Steve/Tony Fic Recs: Mafia/Mob AU

A really nice anon’s been looking for mob boss stevetony fics, so here’s my list for you, nonnie :D Also, do check out @wingheadshellhead‘s rec-list for fanart and edits :) Some of the WIPs haven’t been updated in a while, but are still well-worth the read. 

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Kings Of Coney Island by Vespasiana: In which Steve is a rising mafia don lacking in panache, Tony is an unethical businessman with a target on his back, and somehow a fake marriage will solve all their problems. Also murder. Murder solves a lot of problems, too. (Ults fic. WIP - not updated since 2013)

i fed it to the wolves by naimu: Wolves rule New York City. Perhaps that was why Tony never liked New York City. Along with the giant empty mansion filled with his ghosts and the massive tower that, yes had his name on the building but never felt truly his. Too many wolves in one place made everyone itchy- for a fight or well… a fuck. (Werewolf AU - not updated since 2012)

Keep Your Eyes Down by randomnese (calebaren):  

Captain Steve Rogers is a dangerous man.

He’s dangerous because he runs the New York city underworld, pushing contraband, moving money, always that face behind the curtain that the detectives and the police officers scurry to try to glimpse, but he’s too careful, much too careful to get caught; he has most of the New York elite chained to their desks, and they don’t even know it. Brutal, ruthless, and entirely cold-blooded. On most days, at least. On other days, Mr. Rogers is a substitute teacher with a love for art and a talent for teenagers.

Tony Stark runs a multi-billion dollar technology conglomerate, somehow keeping it together while losing it at the same time. He’s a smooth-talker, capable of charming an entire room in under three minutes. Deceptively dashing with a tongue of silver, under his thumb, he has more money than anyone could possibly use, near unlimited resources, and a curiously large blindspot when it comes to police or even government oversight. Not that he’d abuse that privilege.

And of course, they have to run into each other. (WIP - not updated since 2013)

Go Ugly Early by just_another_tinker

He’s The Captain? 

This was not good. 

This was so not good.

There were theories of course, of what The Captain would look like. Most followed the typical Hollywoodesque belief that he was some version of the Godfather, sitting in a dark room with a cigar, commanding his forces with a flick of his wrist. There were even some that even thought that The Captain was not one person, but a whole network of people with eyes and ears everywhere. 

The blonde Adonis in front of him was definitely not what Tony was expecting. Of course, in the end it didn’t matter. There was a reason no one knew what The Captain looked like. Because anyone who saw his face never lived to tell the tale. (WIP)

Two Families by Neverever (@captainneverever​): Maria Stark and Sarah Rogers seal their new-found alliance through an arranged marriage for their sons, Tony and Steve. Steve, the heir to Sarah’s mob empire, is doubtful but wants to make his mother happy. But Tony is in denial about the deep deep trouble his family is in and wants no part of this. How will Steve and Tony deal with their unwanted marriage, survive a mob war, and defeat their enemies? And what if they might, possibly find each other attractive and interesting? (WIP)

Laws Of Bygones by XtaticPearl (@xtaticpearl​): One ran a mob, the other chased them. But there was a stream of memories and past chasing both of them, across lives and universe. An incomplete story will be retold again, with the same heroes, a reborn love, and a revenge burning for centuries. (WIP)

Ain’t Nobody’s Business If I Do by copperbadge (@copperbadge​): The year is 1930, Prohibition and the Depression are both in full swing, and Chicago Police Detective Steve Rogers has his hands full. There’s a dead body on the banks of Lake Michigan, the entire city’s legal system is corrupt, and the king gangster of the North Side, Tony Stark, has taken more than a passing interest in him.

lie next to me (blood on your shirt) by theappleppielifestyle (@theappleppielifestyle​):  "I’ll take care of it,“ Steve promises, squeezing Tony’s hand, and then, at Tony’s look: "We’ll take care of it.”

(Mafia!AU where Steve never wanted Tony to get involved in his mob business - he wants to keep Tony safe, no matter the cost, even if it means letting Tony forge himself into something just as terrifying as Steve.)

all those things you do (get out, get gone) by theappleppielifestyle (@theappleppielifestyle​): He looks like he could take down a whole army with his hands and a tool kit. Steve supposes he could.

