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Why I created Spoonie-Life-Hacks.

When my health suddenly declined and I became ‘disabled’, I went through one of the hardest phases of my life. You expect your doctors to help you here. They wanted to ‘fix’ me and make me better, but none of them would help me adjust to this new way of life. I had to learn the rules of this new world on my own. 

One day I bumped into a woman while waiting for a bus. We were both in wheelchairs so she asked me why I need mine. We both had EDS so she suggested I join some support groups on facebook. At first I didn’t think it would help much. One day facebook recommended one to me that this woman had suggested. I joined it and my life changed. 

Over 90% of my knowledge of my condition is thanks to that group. Because my condition does so much to the whole body, doctors prioritise on the worst things and often don’t bother to learn about a lot of the symptoms and issues. In this group of thousands, if one person knows and shares their knowledge, we now all know and can research it ourselves. 

Anyone who has been in that group for long enough has more knowledge of our condition than most doctors. So we discuss how to live with our set-backs. There are the default ways that our doctors suggest but as I said, doctors only focus on a few of our struggles. Here’s my inspiration. If one person figures out a new way to make a problem more manageable and posts it, thousands of people can now do it too. 

Now imagine if out of every 50 people, just 1 person discovers/invents a new way to make our lives easier and shares it in a group of over 6,000 people. That’s 120 new ways to improve our life. 6,000 people now have 120 methods for better living with a disability. 

This gave me an idea. What if I could form a group that focused on just our own inventive ways to better live with our health problems. Imagine how much we can achieve. Where people with any disability or condition could add their own solutions in exchange for many more. Imagine how many ideas there could be all in one place. 

This is what I want for spoonie life hack. This is why I ask you all to submit your ideas, no matter how small. If we work together we can all be so strong. 

so i 100000% support decorating one’s mobility devices so this post is dedicated to some of the cool ways I’ve decked out my spoonie gear:

-embroidered fun designs into my wrist brace
-sewed bows and lace onto my knee braces
-got a black cane and took metallic sharpie to it
-made a cover for my electric scooter’s seat and used puffy paint to write “chronic cutie” on the back
-attached cool keychains to that loopy wrist-holding thing on canes
-used puffy paint to write “sick chic” on the knuckles of my compression gloves

Low spoon/creativity hacks:

-get cool duct tape and apply it to canes/wheelchair spokes (i think thats what theyre called)
-use a glue gun to apply stuff rather than sewing
-amazon has a couple reasonalbly prices cute compression socks (as opposed to the boring white/black options at drug stores)

(feel free to add on to the list) 🆒💖♿

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Make sure Tumblr Mobile is showing you EVERYTHING!

Adapted from pussycat-scribbles’ post, with illustrations added

Tumblr has updated the mobile app with a default “best stuff first” feature which messes up the order of things appearing on your dashboard (and utterly kills discoverability, which is bad for artists of all kinds).

You can turn this feature off! 

  1. Go to Settings 
  2. Select “Global Settings” 
  3. Select “Dashboard Preferences” 
  4. Turn “Best Stuff First” off.

1. Go to Settings

2. Select “Global Settings”

3. Select “Dashboard Preferences” 

4. Turn “Best Stuff First” off.

Pro Tip

You know how we’re always complaining about pictures not loading on tumblr mobile? Well, if you go into your settings on the app, there’s a little section called “LABS”. It’s like beta-ing for new things tumblr wants to try out (I’m not sure if everyone has the option to do this but I’m assuming so since I never asked to be included it just kinda showed up in my settings)

One of the options is to let gifs load only when you tap on them, like data-saving mode but on wifi too. Basically, you only load the gifs you actually want to see. Since I’ve turned that setting on, I have had zero problems with pictures not loading. I’m assuming that because the app is using less “brain power” to load gifs, and pictures can load easier. 

Not sure if it’ll work for everyone, but it worked for me so I thought I’d share.


15 Smartphone Gadgets You Should Buy

my base strats for symmetra:

  • put turrets around the point
  • put more in routes the enemy take but u dont guard much
  • slap some on the enemy spawn before the match starts for quick ult charge + its funny getting kills that fast
  • understand that the enemy has pushed if they have and do not rebuild sentries on the same places as much as possible UNLESS ur team is somehow able to push back
  • never overextend, ur weak when overwhelmed
  • flank only when u kno the enemy team is focused on the pressure of ur team. have someone do a diversion for u if u can
  • when to use teleporter? on first point, when ur team’s distance from the spawn is farther than the enemy team’s. when attacking, it is great to “flank” past the choke point and then use teleporter to get ur team past. 
  • when to use shield gen? when attacking, pushing, or when you are defending the second point. i often use it to defend on control maps and payload maps (not hybrid).
  • barrier? it can save you from things like getting sucked by an orisa halt, a high noon, a reaper ult, a dva ult, heck it can stop roadhog’s hook and can kill a pharah while ulting if u time it right
  • a good base team with symmetra: two tanks (preferably one reinhardt), a dps, and ana + lucio. sym takes the role of a dps/def.
  • good heroes with sym: torb (armor + shields), winston (he can protect u pretty nicely, though u do have to stay close)
  • heroes weak against sym: lucio (u can pretty much still chase him even if he speed boosts), zenyatta (has low mobility), sombra (her hacks/emp do jack shit against built sentries + ults)
  • heroes u can probably kill as sym if u do it right: ana (just avoid her sleep dart), mercy (make sure not to follow her if she goes straight to the rest of the team), dva (tho admittingly u might need help fully destroying her mech, otherwise baby dva is easy to kill)
  • sym counters: winston (can easily destroy sentries and sym cannot escape his gun lighting things with bunny jumping), pharah (hard to reach unless sentries are placed really high, can easily destroy sentries + you from afar), and imo another symmetra (no shit. this works. this is just a skill battle. if they lock in first You Die)