mobile futures

hey guys heres a terrifying thought

homestuck, john dies at the end, and the adventure zone all have weirdly similar fanbases that are, in some cases, nearly impossible to tell apart

mcu au where tony gets de-aged, and suddenly the avengers have a sulky teenage stark and no idea how to Deal With Him

they call rhodes for help within two hours

when he shows up tony recognizes him immediately, even tho this man is 40+ yrs old and greying and much more serious-looking than his rhodey

he blurts out: “we’re still friends?”

“tones. you’re my best friend.”

and tony might be a skinny little runt of a teen but he still almost manages to knock rhodey over when he leaps right into his arms

It’s @lesbiopteryx’s day of birth! Ilu girl, here is some yachi being very pleased that her hot college girlfriend came home to visit her

Starting out with the intention of becoming reacquainted with my self-portraiteur and accidentally ending up taking outfit photos; which I have rarely ever done.

Getting to know my body as it is now… More disabled and much smaller than before, I feel like a stranger some days. Simultaneously learning to shed shame and embarrassment of doing things that make people stare. Even when I appeared fully able-bodied I struggled with this. Far too much scrutiny on the individual, at the same time, much of it is self inflicted.

Movie or an OVA series

Okay depending on both it’s popularity and if there are indeed any other plans for. Which would you guys prefer to see?

A movie taking place around the same time Iron Blooded Orphans ended that focuses on sometjing relating to Ride or Akatsuki


An OVA series focusing on the side story Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS Gekko

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