mobbed up


(Not pictured: The four king sized candy bars, two packs of Cadbury chocolate eggs I bought at the store, and the triple chocolate Devil’s Food Cake with cream cheese icing I made earlier today)

…I guess I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.


bashes head through window tHIS TOOK SO LONG

Anyways, we know Reigen is pretty excellent at defending himself; he’s terrible at making real friends; and he once told Mob that he’d had a rough childhood…

Tragic backstory, anyone?

(lovely texture by @sandflakedraws!)


remind me to never EVER attempt at drawing an aquarium again. or fish. 

i didnt do anythin for valentines week so i decided to pick up here…my mediocre art skills show through so much here T_T

feb. 10 - aquarium


quiet night

theres just a what-if here about ritsu getting just a bit of psychic empathy and achieving the rest with his writers brain, and theres also a headcanon about mob not being a very good singer or not playing any instrument but being able to whistle very well 

I remember theres a word for that, the very good whistler thing, from a jeffery deaver book Ive read, but I cant find it in my memory anymore

I kinda want it back