Devils for Angels [Stiles&Sookie]

There were never good days in Stiles’ life– there were only better and worse. What he did have, however, were good moments. Any time he was able to get away from the watchful eyes and overbearing presence of his family was a good moment. It was probably the main reason he loved coming to the diner so much. No one knew him there, not really, and no knew of the things he’d done. Walking through the doors was like lifting a weight off his shoulders and a dose of peace of mind.

Tossing his coat onto the booth Stiles slid into the seat of his regular booth. The heat was stifling and he really wished he could afford to take his suit jacket off as well but keeping the fact he was packing a secret was a perk of the job. Glancing around quickly, to check the exits and the other patrons, he relaxed against the back of the booth with a sigh. It was tempting to let his eyes drift shut but it was a luxury he couldn’t afford. 

His eyes darted to the side when he caught a glimpse of blonde hair. The sight of his regular waitress he couldn’t help but let a small smile grace his lips, though it was gone in the next second.

“Hey Sookie, I’ll have my usual,” he informed the perky blonde in a quiet force, looking forward to a burger and curly fries after several nights of eating the expensive shit the boss demanded they have, “Make it a double serving, yeah?”

Let's See What You Did Wrong


“He’s gone,” Steve spits, feeling and looking vile, “didn’t turn up, cars nowhere to be seen. He sent me a message two hours ago saying he was on his way.”

- Let’s See What You Did Wrong

by Resacon1990, 2k words

Whoa I almost missed the rec this week and good thing, too, because hello fic based on one of my gifsets that I didn’t know about:

In which Tony is kidnapped by a rival mob.

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Arming Up

“So, you must be the new girl Jo aquired…can’t say I mind seeing a new face around her again.”
With a flick of his finger, Deejay sent the cylinder spinning on his hand-made revolver, then pointed it (unloaded and uncocked of course) at her.
“You feel lucky, bitch?” He said, cocking an eyebrow and laughing. Oh Dirty Harry…
“So, what brings you here?”

sphesphe replied to your post:This is part of a gangster AU ‘verse that sphesphe…

INCOHERENT SCREAMING marchy. MAAAAARCHYYY. it’s breaking my heart how bergy is his everything ;__; he must so desperately want to deliver bergy’s empire back to him and make everything right ahhhHH & pond hockey!! YOU ARE GENIUS & I LOVE THIS ‘VERSE.

NO U. uuuuuuu. <333

or like, if they can’t have the kingdom, he can at least still have the king. well, the king and these coupla stray puppies.

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"Mommy, how come nanny Iris has ta take us to the park all the time. Can't you and momma just come with us?"

Tinkerbell thought for a long moment, now wasn’t that a
loaded question? The answer really was simple, because
when they weren’t in bed together, they were working during
the day and sometimes during the weekend as well. The 
fairy swallowed and glanced at the clock. Regina would be
expecting her any minute to look over a file with her. But,
Regina’s sparkling dark eyes were the same ones that she
shared with their children. She couldn’t deny that gaze, no
matter what she wished. 

“I-I’ll try to talk to Momma about it. I make no promises but…you’re right,
we should be going out as a family more.” 

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X Me (lol Henry/Catherine in whatever verse-could be Island or Mob/High School whoops)

Leave a “X Me” in my ask, and I will write whatever it is that you wish,

((>;3 High school/Mob verse time~))

“I can’t keep doing this.” The young blonde girl walked in the cold rainy night with her sweater hugging her frame and a bag in one hand. Catherine had just been abused by Benjamin after he found out that she was lying to him about being late out at night. That new girl that he was sleeping around mange to tell him and now she hated that redhead for telling him the truth.

 She just want to escape from him and live somewhere that she can able to do what she want in her life.

No someone telling her what to do and what not to do.

Soon, the girl stop and turn to see a biker bar just across the street with bikes line up. Biting her lip for a moment, she stare at the way she was going and shook her head. “Graveyard can wait.”

 Taking out a fake ID that she stole from her ‘boyfriend’ since she didn’t pay for the ID like he asked to back in Los Angeles. Once she was mange to get inside, she took a seat near the bar and place her bag in front of her with a sigh. “…Beer or something that is hard, please.” She order placing the ID down and glare at the bartender who study the girl before get whatever he can give to the girl.

 Running her hand through her wet blonde hair and fumble to find a cigarette before heard a chuckle from the man next to her. “Pretty young and brave to get through bouncer.” He spoke in a gravel tone and the girl turn to see the dark hair color man with his hair long but wearing a leather jacket that she knew he was part of a gang.

 Great, a rival from Ben.

“I don’t care, if you have a abusive boyfriend who mange to beat you non-stop and now place to go…this is the place.” She spoke as she took out a carton of cigarettes before frown when they were wet and no good to light.

 The man couldn’t help but turn to the girl with pale green eyes and smirk as she toss the wet carton to the side and let out a frustrated sigh. Just when the bartender place down a bottle of beer is where the man hand her a cigarette and arched a brow at her with a crooked smirk. “What’s your name?”

 Staring at him for a moment, debating if to take the cigarette or not, she reaches and took the object before place it between her lips. “Catherine. Just Catherine.” She spoke giving him a side glance before fusses with the lighter causing the man to let out a rough chuckle and turn her face to look at him with his colossal hands. About to argue at him, she watch as he took out his lighter and light the cigarette before letting her face go.

“Henry. Henry Ringrose.”

Short Poems


English class was fun

but now it’s almost done

We all love Mrs. Schadt

Even though her room is really hot


I once had an elephant named Bob

He ate a lot and is quite a slob

He escaped one day

He ran away

And was chased around by a mob

Terse Verse

My Overweight Pet



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♠ :What is the hardest thing about playing this muse?

I think one of the hardest things is incorporating her need to protect everybody and her desire to be normal into every situation. Or like, is this one of the times where it’s called for Buffy to be serious, but would that be too ooc. I love Buffy’s serious moments and her speeches, like the I am the Law speech, and the Bring the Night speech, and I would love to play around with that side of Buffy, but it’s hard to sometimes know when she would do that or when she would just throw a sarcastic pop culture filled quip.
Also there are times where I see an AU or group verse and i’m like ‘ooh I like that’ but it doesn’t fit Buffy, mostly because of her morality. She could only really fit in a mob verse as a citzen. And as much as I tried I can’t find her in an SOA verse either. Twisted morality is not Buffy’s thing, and sometimes I miss out on some cool interaction because of it.

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➻ {F U C K M E U P}


He stomped into the room, throwing the hotel key down and sighing in frustration. Tonight was a close call, so close to being exposed. A clench of his fists, speaking without looking up.

“Sorry I couldn’t make it work, I had to call it off.”