Protective mob boss Steve drabble by @theappleppielifestyle​: "No matter where they are, no matter what state their relationship is in, Steve will always watch and protect Tony (mafia au)“

Rescued by nightwalker (@onemuseleft): The gunshot echoes off the walls and ceiling of the warehouse.

Brooklyn’s Finest by kellebelle“Day #79 of Stark Watch. Where is the 25 year old genius? No one has spotted him in nearly three months, and many are speculating that he might be dead. Others remain hopeful and alert, eagerly awaiting the return of their favorite billionaire to the spotlight.”

HYDRA gets Tony, then Steve gets Tony. Steve isn’t sure how this became his life but he’s fairly certain Tony Stark is going to be the death of him. Mafia AU.

Involvement by Keyboard_Weaving_Stories: Clint had always tried to keep his baby brother out of trouble, which meant keeping him in the dark about his involvement with the local mob. But one day, Tony’s curiosity opens him up to a whole new world around him and there’s only guessing what kind of trouble he can get into.

In the Dark of the Night by cauldronofdoom: Steve is in charge of the local mob. Tony, no thanks to Stane, has come to his attention. (mob-verse series)

Baiting the Water by Veldeia (@veldeia): In the underworld of 1930’s New York, a bitter artist turned small-time swindler takes a bold step and goes to the Kingpin for help in plotting his revenge against his former friend and patron, an obnoxious inventor with a taste for art.

The Devil’s Strand by Woad: 1940. Steve Rogers just wants to serve his country, but with a dead man’s name on his wrist the army will never take him. Soulmate marks can be removed, but so-called cures have already landed Steve in debt with the wrong sort of people, and it’s hard enough to make ends meet waiting tables.

With a bad heart, Tony Stark, a capo in his father’s mob, never dreamed he would serve his country. But when a ship sinks under mysterious circumstances, a special division of Navy Intelligence calls on Tony for his connections. He’s never liked the family business, but he thinks maybe, just this once, he can manage to use it for good.

They meet by chance one night, when Steve knows him as only "Tony.” But after Steve is pulled into mob business and meets the capo, their relationship becomes much more complicated.

Get Money, Get Paid by Missy_dee811 (@viudanegraaa): Arno, Tony’s sadistic evil brother, usurps control of the Iron Legion with the help of someone close to Tony. Tony’s left reeling. In due time, he and Steve, the leader of the Howling Commandos, form an unlikely partnership. A rival gang, the Guardians, led by the charismatic Peter, threatens the status quo. Seeing no other way to protect Tony, with whom he’s in love, Steve proposes a fake marriage, which Tony accepts.

My Boy Builds Coffins by myadamantiumheart: Tony hadn’t known that he was getting involved with a mob boss, Steve hadn’t given any indications of being anything other than a mild-mannered art teacher, and Pepper hadn’t been right about one night stands being more dangerous than a long term relationship. (series)

Make Tomorrow’s World Better (Through Any Means Necessary) series by Faillen: When Tony Stark finds out about Obadiah Stane’s double dealing, he seeks out the Captain, the only man in New York that has a team with the resources and ability to take down HYDRA—the neo-Nazi gang Stane’s been selling to. Acting as an informant under the alias Iron Man, Tony finds out a few months later that the Captain is actually his sweet-as-pie boyfriend, Steve Rogers. In order to take down Stane and HYDRA, they work together (along with the Avengers, the gang that Steve leads) with Tony focusing dragging Stane’s betrayal out of the shadows and Steve trying to destroy HYDRA—and Johann Schmidt—once and for all. But close-call assassination attempts and politics with the NYPD throw a wrench in not only in their plans, but also in their relationship, leaving them both wondering if sacrificing everything for tomorrow’s world is really worth it.

Hang Up Your Cross (this one’s on me) by Ylixia: Mafia AU. PWP. Tony Stark is a pain slut who did a bad thing. Steve Rogers has a temper and does not approve of the thing. They work things out. With sex. (dub-con)

Midnight by Kiyaar (@besafesteve): “Careful,” Steve says, jumping down with his gun in hand. “You’ll get blood on those fancy shoes of yours. Some might say it’s sloppy.”

the moment of truth in your lies by SailorChibi (@tsuki-chibi): Being in the army and being an Enforcer for the Stark family are two completely different things. Steve is good at both. 

