mobbed up

while we’re posting blessed attic content here’s my answer for ‘but do the kageyamas resent reigen for bonding with their son and possibly taking away from their parent cred’ 

the no is answer.

the kageparents are folks who just rolled with the fact that their son(s) has psychic powers. so they just fuckin,,, assimilate reigen. like clumsy osmosis.

sometimes a family is 2 sons, a dog, and 3 parents


I wanted to try something a little different and I like really need to practice my linework, so I decided to do some Ballet AU stuff.

Shigeo is an amazing dancer… who suffers from chronic stage freight that turns his in a complete disaster, complete with clumsiness, dizziness and nauseous. Ritsu is the only one who has been able to see him dance in a really, really long time when he stopped actively pursuing it, or most people thought he did. Ritsu on the other hand worked hard and it now a rising star in the field.

However one day Shigeo is pressured into disguising himself and replacing Ritsu in an audition when he hurts his leg, so they can save the integrity of their school. The only reason he’s able to perform is because he wears a blindfold, and because it was for Ritsu. He performs perfectly, and his crazily impressive stunt wins the audition, snatching the prize from none other than Teruki.

Teruki is furious, knowing that the dancer hadn’t been Ritsu at all. Ritsu struggles to live up to the first impression Shigeo left. And Shigeo tries to get over his crippling fear to impressive his crush.

Another thing I really really love and appreciate (as if I haven’t said it enough already) is that ONE doesn’t let his art style or others’ perception of his skillset prevent him from delving into serious moments and heavy topics. He could’ve kept Mob Psycho on its relatively humorous path and probably would’ve seen some minor success based on its humor and premise alone–and then the Teru fight happens and we get a glimpse at how utterly real the series can get, and it hits so hard because its so unexpected. Mob Psycho’s a series with a lofty premise (psychics and ghosts) with an even loftier sense of humor that has no shame or fear in being grounded in emotional reality. A rival for Mob appears, and it isn’t a hot-blooded clash of brawn that results in a newfound friendship. It’s a one-sided clash of ideals that ends with one middle-schooler choking another with his bare hands into unconciousness. A stereotypical villainous organization twirls their mustache as they make off with the protagonist’s brother, and the hero busts in with The Squad to save the day. Except it isn’t The Hero who saves the day, it’s his parental figure, because The Hero is a 14-year-old child who is wholly unequipped to deal with the emotional consequences of violence and murder. And that’s not even delving into the manga-exclusive content like the morality of exorcising ghosts, toxic personal relationships, extreme bullying, and outright psychological torture. Mob Psycho is RAW. It is funny and extremely silly and not above fart-joke level humor by any means, and yet at the same time is so intense it’s difficult to continue reading at times. And while all these may be shocking, it’s never done in such a way to feel out of place or uncharacteric of the series. After all, the title itself comes from the fact that the main character experienced a traumatic event as a child and developed an emotional suppression complex to try and cope. That’s some pretty dang heavy stuff, but ONE is a master at balancing the two extremes with great characterization, world-building, pacing, and reasoning behind it all, something a lot of authors could stand to learn from.


i was thinking about ageswap/roleswap aus and while i love seeing mob as a well put-together adult, i dont think its realistic to have him that way before having a proper good influence guide him and help him with his powers. so here we have a hikikomori mob thats locked himself up when he was 15 and never really came out until he had to deal with this weird judgemental teen’s bullshit.
crazy and dumb shenanigans ensue. maybe character development, and friendship too.