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Sam shook Steve awake quietly. "Time for our run," he whispered, trying not to wake Bucky or Tony at the same time (Redwintersbucky - mob verse)

Steve looked up at him and smiled softly, yawning as he quietly crawled out of bed. “I’ll be with you in five,” he said quietly as he headed into the bathroom. Five minutes later, he was in the living room dressed in sweatpants, t-shirt, and running shoes.

“Thanks, Sam,” he said as they headed outside to stretch a bit before running. “I appreciate you waking me up and doing this with me…”

Devils for Angels [Stiles&Sookie]

There were never good days in Stiles’ life– there were only better and worse. What he did have, however, were good moments. Any time he was able to get away from the watchful eyes and overbearing presence of his family was a good moment. It was probably the main reason he loved coming to the diner so much. No one knew him there, not really, and no knew of the things he’d done. Walking through the doors was like lifting a weight off his shoulders and a dose of peace of mind.

Tossing his coat onto the booth Stiles slid into the seat of his regular booth. The heat was stifling and he really wished he could afford to take his suit jacket off as well but keeping the fact he was packing a secret was a perk of the job. Glancing around quickly, to check the exits and the other patrons, he relaxed against the back of the booth with a sigh. It was tempting to let his eyes drift shut but it was a luxury he couldn’t afford. 

His eyes darted to the side when he caught a glimpse of blonde hair. The sight of his regular waitress he couldn’t help but let a small smile grace his lips, though it was gone in the next second.

“Hey Sookie, I’ll have my usual,” he informed the perky blonde in a quiet force, looking forward to a burger and curly fries after several nights of eating the expensive shit the boss demanded they have, “Make it a double serving, yeah?”

Let's See What You Did Wrong


“He’s gone,” Steve spits, feeling and looking vile, “didn’t turn up, cars nowhere to be seen. He sent me a message two hours ago saying he was on his way.”

- Let’s See What You Did Wrong

by Resacon1990, 2k words

Whoa I almost missed the rec this week and good thing, too, because hello fic based on one of my gifsets that I didn’t know about:

In which Tony is kidnapped by a rival mob.

The Master Rec List

Arming Up

“So, you must be the new girl Jo aquired…can’t say I mind seeing a new face around her again.”
With a flick of his finger, Deejay sent the cylinder spinning on his hand-made revolver, then pointed it (unloaded and uncocked of course) at her.
“You feel lucky, bitch?” He said, cocking an eyebrow and laughing. Oh Dirty Harry…
“So, what brings you here?”

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The Ultimate Relationship Tag

I’m doing teen/adult crime!au cause that’s where my head always is, yo! But as the person answering I have the right to change for certain sections.


Who is more likely to raise their voice? Probably Pacifica. They don’t raise their voices that often though. Not even when they fight as teens.
Who threatens to leave but never actually does? Neither of them.
Who actually keeps their word and leaves? Neither of them.
Who trashes the house? Neither of them.
Do either of them get physical? Not really??? Pacifica might smack him a bit out of actual anger, but usually their physicality come from lust so.
How often do they argue/disagree? Not very often. Pacifica DEFINITELY speaks up when she disagrees, whether to Dipper privately or if she calls him out in public depends on which she thinks is better.
Who is the first to apologise? When they realize they did something wrong they usually apologize immediately.


Who is on top? Dipper. Pacifica if Dipper thinks she needs to have the control. (a criminal, BUT STILL SO FUCKING GIVING. THIS. BOY.)
Who is on the bottom? Pacifica. She’s fine with it. She likes being dominated.
Who has the strangest desires? …They are PROBABLY tied.
Any kinks? Scratching, biting, leaving marks on one another, all forms of mild violence as long as neither bleeds, THEY HAVE THIS JEALOUSY KINK THAT USUALLY PAZ INITIATES IT’S INSANE.
Who’s dominant in bed? Depends on what kind of sex they’re having. If it’s more on the “fucking” end of the spectrum it’s PROBABLY Dipper, especially if it’s been a rough day. If it’s closer to “making love” then Pacifica, as she has the softer touch.
Is head ever in the equation? Dipper gives lots of it, Pacifica only gives it if he asks/demands.
If so, who is better at performing it? They both have lots of experience so they’re pretty evenly-footed.
Ever had sex in public? …Yes
Who moans the most? Pacifica, because Dipper likes when she makes noise. Dipper does a lot of growling which really only makes it worse.
Who leaves the most marks? Dipper at first. Pacifica really only marks up his chest and back.
Who screams the loudest? Paz…because Dipper likes when she’s loud. Like a lot…
Who is the more experienced of the two? That’s actually one of my fave parts of this au, because they both have plenty of experience and that just makes it so not awkward.
Do they ‘fuck’ or ‘make love’? Both and everything in-between.
Rough or soft? Depends on their moods. It’s actually rough their first time after Robbie, Pacifica dominates. She kinda takes all her anger out on him and he just lets her. But that’s actually about the time they start floating closer to the “making love” side of the spectrum more often.
How long do they usually last? They’d go all night. Sometimes they do if either of their nightmares/Dipper’s insomnia is bad enough.
Is protection used? Pacifica’s on the pill, USUALLY Dipper bothers with a condom or Pacifica MAKES him bother with one, sometimes they forget and she just takes the morning-after pill just to be sure.
Does it ever get boring? They’re married mob bosses. Never.
Where is the strangest place they’d have sex? Either on the roof of the grimy club or in the bathroom of the grimy club. Though the bathroom was mostly oral. They…are very horny teenagers.