Turns out he’s also really good at falling for Iron Man even though he has no idea who Iron Man really is.

you’ve got me head over heels (on gasoline) by shieldmaidenofrohan (@captainstarkreportingforduty): The one where… a kidnapped Tony Stark meets the Captain, and deals are made in… unusual ways.

Let’s See What You Did Wrong by Resacon1990: In which Tony is kidnapped by a rival mob.

The Captain by arianapeterson19: Tony was convinced that the men who had nabbed him off the street had the wrong guy; Tony didn’t know any guy named the Captain. However, if the Captain wanted to show up and tell them that, Tony would really appreciate it.

OR The one where Steve really should have told his boyfriend he was a mob boss BEFORE he was kidnapped. (sequel)

Surprise, I Got Kidnapped by FanofAllThingsAdorkable: This time, it actually was Tony’s fault. He knew that Steve’s enemies were everywhere. He knew that they all had seen his face before. But he had still slipped away from his guard, leaving them in the dust while he ran free. He had just wanted to pick up Steve’s anniversary present without Steve knowing for once. He wanted to surprise him, just once.

Surprise, I got kidnapped. Happy anniversary, baby!

The Proposal by tarialdarion (@tari-aldarion): Tell me Mafia!AU things, please! DOES STEVE EVER PROPOSE?

Mafia au by @starkpad: Glimpses of the life of mob boss Steve and his pretty little darling, Tony. this involves guns, cigarettes, lingerie, dancing, and basically steve adoring the shit out of tony. and of course, sex.

If anyone wants a themed rec list, hit me up in my inbox! Previous rec lists are here.

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Sam shook Steve awake quietly. "Time for our run," he whispered, trying not to wake Bucky or Tony at the same time (Redwintersbucky - mob verse)

Steve looked up at him and smiled softly, yawning as he quietly crawled out of bed. “I’ll be with you in five,” he said quietly as he headed into the bathroom. Five minutes later, he was in the living room dressed in sweatpants, t-shirt, and running shoes.

“Thanks, Sam,” he said as they headed outside to stretch a bit before running. “I appreciate you waking me up and doing this with me…”

northisnotup  asked:

I am still waiting for the Darkest Timeline mob verse. Where Sid is the endgame. His sister has already destroyed the big name bosses in the midwest, and now they are all waiting for Sid to knock out the remaining families and operations on the East Coast before making their move. Sid's mother is a patient woman, but she won't wait forever. His time in Pittsburgh is coming to a close...

Sidney has fallen in love with his husband for real at this point, and he’s clutching to an injured, nearly unconscious Geno, trying to use his body to shield as much of Geno as he can and begging hysterically for his family to spare his husband as he looks up at his mother and sister and their henchman from the ground. 

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Are there any good mafia/gangs/assassin Steve/Tony fics? I was reading Kings of Coney Island by Vespasiana and just fell in love with the trope.

best beloved mafia au’s. bless this fandom for loving it as much as i do.

you got your fics: 

  • Midnight by kiyaar: short and sweet. if by sweet, one meant ridiculously hot. 
  • the My Boy Builds Coffins series by myadmantiumheart: AN ENTIRE SERIES OF MAFIA AU FIC. be still my beating heart.

your fanart:

your edits:

  • commandersassmafia au that started it all
  • luvindowney’s ridiculously hot mcu au 

From the journal of Maksim Volkov:

December, 1907

The idea had been to wait until the kid was old enough to grow a proper beard before turning him. As the boss put it, “We’re not having another half grown pup running around humping everything” and everyone had laughed except for Vadim. He was a pretty funny shade of red, though.

Anyway, Kiryak Ivanovich had proven himself more than worthy of getting turned since he first joined us. As scrawny as he was, he’d bulked up quite a bit when he got a hold of some real food. Sprouted a lot, too. He’s still pretty baby faced, but it’s satisfying to watch people piss their pants when he cracks his knuckles. Boss still thinks the kid’s got room to grow, but after we’d lost some of the boys to scraps and with how well he did at the last job even he thought it was a good idea to turn him. Hell, I was looking forward to seeing what kind of animal he’d turn out to be (my money was on wolf, though a number of the guys had argued pretty strongly for bear).

