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(thepiratescarletdavid) Sweet Dreams

The kid wasn’t what Roman expected, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t enjoy the boy. He was a good little solider boy, and Roman almost thought it was too much fun to bring him crashing down. The little moans and whimpers Scarlet let out in pleasure were sure to haunt him. Sleeping with the enemy had a way of creating regret.

Upon waking up, he found, regret was something Roman could relate to. The sleeping boy beside him being the cause. He sighed, watching the kid sleep for a few minutes. Perhaps Roman could just corrupt him entirely and pull him to the dark side. It wasn’t likely, as those idiot huntsmen tend to be stubborn in their ways, but Roman could be rather tempting.


FINALLY got to uploading the video! Hope you like it and the program is in the description of the video on youtube!


New Tales of Asteria Info Including New Opening Song by BONNIE PINK >>

Shamy mobile texting quick sketch 😙 Inspired by @shamytexts 👉 by ourkidswouldbemartians (tumblr)

Funny, smart and hilarious account! Laughed so hard with all the posts. She presents texts between Sheldon and Amy, from episodes or not, and it’s so funny to read them. 😂😂 She inspired me to sketch them texting at night, because we can picture Shamy doing this everyday if they are not in skype, or after their skypes LOL 😂😂

So, quick sketch! 🙆🏻 Have a great day!! 😘💕

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