Mobiado together with Aston Martin developed a beautiful and elegant smartphone and it is great to see what famous brands association can create. It is built with different materials such as aluminium, ebony or mother of pearl. A second version is planed, decorated with pink and yellow gold for the exclusive Aston Martin fans. Availability was not communicated yet. More to come!

Aston Martin x Mobiado ‘The Grand 350′ Luxury Phone

Team ups between luxury car makers and phone companies are not entirely new. Aston Martin has worked previously with Motorola on some special make-ups of their phones and this time decided to go with a smaller luxury phone maker. Together with Mobiado they present ‘The Grand 350′ cellphone. The “phone is made from a CNC-machined aluminum case, 2.36-inch 271-carat sapphire crystal screen with 16 million colors, stainless steel keys, quad-band antenna, Bluetooth, micro USB connector, GPS and more.”

Meet the Transparent Aston Martin Android Phone


The Mobiado concept phone is called CTP002 is basically one big, transparent sapphire glass with two titanium edges on the left and right. The glass is a color capacitive touchscreen

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