And we would’ve done it by now if it hadn’t been for the fucking cat.

No one has a clue where it came from, but it STINKS of magic and clings to Kiryak like a vine. Every time we try to make a move to get him to come with us, the cat’s there and weaving in between our legs like it KNOWS what we’re up to. I’ve even had boys come up to me saying that the cat’s stared them into submission when THEY tried to get close to Kiryak for anything more than just a friendly talk.

We can’t even do much of anything because the kid is feeding it. Normally he gobbles up all his food but lately he’s taken to eating most of it but leaving stuff like a chunk of bread or some milk out and I KNOW the cat’s taking it. It’s too fat NOT to have been. I keep trying to ask him why help THAT of all things, but he gives me this look like I’d kicked a dog and I can’t push it. Boss has already yelled at me about how we have enough problems with the fae, so trying to kill or kick out the house spirit would probably piss them off even more even without the shit I’d get from the kid. We really need someone to be a go-between for us if we keep going like this.

For now, though, we’re just going to have to live with Kiryak not being turned. It’s not like he’s got anyone to go back to anymore anyway, so who cares if he tried to escape and tell people about us?

Let’s just hope he doesn’t get into a fight that he can’t walk out of since he can’t regenerate like we can.

Bold what applies to your must italicize what they’ve done to some extent
warning: contains various triggers repost. do not reblog.

tagged by: @shewhocanfindanyone tagging: @faithiiisms @sythegun @etherbled  @fuckingeigersanction that is if ya’ll want 

Broken a bone | Gotten stitches | Had a near death experience | Killed someone (in mob verse/hitman) | Tried and failed to kill someone | Invented something | Been hungover | Kissed someone | Slow danced | Been in a long-term relationship | Had sex | Had sex and regretted it | Had a one-night stand | Had a threesome | Experimented with their sexuality | Had a kid | Gotten married | Self-harmed | Traveled to another country | Been in a play | Received an inheritance | Been in a car wreck | Lost a loved one | Been dumped | Dumped someone | Smoked | Gotten high | Been slipped something in their food/drink | Won a contest | Won an election | Joined a sports team | Gone skydiving | Gone hunting | Been in a band | Had a job | Been fired | Been in a wedding party | Owned a pet | Seen a ghost | Skipped classwork | Learned an instrument | Gotten a noticeable scar | Sued someone | Been robbed | Been mugged | Been kidnapped | Been sexually assaulted | Been brainwashed/hypnotized | Gone more than a day without eating | Had a recurring nightmare | Been bullied | Bullied someone | Seen someone die | Attempted suicide | Been tied/chained up | Shot someone | Stabbed someone | Saved someone’s life | Cheated on someone | Been cheated on | Had a stalker | Been betrayed | Been in a fight | Been arrested | Been to a funeral | Had surgery | Broken someone’s trust | Gotten a piercing | Gotten a tattoo | Used a fake name | Been tortured | Been abused | Been blackmailed | Had an attempt on their life | Gotten away with a crime | Gone on a road trip | Been in love |



Birdy and Don P.

The original UT!mob, and Kitten and Don G belong to @nyublackneko and @junkpilestuff.

I submitted a pic of these two to Don Nyu’s blog, and was ecstatic to see that she had made art of my fanart!

I was literally running all over the place.

Thank you both for inspiring me!

On to the facts:

The Don is basically the same as Don G, except he’s 3 years younger. Like in the original UT!Mob ‘verse, his brother is dead. He’ll react mildly to cute things and like Don G, once wielded a weapon, except it was a knife… Maybe… Hmm… Should he still use a crowbar?

Birdy is like Kitten in most ways. Constantly rebuffing Don P’s affections, and never one to back down from a fight. Will most likely be seen using a knife, although I don’t know if they should use a crowbar instead. That’s up for you guys to decide.

They don’t do the signature Chara smile, but they do have a death glare. They can also, on some occasions, be a lot more merciless than what’s necessary. No one, under any circumstances, (except if they’re kids) is allowed to touch Birdy’s rosy cheeks. You will get hurt.

That’s all I have for now. Peace out, homies.

