dump of old Mob (and co.) draws!! from back when i first watched the anime/got into mp100!

edit! pictured here:

  • ???%
  • having to intensely fight the members of evil organization to save ur brother
  • the best siblings
  • 100% Anger
  • 100% Hostility
  • Mob Loves Milk
  • Sporkle Boy Teru (he is looking at a mirror)
  • Sporkle Boy: New and Improved Edition, now with shorter hair!


Hanazawa’s eyes were wide and a little moist as Shigeo pulled away, Shigeo’s lips still tingled from the press of their lips together, his fingers were still around Hanazawa’s jaw and his thumbs were pressed lightly to the other’s darkening cheeks. His heart fluttered awfully in his chest, like a humming bird frantic as it was caught inside the cage of his ribs. 

“Wow,” Hanazawa said, voice broken over that one syllable. 

“Yeah,” Shigeo breathed, his head was so warm that he felt as though he was about to pass out, “wow,” he mouthed as the world began to spin around him at least that was what it seemed like until Shigeo noticed that it was indeed spinning. 

“Wow,” Hanazawa repeated, his smile pushed his cheeks up against Shigeo’s thumbs. 

“Yeah,” Shigeo repeated, he focused on stopping the meager furniture in his bedroom until they all fell to the ground. His heart still pounded. 

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in the mob au though like.... imagine link growing up really poor and then suddenly his bf is so rich and he could cry bc he has all this stuff now.. like he couldn't afford even binders but now he has all the surgeries and hormones he needs and a really cuddly boyfriend who buys him the best gifts for holidays and his birthday

!!! ys !!!! to link (+ just in general) sidons family is almost unfathomably rich its .,, honestly outrageous like going on t n getting top surgery was essentially a fever dream to link bc its so fuckin expensive but with sidon he mentioned it one day and had an appointment with an endocrinologist the next and had the hormones in his hand within a week n top surgery was really only a matter of being on a waiting list and it was all., so confusing to link he kept asking if it was really ok and if the cost wasnt too high but sidon kept brushing him off because “they make that much in a week its fine” (at which link died bc h O w ,) and then all the expensive dinners theyve gone to and vacations where they stay in hotels fit for literal royalty and the fact that sidon would buy link literally anything he wanted short of an actual fucking country within a day was all so fucking jarring to link but fuck man he fuckin loves it

time 2 elaborate

so im awake and ready to explain my crazy “mob is being possessed by an evil spirit” theory

want to point out that im new to mp100 so if this theory has been made, confirmed, or MythBusted™ i apologize woopsie

I’d add pictures but that’s too much work….most of this stuff will be from a manga-perspective so if you haven’t read it you’ve been warned

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I've just been thinking about how Dorephan would be happy to pay for Link to be more comfortable in his body and it's really sweet to me. Bonus points if Link also gets his choice of packer. Also bonus points if the family starts intimidating people who insist on calling Link a girl because they met when Link was younger and didn't have a choice in how he dressed.-

!! yes yes dorephan is more than willing to help link out w transition stuff !! any binder or packer or anything tht he wants he Will get (either by dorephan or sidon) n !!!! anyone who purposefully misgenders or is shitty to link in front of sidon is gettin a fist to the face no matter what :’)

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Sorry but what's the mob au?

o its an au where sidons part of a mob family n dorephans this rly big powerful mob boss n links. just sidons bf ig ? but th context is all his life p much sidons dated a buncha rly sketchy shitty guys n links th first actually good and worthwhile person hes like. ever dated and dorephans super fuckin excited bc he loves his son a lot and doesnt wanna see him get hurt or anything n recognizes tht links rly good for him and so fucking adores him with all his heart