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While Reigen isn’t an esper, and has no powers of his own that we’ve yet to see in canon, there is one strength he has that many other espers don’t.

He’s good at people.

He knows people and he knows what they’re about. He’s good at seeing past bullshit and into what people have hiding. It’s why he’s managed to do this for so long.

And beyond even that, he’s good at understanding people.

Maybe that’s why I’m drawn so much to him.

I’m not surprised that out of all the other people there who haven’t seen visible proof of Minori’s possession - and all of them espers of high standing to boot! - that he’s the one who sees it. He’s good at seeing past bullshit, and he doesn’t have powers - so he focuses on that which he can see, and isn’t distracted by what espers think isn’t there.

His own eyes, the words, the nuance.

It’s always been like this, even since the beginning. Reigen deals in the most bullshit of anyone in this entire series - he’s a tried and true conman.

And yet he’s the best at cutting through it. With various clients, with the Scar people, with Mob….

Even if he messes up time to time, he sees a lot better than most do.

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