Concept that would have been too dark for the show but is better than what we got: Sendak still dies but one of the Zaiforge cannon blasts hits Earth, destroying a giant fucking chunk / nearly half of it, leaving it to look eerily like Daizabaal.

I think I’m going to reboot Theodore. Like. New blog. New everything. Dropping all interactions and established relationships. Coming up with an entirely new concept. I just hate this blog right now. I know it doesn’t look like it, but I really don’t feel comfortable or like I’m doing something good on here, and I think that changing at least parts of his concept would be pretty good for me.


Oh hai it’s the trailer for the game I’ve been working on. It has a short 30 second film beforehand. C:

This game is made by me, Anya McNaughton, and Brendan Watts. I made the film at the beginning, with music by Treena Fredsberg, and sound by Anders Grønningsæter.


Pretty short right now, will be updated as I write more.


You’re An Embarrassment - Harry is embarrassed by you and you leave him.

You’re Short - You’re insecure about your height and Harry cheers you up.


Flirtationship - You and Shawn have a flirty friendship going on, which becomes more.