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     “We met on Tinder, the mobile dating app.”
     “I always tell him that I wanted a more romantic story–like reaching for the same fruit at the grocery store.”
     “She wanted something more organic, but if not for that app, we would have never met. Chicago is a very big city, and we have no mutual friends. That’s what I tell her. But she still wants the apple at the grocery store story. Or, she drops a book, I pick it up, and our eyes meet: ‘Hey, is this yours?’”

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Engineers of Addiction: How slot machines can explain our Candy Crush addiction

I asked Eyal what distinguishes mobile games or dating apps from slot machines. He gave a range of answers that sounded at once comprehensive and somewhat defensive — that tech addictions never really plummet to the league of gambling addiction; that people prone to addiction will be addicted no matter what — before finally admitting that, in a sense, everything functions like a slot machine.

“All content needs to be made interesting. What you’re doing as a writer is introducing variable rewards into your story. Everything that engages us, all pieces of content are engineered to be interesting,” he said. “Movies aren’t real life, books aren’t real life, your article isn’t real life. It’s manufactured to pull us one sentence after another through mystery, through the unknown. It’s a slot machine. Your article is a slot machine. It has to be variable. So just because an experience introduces variability and mystery — that’s good!”

Sense8 Christmas Special: Screening with timestamps and triggers

MAJOR Spoilers ahead. 

Trigger warnings: Swearing, Water/Drowning imagery, Drug use, Needles, Hospitalization, Graphic Depictions of Sexual Intercourse, Outing, Voyerism, Humiliation, Homophobia, Suicide, Unreality, Slurs, Flashing Lights/Epilepsy, Fetishization, Death, Blood, Gun Violence, Violence, Nudity, Family Issues, Trauma, Alcoholism, Fire, Explosions.

This special is not optional to continuing the series. By this I mean it is required to watch this special to continue Sense8 as it includes important plot points, story arcs, and character development. You cannot skip this episode and continue watching in May 2017.

Things on this list marked with *** are not common triggers, and include my opinions.

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Hamsters Find Lasting Love on Tinder

The much-maligned mobile dating app Tinder isn’t all superficial judgement and random hookups. There are a handful of success stories like that of Mike and Abigail – two hamsters who found a real connection.

“Abigail was just swiping through a bunch of losers last weekend,” says Hannah Pohl, a girlfriend of the love-struck rodent. “Then she spotted Mike’s profile. What a hunk!”

She indicated her interest, and before she knew it, the couple was taking a romantic walk around the living room in a giant plastic sphere.

“They hit it off right away,” says Pohl. “They’re even talking about moving in together.”

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Local Cat Gets ‘Catfished’ on Tinder

Lucy hasn’t had much dating luck since her messy divorce in 2013.

“I thought it was time for her to get back out there,” says Fran Kiebler, a close friend of the cat. “I encouraged her to try Tinder. What’s the worst that could go wrong?”

The mobile dating app lets singles quickly swipe through profiles and notifies users when there’s mutual interest.

“She connected with a really handsome kitty named Bruce,” says Kiebler. “He seemed so legit – a good job in digital ad sales, a cute little bio about his mom. They even shared an interest in kayaking.”

Turns out it was just a stock photo of a cat model. The actual user was a wide-eyed mantelpiece named Arnie.

“They still went out, which I thought was kind of weird,” says Kiebler. “But, they seemed to hit it off, despite that their entire relationship is based on a lie.”

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