Family:  I wanna talk our fam headcannons so I’m switching back to regular dippica for this section! Bc crime!dippica ain’t have the kiddies.

Do your muses plan on having children/or have children? Not until after they’ve been married and gotten their careers off the ground.
If so, how many children do your muses want/have? Two. Alexander Stanley and Charlotte Skye. They go by Alex and Lottie/Charlie. But in high school Alex starts going by Xander more and Charlotte goes by Lola or Lols to most of her friends. Dipper and Paz still call them Alex and Lottie/Charlie, respectively. (Paz uses Lottie and Dipper uses Charlie.)
Who is the favorite parent? Pacifica, probably.
Who is the authoritative parent? Also Pacifica. Dipper gets involved if he has to but he’s usually very busy.
Who is more likely to allow the children to have a day off school? Both of them, honestly.
Who lets the children indulge in sweets and junk food when the other isn’t around? diPPER.”They can’t just eat junk Dipper I’m a doctor  know this!” “Paz, relax, a couple Reese’s Cups aren’t gonna kill them.”
Who turns up to extra curricular activities to support their children? Whoever can make it, usually both of them. Alex probably plays basketball and Lottie sings, I’d bet. (i don’t think we talked about those things so hope that’s okay with you!)
Who goes to parent teacher interviews? Both of them.
Who changes the diapers? Both.
Who gets up in the middle of the night to feed the baby? Pacifica while she’s breastfeeding, Dipper once they move on to bottles. Sometimes Pacifica will get up with him, but Dipper considers it payback for all the nights he couldn’t.
Who spends the most time with the children? They both try to spend as much time as they can, but Pacifica is a pediatrician and Dipper teaches history at the university so they’re both very busy.
Who packs their lunch boxes? Dipper. Pacifica is usually gone before the kids wake up. But she’s home when they get back from school, so.
Who gives their children ‘the talk’? Both of them. They’re only a couple years apart so they sit them down when Alex is in 8th grade (and he’s rolling his eyes bc he’s heard most of this stuff at school) and Charlie is in 6th (and she’s heard plenty from Alex’s friends) and explain it to them. Pacifica gives them big medical words for stuff so they can impress their friends.
Who cleans up after the kids? Both of them.
Who worries the most? Dip’s already a paranoid mess so I mean, and Paz TRIES to keep a cool head but if Alex is out until like, two in the morning she starts losing her mind.
Who are the children more likely to learn their first swear word from? They both try not to cuss in front of the kids but around the time they hit middle school they figure they know the worst of them anyways so they start letting them slip a bit more. Paz is probably the first to drop a really bad one like “shit” or “fuck” whereas Dip keeps it more mild and sticks to “hell” and “damn”.

Affection: We’ll go back to crime!au now.