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ONE is quite brutal when it comed to reforming his characters. Teru is obvious, Kamuro got beat up by thugs, and Reigen got humilitated on national TV. I thought Ritsu got light off but then again he got kidnapped so..

There are so many bad characters who become good by like, literal trial by fire. Like every reformed character in this series was put through the wringer until they earned “being good” on the other side.

Except the body improvement club, who are good and perfect people from the very beginning and, I theorize, are actually the divine source of all good in the mp100 verse.

Devils for Angels [Stiles&Sookie]

There were never good days in Stiles’ life– there were only better and worse. What he did have, however, were good moments. Any time he was able to get away from the watchful eyes and overbearing presence of his family was a good moment. It was probably the main reason he loved coming to the diner so much. No one knew him there, not really, and no knew of the things he’d done. Walking through the doors was like lifting a weight off his shoulders and a dose of peace of mind.

Tossing his coat onto the booth Stiles slid into the seat of his regular booth. The heat was stifling and he really wished he could afford to take his suit jacket off as well but keeping the fact he was packing a secret was a perk of the job. Glancing around quickly, to check the exits and the other patrons, he relaxed against the back of the booth with a sigh. It was tempting to let his eyes drift shut but it was a luxury he couldn’t afford. 

His eyes darted to the side when he caught a glimpse of blonde hair. The sight of his regular waitress he couldn’t help but let a small smile grace his lips, though it was gone in the next second.

“Hey Sookie, I’ll have my usual,” he informed the perky blonde in a quiet force, looking forward to a burger and curly fries after several nights of eating the expensive shit the boss demanded they have, “Make it a double serving, yeah?”

Let's See What You Did Wrong


“He’s gone,” Steve spits, feeling and looking vile, “didn’t turn up, cars nowhere to be seen. He sent me a message two hours ago saying he was on his way.”

- Let’s See What You Did Wrong

by Resacon1990, 2k words

Whoa I almost missed the rec this week and good thing, too, because hello fic based on one of my gifsets that I didn’t know about:

In which Tony is kidnapped by a rival mob.

The Master Rec List

Arming Up

“So, you must be the new girl Jo aquired…can’t say I mind seeing a new face around her again.”
With a flick of his finger, Deejay sent the cylinder spinning on his hand-made revolver, then pointed it (unloaded and uncocked of course) at her.
“You feel lucky, bitch?” He said, cocking an eyebrow and laughing. Oh Dirty Harry…
“So, what brings you here?”

An I For An I


 As soon as James Buchanan (“Bucky” he’ll insist if he hears someone call him James. That is unless that someone happens to be his mother. Then of course he will answer because his mother terrifies him) Barnes set foot inside the hole in the wall bar east of 22nd street, he should’ve known he had a target on his back and a bounty on his head. The problem was that he was already far past drunk. On later recollection, he’ll wonder how he was even still standing at this point, much less walking from bar to bar.

Out with friends to celebrate the completion of three weeks worth of midterm exams at Brown, all that was currently on their minds was drowning themselves in as much top shelf liquor as they could get their hands on. Three weeks worth of exams had meant, at least in Bucky’s case, that it had been nearly two months since he’d last gotten drunk, and as far as he was concerned that was two months too long.

This dire need to forget the past three weeks of stress had him blissfully unaware of the neighborhood they’d just stumbled into. Had he been paying attention, he’d’ve possibly managed to recognize the imaginary boundary line— like one might recognize the Great Wall of China. Maybe. But alas, he was not so lucky. Due to his extreme care so far throughout school, none of his friends knew anything about what his family really did, and he’d like to keep it that way. No one needed to know that both of his parents were the leaders of an underground crime syndicate closely related to he mob. This meant that once he realized where his friends had led him— and had silently cursed himself out for his stupidity, the only thing on his mind was getting his friends to finish up their so they could move on without drawing too much attention to themselves.

He was aware that his presence would’ve been noted as soon as he walked in the door, but he hoped as long as they didn’t cause too much trouble, it could be considered a one time thing, and let slide. This was the optimistic part of him, hoping this. He could perhaps, manage to get his friends out unscathed, and then deal with whatever repercussions himself, whether that meant getting the shit beat out of him in the back alley, or something worse. As long as his friends remained unaware. That was all he cared about. It wasn’t their fault that they’d decided to hang out with him, try as he might to keep his distance in the beginning. Such a thing was nearly impossible with his roommate, in the close quarters of the Brown dorms, and that had been the snowball that started it all. Soon he actually had friends, a luxury not even every cent of his parents countless wealth could buy.

