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September 17, 2017

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Launch of Cross Country Mobile Book Store & Publisher

Mobile bookstore and publisher prepares to launch a cross country journey in the style of Jack Kerouac.  

Independent publishers Nostrovia! Poetry and UndergroundBooks have launched a crowd fundraising campaign to organize a cross-country mobile bookstore and publishing house called Books & Shovels. Books & Shovels, headed by Jeremiah Walton, a 19 year old poet from New Hampshire, and founder of Nostrovia! Poetry, will begin its cross country journey at the 2014 NYC Poetry Festival on Governor’s Island.

Books & Shovels currently is undergoing construction in Erie, P.A., where Jeremiah lives.  

Aiming to promote passionate living, Books & Shovels exists to encourage others to be willing to make sacrifices to accomplish their dreams. The store is run of a station wagon, and sets up shop at literary festivals, open mics, poetry slams, and on street corners, distributing poetry chapbooks, street books, CDs, records, novels, comics, graffiti, and displays of passion.  You can donate your materials to Books & Shovels for distribution through their website.  

Nostrovia! Poetry was founded in 2011, and has since published chapbooks, zines, street books, video poems, any median it can its teeth into. Nostrovia! Poetry has been featured at the 2013 and 2014 Midwest Small Press festivals, the 2013 NYC Poetry Festival, and Cleveland’s 2014 Snoetry Festival.  Known for its guerrilla marketing tactics and street performing missions, Nostrovia! Poetry will not be silent.

Books & Shovels is seeking pledges to help finance the project. Money can be pledged through their IndieGoGo campaign at

Information on Nostrovia! Poetry can be found at