Who likes to cuddle? Pacifica, honestly. They don’t cuddle very much, though.
Who is the little spoon? Pacifica. Always.
Who gets naughty in the most inappropriate of places? TEEN PAZ IS STILL THE WORST FOR THIS VERY REASON. Dipper too, ESPECIALLY if Paz is messing with his possessive/jealousy kink.
Who struggles to keep their hands to themself? Both of them! One could argue Paz more than Dipper since she’s always working him up, but like…I’m very certain they’re tied.
How long can they cuddle until one becomes uncomfortable? They don’t get a lot of time to cuddle, but it’s probs Dipper bc then he’ll either wanna make it MORE than cuddling or he’ll have business to take care of. Not that he can’t just be content to hold Pacifica and spend time with her, but he’s kinda a busy dude.
Who gives the most kisses? I think it’s pretty even. Pacifica is more likely to in public.
What is their favourite non-sexual activity? They don’t have one. ;) Plotting their rule over their empire.
Where is their favourite place to cuddle? The bed. Really the only place they cuddle.
Who is more likely to playfully grope the other? Dipper. HE DOES IT OUT OF LOVE, OKAY?!
How often do they get time to themselves? They get plenty of time to themselves, there’s just other stuff they have to do than cuddle of all things. They’re king and queen of the North, here. (Oh how I wish I knew enough to make a Game of Thrones reference.)

Sleeping: Back to reg!dippica for this section

Who snores? Fuckin Dipper. Paz says he sounds like a kitten. Like his freaking sneezes, guys.
If both do, who snores the loudest?
Do they share a bed or sleep separately? Share once they’re living together…duh.
If they sleep together, do they cozy up together or lay far apart? They start on their respective sides, but they end up in a tangle of limbs by morning. Specifically Pacifica’s arms are all up in his face and her legs are over his.
Who talks in their sleep? Dipper. Sometimes Paz if it’s a nightmare.
What do they wear to bed? Dip probs wear boxers and a shirt? Paz wears one of Dipper’s shirts. Sometimes there’s shorts/pants and sometimes there’s not. You just never know.
Are either of your muses insomniacs? DIPPER MY GOD THIS B O Y.
Can sleeping pills be found by the bedside? On Dipper’s side, usually in the drawer, and he either takes too many or none of them.
Do they wrap their limbs around each other or just lay side by side? In the afterglow, yes. If they’re just going to sleep, they try to stay on their own sides but are tangled by morning.
Who wakes up with bed hair? Dipper’s is worse, but Pacifica’s is still bad. (For her, anyway. Dipper still thinks she’s gorgeous.)
Who wakes up first? Pacifica. She has to be to work earlier.
Who prepares breakfast in bed for the other? Both of them, only on special occasions, their birthdays, Father’s/Mother’s Day.
What is their favourite sleeping position? Either spooning or as far apart as they can get.
Who hogs the sheets? If either of them it’s Paz, but she either doesn’t do it much/often or Dipper just steals them back so neither of them think anything’s happened.
Do they set an alarm each night? After a while Pacifica doesn’t need one, but she knows that if she doesn’t set her alarm, Dipper won’t set his and he won’t wake up on time.
Can a television be found in their bedroom? Yes
Who has nightmares? I’m going to cheat and do BOTH verses for this question bc…I need to. In reg!Dippica, it’s mostly Dipper. Pacifica will from time to time over typical stuff, or if she had too much sugar before bed, but she hasn’t had a Weirdmaggedon nightmare in ages. Dipper has nightmares often, which is why he’s still an insomniac and takes lots of sleeping pills sometimes. In crime!au, however, Pacifica probably has nightmares more often after they’re together, but not until after Mabel kills Robbie. She has them on a nightly basis for weeks, and then on a weekly basis for a few months. It doesn’t turn Pacifica insomniac, but she does use anxiety meds and sleeping pills for them. Dipper has the occasional nightmare about Stan’s death, but he’s still a serious insomniac (not to mention he’s giving his people instructions), so he doesn’t sleep that much. 
Who has ridiculous dreams? Both of them. If they remember they’ll usually tell the other. “So then like, the rabbit right? It like jumped down the hole, like in Alice in Wonderland? And so I followed it right? But then I woke up.”
Who sprawls out and takes up most of the bed? Pacifica.
Who makes the bed? Dipper because he’s up last. If he forgets Pacifica has to make it before she goes to bed or she can’t sleep.
What time is bed time? Paz tries to go to sleep anytime from ten to eleven, but she usually doesn’t fall asleep until like, midnight, because Dipper is awake in the house somewhere and she’d rather fall asleep next to him than without him. Dipper goes to bed around midnight-ish, but he doesn’t fall asleep very quickly unless he and Pacifica are spooning.
Any routines/rituals before bed? The typical stuff, brushing their teeth and all.
Who’s the grumpiest when they wake up? Probably Dipper.

Work: I’m gonna do reg!for this one too, bc crime!au is either very obvious or very vague when it comes to this. 

