Knowing that you have finished your own gif filled you with determination ,

all these aus belong to thier awesome creators!
Undertale,to toby fox✨ (can you find the made up frisk ;) (´∀`)♡

Underfell,not sure
Underswap, @underswapped ?
Underkeep, @rotodisk
Underarctic, @judefxxk
undersail, @mtt-brand-undertale
fantasytale, @theatomicpumpkin
Flowerfell, @underfart-snas
Core frisk, @dokudoki
Mob au frisk , @nyublackneko
dancetale, @teandstars
Reapertale, @renrink
outertale , @2mi127 ( @outertale )

“If ya keep lyin’to us like that, friend, you might not like what comes next… Or…maybe you will like it….Depends on your hobbies…heh”

A support picture for @nyublackneko   - a what if scenario in her mob au, where G and Frisk would meet much much older. YOU and @junkpilestuff  DO SUCH A GREAT JOB creating the atmosphere and making us crave for more. NYU, YOUR 30 FRISK IS A BLESSING, I LOVE HER SO MUCH ♥ Foxy grandpa has serious rival there even in terms of HOT. I hope this picture will fuel you, to create more of your awesome mob au stories. I enjoy them dearly, they simply have the perfect balance of fun, drama and comedy, with great clean art! And this what if au ..boy…don’t get me started on this ///<__<///

sooo mob au belongs to @nyublackneko // Gaster!sans belongs to Borurou // and…this what if scenario belongs to both @nyublackneko @junkpilestuff  // (did I got it right lol??)