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A fanart of @skillshotlabs‘ Ren-senpai of Notice Me Senpai! :D I’ve been addicted to this game for months and I already have all the senpais! (ノ^∇^) Just waiting for all the CGs to be collected. I wish there’s a girl senpai version though XD I would be so happy (*≧▽≦)
Notice Me Senpai recently made an update to dress up the senpais, and I really like how Ren-senpai looks like in the bonnet! :D I’m planning to draw other senpais, if you play this game, who do you think I should draw next? :D (if I plan to continue illustrating them lol)


Pokémon GO! Teams’ Popularity Around the World

Interesting Notes:

Delaware is Team Instinct

◘ Belgium’s divisions are perfectly in line with its regional divisions. Flanders is Valor, Walloon Instinct, and Brussels Mystic.

◘ All of the United Kingdom is Mystic. 

 North Korea does not play Pokémon GO!

click photos for their captions

The fact that such a popular game is split into these three teams is a wonderful thing for someone like me who generates maps like these. They’re very fun to look at! I believe this is my third one on this blog.

60sec profile: Ben Taylor

“I’m a tattooed, half english, half Australian, and grew up in China. I live and work in Saigon. Let’s party!”. This is how Ben describes himself in Shutta. At his young age, he has already lived in some of the greatest asian cities, working mainly as a bartender, part-time actor and currently in the Shutta team as a community builder. Come to meet him in this rapid-fire interview!

1. What’s the weirdest job you’ve ever had?
I used to work for a surf company in Hong Kong and ended up being based on this beach alone where the nearest life was about 2 and a half hours away! Living in a tent on the beach for a couple months because, being honest, it was better than in a house with rats everywhere…

2. What’s the most money you’ve ever drunkenly spent at McDonald’s?
Hmmmm… about 500k maybe 600k tops ($25-$30). Easy munchies!

3. Can you fit your whole fist in your mouth?
Nope, got a small mouth.

4. How many times does it take for you to listen to a song, that you love before you actually hate it instead?
Being honest, I don’t really listen to too much music in my spare time and at work I’m far more a podcast kind of guy.

5. What would be your perfect day away form work?
Beers at a driving range without a care in the world. Perfection haha

6. Who would you let you punch directly in the face?
Mr T. No doubt.

7. How many days have you gone without showering?
Well, you can smell me and take a guess.

8. How long does it take you to scroll through Facebook before giving up?
Giving up is for the weak!

9. What can’t you live without?
My iPhone 7. She’s the best.

10. Finally, and this one is important, so please pay attention. What do you think cats dream about?
A clean litter tray.

Ben Taylor,

Shutta community builder.

All pics by Ben Taylor.

Diving with Deily Ribka Oley

Being undoubtedly one of the most adventurous woman among Shutta users, the Indonesian Deily Ribka Oley fascinated us from the beginning with her fantastic underwater photography. And that’s not all, whether exploring the mountain, the seabed, or just showing us how special is her job, she always manages to transmit pure contagious vitality in her pictures.

1. First of all, tell us a little bit about your job.

I work as a nurse in the mining sector, far away from the nurses you’d see at a hospital or in other health care professions. My workplace varies, could be in the middle of the sea (RIG), though I’m not assigned there, but mostly at mines and resorts, which are very remote areas. So my job is working together with getting people safely to medical treatment, providing staff with basic life support training, so they can help me if there are any injuries or life threathing circumstances. Basically, I give treatment before we can get them to the nearest hospital.

2. What are the most important personal characteristics for someone with a job like yours?

For people like us who work far away from any city, we have to be patient and tough, and above all, never give up.

3. Even though you post photos of every kind in the app, we especially love your underwater photography collection. How did you get into diving?

The first time, I was afraid of water! I couldn’t swim but my job required us to do sea survival training because, as I explained, I work in remote areas. Then I started to enjoy it and, thanks to my job, I was able to take the course for open water scuba diving. I learnt to free dive, but I haven’t gone deeper than 15 meters!

4. Which is the best place where you’ve dived?

The best place is Bali, in Menjangan island. And the second, my place of work of course Moyo Island! (where Lady Diana famously visited).

5. How do you usually capture the beauty of marine life?

I enjoy taking selfies actually, I’m certainly no photography pro! I use the Go Pro silver edition and Isaw Edge for all the photos and videos I take. To capture good photos and videos underwater you need to be good at buoyancy, trying not to hold or stand on the coral as it’s prohibited. After, I usually edit them using Snapseed and Instagram.

6. What underwater critter would you like to see that you haven’t already?

I would love to see a pygmy seahorse at Tulamben, Amed. But I haven’t had a chance to dive there (yet!).

7. Could you tell us one situation in which Shutta App has been useful for your shooting?

This app is very useful for me, especially when I go diving. Sometimes I miss the best moment if I only use the photo mode. So most of the times, I just capture video, and then find the perfect shot later with Shutta App. Thanks to you guys!

8. We also know that you love to travel. Where have you been so far and where are you planning to go next?

I like to explore my country, so I have traveled only in Indonesia. I’ve been in Takabonerate national park (South of Sulawesi island), Gorontalo, Saronde island and  Olele Maritim park. I’ve also been in Bali, I guess you know Bali, but for diving I went to Menjangan island. Banyuwangi, East of Java, Komodo Island, Flores and Moyo Island.

I’m planning to go to Labengki and Somori Island at South east Celebes, and Raja Ampat, Sorong and, the last one, Wakatobi, center of Celebes. I’ll share all of this with you guys when I eventually get there!

Follow Deyli Ribka Oley on Shutta, and join the Water Adventures #ShuttaMission for the chance to win a Coleman Vision HD, the goggles with built-in waterproof HD camera!

All pics by Deily Ribka Oley.

I want a mobile app where you run your own Pokemon day care and have to breed the Pokemon and build enclosures for each type of Pokemon with a trade system so you can send the eggs/babies to your Pokemon game through pokèbank or to other day cares. It could even be easier for competitive/shiny breeders so they can hatch eggs on the go without having to bring their DS everywhere.

Mob Puzzle 100 (Psychic Puzzle) - Update (2016-10-28)

New Update!! - (PART 1)

[EDIT: Here is [PART 2]]

1.) The event, “Maid Battle of Culture Festival” starts today!! Here are the rules/what you should know:

-[Event Start: 10/28 ]
-[Event End: 11/8 - 15:00 JPN time]
-[Event Gacha End: 11/10 - 24:00 JPN time]

[IF YOU ARE NEW TO EVENTS: *Read regular rules under the cut!!*]

[Rankings and rank prizes]:
-Earn 100K event points for a FREE Maid Ritsu!!!
-View the last two yellow buttons on the event page to see the prizes

-You get more Event Points the better you repel your enemies
-Apparently you can get more points when you are against their “post-evolved form”

2.) Limited time Maid Gacha is here!! Here are the details:


[10/28 - 10/31 (18:00 JPN time)]:
(Maid) Mob and (Maid) Ritsu

[10/31 (18:00 JPN time) - (End of gacha)]:
(Maid) Reigen, Teru, and Dimple

[11/4 (18:00 JPN time) - (End of gacha)]:
ALL five Maids will be available

-Probability of getting them: 6%
-Limited characters may appear again in the future
-During this event period, you are able to use your skill faster!
-(Will return normal after event ends)
-You can NOT carry over event points to next events

((Since this is lengthy, I’ll post a PART 2. This focuses on the Maid update. Next will focus on other updates. Please be patient!))

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