Who is the busiest? They’re both pretty busy. But I’m going to say Dipper, honestly.
Who rakes in the highest income? Pacifica. She’s a highly decorated pediatrician who’s also co-authored a few medical books. She tried to write with Dipper once but they clash very heavily when it comes to writing so they figured, for the good of their marriage, that writing should be something they do separately.
Are any of your muses unemployed? Nope.
Who takes the most sick days? Neither of them take very many, Dipper probably, but only by a handful.
Who is more likely to turn up late to work? Fuckin Dipper.
Who sucks up to their boss? By the time their kids are in middle school Paz is her own boss, so neither.
What are their jobs? Dipper; History teacher at the local university. Pacifica; Pediatrician with her own practice by the time she’s in her mid- to late-thirties.
Who stresses the most? About work? Definitely Pacifica.
Do your muses enjoy or despise their careers/occupations? They love them. Dipper gets annoyed with his students, and Pacifica thinks some of her clients are idiots, but they still love their jobs.
Are your muses financially stable? Preston forgot to take Pacifica out of the will, so when he passes while she’s in her forties from a heart attack she and Dipper take all her inheritance and divvy it up. Most of it is split for their kids’ college funds, but the rest they put in a share or something so the number just gets bigger as the years go on. That, plus their combined incomes, makes them very well off.

Home: more reg!dippica

Who does the washing? Probs Paz.
Who takes out the trash? Dipdot.
Who does the ironing? Paz.
Who does the cooking? Neither of them are GOOD at it, but they’re better together.
Who is more likely to burn the house down just trying? I’m gonna say Paz. They’re kids are screwed. They’ll have to learn cooking from home ec or POSSIBLY Aunt Mabel.
Who is messier? Diiipppeeerrrr.
Who leaves the toilet roll empty? Dipper
Who leaves their dirty clothes on the floor? Both of them.
Who forgets to flush the toilet? That’s disgusting. Neither of them, really.
Who is the prankster around the house? Neither. They’re both too busy. When they do have down time, it’s whoever gets home first. Probably Lottie once the kids are around.
Who loses the car keys when it comes time to go somewhere? FUCKIGN DIPPER. A trait passed down to Alex, sadly.
Who mows the lawn? Alex. Neither of them really have the time for it. So until Alex is old enough they pay neighbor kids to do it. That and shovel their sidewalks when there’s snow.
Who answers the telephone? They both have cells, and only have the home phone for when they start leaving the children home alone but don’t think either of them are old enough for cell phones.
Who does the vacuuming? Paz.
Who does the groceries? Both make up the lists, Dipper actually buys the groceries because Pacifica will get distracted by other stuff.
Who takes the longest to shower? PACIFICA MY GOSH.
Who spends the most time in the bathroom? Again it’s Pazzers. She doesn’t just wake up looking so flawless. I mean she does but at the same time she doesn’t.


