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Two new events have been announced for North America. Following the Zygarde event, which is due to end on May 8th in North America, a Shiny Xerneas is to be distributed on the Nintendo Network from May 11th through to May 17th. After that, a Shiny Yveltal is to be distributed on the Nintendo Network from May 20th through to May 26th. European distributions of these have yet to be announced.

Source: Serebii | Official Video 

Okay, I want a Bellarke kiss like everyone else but you know what I need?

Exhausted, supportive forehead resting.  CAN YOU SEE IT?!  City of Light has just been defeated.  Bellamy is holding Clarke in his arms, just finished begging, pleading for her to come back.  Everyone is simply standing around (probably crying, anxious) waiting for her because seriously, what else is there left?  Clarke comes to and she’s spent, out of breath and still trying to get her wits about her.  She opens her eyes to no longer see the City of Light but Bellamy, her mother, the others waiting for her —everyone is in shock.

She’ll choke out his name — Bellamy — and it’ll all hit him, like she’s really back.  She’s really right here.  He didn’t lose her.  And he’ll simply crumple around her, his forehead resting against hers.  She’ll breath out a small sob as she holds onto him, relishing in the connection.  The connection that brought her back.


Even years after the quest Thorin still refers to Bilbo as ‘my burglar’ as a term of endearment to which Bilbo always responds ‘I’m no longer a burglar, Thorin’ and Thorin quickly replies 'Burglar of my heart’ and Bilbo just rolls his eyes but blushes nonetheless

who was the first person to pet a dog??? like I’m just picturing some prehistoric human patting a wolf on the head and being like “holy shit” so they got all their prehistoric friends and they’re all just petting this one wolf and there were probably other prehistoric people in different areas doing the same thing but I just. who was the first