

So I have my desktop here, I’m not sure if I’m gonna set it up, this is a really temporary thing (I hope) until we can find our own apartment, but that’s way easier said than done!

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whats ur opinion on ororoxt'challa

Joan: I’m personally not about it, and a lot of the reasoning for that is the way their first meeting was retconned, the new version of events is super creepy and yikes. But I do love their mutual respect for each other, there’s a lot about their friendship I love. I used to really ship them together until that retcon. I think of it like (for any Mass Effect fans who follow this blog) the same way I felt about James Vega/Shep. I really really wanted it but then the version I actually got in the Citadel DLC was so wrong, both morally and otherwise, that it made me completely turn on the ship. I don’t know how Anabee feels though.

Ana: it’s late where I am and I’m on mobile so I can’t answer all that well, but tl;dr I think they could have given us something really really great but marvel messed up with the retcon and it has since made me wary of them together…!

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If possible, could do a breed profile on Australian Kelpies and the difference between the working line and breeding line? They're such amazing dogs and are something i idolise for a pet (provided with adequate mental and physical enrichment of course) as a companion for my bc.

I’m on mobile right now but have you tried the search function? It should come up

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Um I don't know if you got this because I'm on mobile but same awkward anon saying that you have encouraged me to make my own blog! Im still really scared but you being so nice to me is helping me through and it should be done later today! I will post the pictures I did of your au and message u to make sure u see them but thanks so much for helping me to be A little less scared and maybe we could be friends if you allow. But just thanks so much mom for being nice and a person I can look up too!!

MMM yes I’m very proud of you child