Is money a problem? Nah, they’re fine.
How many cars do they own? Plenty.
Do they own their home or do they rent? Own. Pacifica convinced her parents to sign over the deed to her early. She wasn’t supposed to get it until they both died. Since they fled and didn’t need it they agreed.
Do they live near the coast or deep in the countryside? Probably more countryside than coast.
Do they live in the city or in the country? Northwest Manor’s kinda in-between.
Do they enjoy their surroundings? Very much so.
What’s their song? They have a fuckin lot, but PROBABLY the most likely to be “their” song is “Young and Beautiful” by Lana Del Ray.
What do they do when they’re away from each other? Mildly worry about one another but mostly focus on whatever the hell they gotta do.
Where did they first meet? Gravity Falls, officially on Pioneer Day.
How did they first meet? Paz was mean to Mabel, Mabel told Dipper, Dipper immediately didn’t like Pacifica for being mean to his sister, they traded snarky comebacks, the rest is history, honestly.
Who spends the most money when out shopping? Pacifica, most likely. But Dipper does love that gun collection of his…
Who’s more likely to flash their assets? Teen Paz. Mostly to make Dipper jealous. It works, duh.
Who finds it amusing when the other trips over? They don’t stumble, ever, too fucking graceful. Even when Paz where’s supes high heels.
Any mental issues? Severely. Nothing’s been officially named.
Who’s terrified of bugs? She won’t admit it but it’s Paz.
Who kills the spiders around the house? Anyone but Pacifica probably. Mostly the lackies and staff. Dipper on occasion.
Their favourite place? Either the map room where they make all their strategies and plans and stuff or their bedroom. Dipper’s office too. Wait are we talking about where they like to have sex or hang out?
Who pays the bills? Both of them, but it’s mostly Dipper.
Do they have any fears for their future? They kinda became those people that live in the moment. For fairly obvious reasons.
Who’s more likely to surprise the other with a fancy dinner? FUCKING DIPPER. Even as a slick crime boss, boy is still a huge fucking dork.
Who uses up all of the hot water? Paz.
Who’s the tallest? DIPPER and it PISSES HER OFF. Even in her fUCKING HEELS.
Who’s more likely to just randomly hop into the shower with the other? Fucking Dipper again. Not that it’s a problem, but still.
Who wanders around in their underwear? Paz. She puts on her robe if she leaves their room, though. Dipper would have a combo heart attack-aneurysm if he knew she walked around the house in her underwear.
Who sings the loudest when singing along to the radio? They…don’t do this? WHAT?! I HAVE NEVER HAD A SHIP THAT IS TOO GOO FOR SINGING ALONG TO THE RADIO WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?! No but neither of them sing along to the radio.
What do they tease each other about? Legit everything. There are SOME buttons they know not to push (Dipper: Mabel, Stan, Ford, family in general, life before. Pacifica: family in general, her parents, ROBBIE.), but just about evrything else is fair game, as long as there’s no real malice behind it.
Who is more likely to cringe at the other’s fashion sense at times? Neither, both are like, always on point. It’s beautiful, honestly. (But it’d be reg!Paz to reg!Dipper for sure.)
Do they have mutual friends? Depends on what you mean by “friends”.
Who crushed first? It was this mutual pining thing from NWMM, but then bad things happened and Dipper kinda went underground and when he came back Paz was very “meh” to him, so I think it’s safe to say Dipper crushed first. Or at least acknowledged it first.
Any alcohol or substance related problems?…Possibly.
Who is more likely to stumble home, drunk, at 3am?…Both.
Who swears the most? Paz when she’s drunk or angry or both. Dipper, just…period.

Into that good night


      There were two pink marks on Steve Rogers’ body that had yet to start fading. Steve knew vaguely why his father wanted him to have someone watching his back – and the word ’bodyguard’ was too damn heavy on his tongue. He knew that the elder Rogers was concerned that it could happen again, however unlikely Steve was sure that it would. It had been a random incident, obviously. It had been an incident that had landed Steve in the hospital for a few weeks, admittedly, but he was fine now.  Joseph Rogers, however, was not so convinced, and in spite of the fact that tearing the older man away from his business dealings were usually a battle, he’d been turning far too much energy on making sure Steve was ’safe’. And it didn’t make sense. Steve wasn’t stupid, and he knew there was something boiling underneath his father’s skin, worrying him. But, he didn’t know what it was, didn’t have a damn clue, and he had to assume it was just leftover nerves. However much Steve refused to allow what had happened to keep him from living his life, he supposed it was normal to feel a buzz of something he couldn’t quite put his finger on after getting shot. Twice. (Three times if someone counted the graze to his shoulder – Steve didn’t.)

      However reluctant Steve was to have someone trailing him around – wasting their time and his father’s money in the process – it was happening. Sighing, Steve brushed a hand down the front of his shirt, smoothing the soft fabric over his abdomen – and there, right there, he could feel one of those little marks – and started down the stairs. The moment he hit the last step, he turned, pulling himself around the corner with a hand still locked on the banister. And, then he saw the man standing just inside the door. Steve paused, just looking at the brunet for a moment, knowing he already knew Steve was there, knew exactly where Steve was and that he was looking. Steve pulled himself up a little straighter and started forward.

     The squeak from his feet echoed a little in the hall and Steve moved forward, eyes sliding over the man’s face, the spread of his shoulders, the strength in the lines of his body, before snapping right back up to his face. The artist in him appreciated beauty, didn’t know how to ignore it – hadn’t been able to ignore it the first time he’d met the man – and it snapped down the length of Steve’s spine like electricity. And he pushed it down, tucking his lower lip in and biting down for a moment before letting go. The smile he offered up was sincere, if a little off-center. “Hey.” He came to a stop and dropped both hands down to his hips as he looked up through the fringe of his lashes to meet James Barnes’ face. “Any chance I can get away with offering to save you some time? I just wanna run out for a while.” He shrugged and pushed both hands into his pockets. “An hour. Two, tops.”