That had always been a rule of his parents’, never get too close to people, because having close relations in their world, usually meant death or nearly fatal injury. That in fact had happened to him, a few years previously. His very life had been used as a bargaining chip for his parents. He’d been abducted by a rival of his parent’s and held hostage for a month. His father had finally cracked under the pressure and paid the insane amount of money, that the ransom had asked for. His mother had been always been a cold woman, and had refused for the longest time to pay anything for his return. Bucky had yet to forgive her for that, and he doubted he ever would. He’d been held in a cell in the basement of an old warehouse and tortured for information for three weeks, until his father had come through, but by then it was too late and the extent of the torture that’d been done had resulted in doctor’s having to completely remove his left arm, and have it replaced with a top of the line experimental prosthetic, that felt and moved like a human arm.

Until university, he’d done his best to follow that rule. With his parents connections, he had never needed an education past high school to get a good job, but he had insisted on it. Begged his parents to let him apply to Brown, and not use their connections to ensure his acceptance, there or anywhere else he chose to apply.

He  notices the bulky looking bouncer making his way towards him and his friends from the other side, and tries to hurry his friends along. They do take notice of his change of attitude, and stand up to pay for their drinks before leaving.

Bucky ushers them toward the door, offering to cover the tab this time, telling them to go and that he’ll catch up in a little bit. His friends say their quick goodbyes, none of them too concerned with their friend’s actions at the moment because they’re so drunk.

The bouncer had notified the owner of the bar, of Bucky’s presence, and was told to take him out back and teach him a lesson.

I still can’t believe I have almost 500 of you amazing people. I decided to do this follow forever early, because I am just boiling over with immense love for all of you. You have made this the best expiernce ever. You have loved my Tyler, and been so accepting of Tylia. I was nerveous making her such a big part of my blog at first, wondering if people would be accepting of her. But you guys have just made me so damn happy. sldfkja I can’t even explain how happy you all are. I fangirl when I see you on my dash, or replies, or memes in my ask, or anything. I don’t know what I did to deserve all of you

Those that own my heart

Babs, you are my rock. You brought me into this indie RP world and idk where I would be without you. You are like my, well my Bad Ass Bianca. And Devon, well I fangirl when I see responses. And I wouldn’t have brought out Tylia if it wasn’t for you. You are a role model for me. And I love you so much. I never would have thought that I would get into RPing and meet a best friend like you. 

Ida, you are the juliet to my romeo, the For to my wood (that came out sounding a little odd but alsdfkja). All are threads are amazing, and on days when I feel down, I always see a reply, something you tagged me in, something in my ask from you that just brightens my day. Also I corrupted you and made you ship Forwood!

I know we just started RPing, but I have admired you from my dash long before this. We already have 234980x threads and I freak the hell out when I see a reply from you. You make me ship Klylia so hardcore. And you’re so fun with everything and all our crazy plots. I look forward to many more too. Thank you so much for just…idk how to put it. But you make me proud of Tylia.

I am so fuckin’ happy that we finally have threads. I have wanted to RP with you for so long, and then you volunteered for the mob verse. AND YOU ARE BLOWING MY MIND GIRL. Like I am as excited for this thread as I am for Richelle Mead’s new books (which is alot). You inspire me as a writer. When I read you’re thread, I read it as a book. Like can you write a book please? And send it to me, and I can stay up forever reading it? Okay, okay.

The rest of you amazing and wonderful little munchkins that make me smile every damn day.

Bold: I freak out when I see replies and am in love with our threads and you
Italics: I stalk you from afar and fangirl when I see you on the dash, and secretly want threads with you.
If I forgot you, I am so sorry. It’s 2am and I’m a little tired and distracted by nachos and Buffy. But I love each and every one of you.

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Are you okay in there? You’ve been so quiet.” (mob!verse)

Tavi sighed, slowly opening the bathroom door to peer out.  “…I’m okay.  Just… kinda ache and I’m tired.”  Holt had done a number on them both, but he apparently was handling it worse.  The door opened a little more.