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Spontaneous dragon share! Show me your hardest working dragons!
It’s vague, but who in your clan burns the midnight oil, forgets what time it is, toils until their muscles give out? What do they do, and why do they labor so hard?

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Malfoy Manor | September '78

Bellatrix smiled and nodded, a glass of red wine in hand as she wove her way through the many guests who had come to pass their congratulations onto her younger sister. After all this was her engagement party at long last. She was dressed in a long black dress with chiffon sleeves, her black hair, tumbling around her shoulders.

i’ve been itching to re-read a bellarke fic, but i can’t remember the title of it for the life of me. it takes place during s1, and n the first chapter has bellamy and clarke stuck in a car overnight during a storm and they’re stripped down to their underwear or whatever to keep warm via body heat, and they never bring up the situation again until octavia is washing clothes and asks whose bra this is and someone is like “clarke’s?” but bellamy is like “nah bruh that ain’t hers” and everyone is like “… how the fuck do you know that??”… or something. i really want to re-read it but i apparently fail at finding fics @__@ i appreciate any help i get! :)

Africa’s games makers dream of exporting to the world

Momentum Core is just one of several games developers aiming to raise the profile of African gaming.

Our idea of African games is not games by Africans for Africans…it’s games by Africans for the globe ~ Abiola Olaniran, Gamsole

The market is very much still in its infancy on the continent - video games don’t have much uptake among the population, especially on PCs and consoles.

Kenya’s video games market was worth $44m (£28m) at the end of 2013; Nigeria’s was valued at $71m, according to research by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Compare this to the size of the US market in 2013 - $20.5bn - and the African markets seem minuscule.

But over the coming years, all the African gaming markets are expected to see annual double-digit growth, and gaming enthusiasts like Allan Mukhwana are ready for the market to take-off.

Mobile gaming

But it will be the mobile phone that dominates as the gaming device of choice, not consoles and computers.

“Because of the portability and accessibility of mobile phones, mobile is the best medium for gaming in Africa,” says Mr Mukhwana.

“Most people are engaged with their mobile phones. Also, not everyone wants fancy games that cost hundreds of dollars and that require a lot of commitment to play.

"Since mobile games often cost a dollar or less and can be downloaded in a pinch, even people who aren’t avid gamers can still enjoy a quick game during a break from work, or when they’re sitting on the bus,” he says.