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Future food delivery predictions from 1940s by Crossett Library

“By Men Who Plan Beyond Tomorrow. Traveling Kitchens Deliver Packaged Dinners. Deluxe service for Tomorrow’s homes…cooked to order dinner meals brought right to the door, piping hot, on time. Ordered a day ahead from weekly menus, food is prepared en route, delivered ready to serve in ‘room service’ containers. It will be cheers from the compact, servantless homes of Tomorrow.” detail from advertisement for Seagram’s V.O. Canadian Whiskey in Time magazine May 26, 1947. AP2 .T37 v.49 pt. 2


Deliveroo by Gerry Walden
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(Southmpton, England)


From Left to Right: 

Nils Ole Lund, First the Building Then The Site, 1982 / Christo, 42,390 Cubic Feet Package, 1966 

Buckminster Fuller, Air Deliverable Theater 140-Foot Diameter, Ford Motor Company, Detroit, Michigan / A Sikorsky Skycrane Making an Aerial Delivery of a Prefabricated Box House by Utility Services Inc., 1967
Amazon wants to build a network of mobile drone maintenance and delivery platforms
A new patent indicates that the ‘intermodal vehicles’ could be used to meet consumer demand.
By Andrew Liptak

The patent also discusses the possibility of these mobile containers as a potential means to “forward-deploy inventory items.” A second car or container could carry items where “demand for such inventory items may be reasonably anticipated,” which would allow the company to shorten its delivery times. 

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