Joi Ride: Soul Diva Joi Rewrites The R&B Rule Book

Joi’s new joint, The Amoeba Cleansing Syndrome, sends her hurtling further into the musical stratosphere, but she still keeps a home base on Planet Soul. Backed mainly by black rock vets Fishbone, she echoes LaBelle’s funk on “Ghetto Superstar” one minute, serves boho-like Prince or Kravitz the next on “Dandelion Dust,” then puts Eddie Kendricks to shame on “It’s Over.”

Changing gears comes easily for Joi. The only child of a psychological evaluator for the Nashville Police Department and former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Joe Gilliam, Joi Elaine Gilliam’s biggest problem growing up wasn’t finding a vocation but choosing one.”I knew I wanted to sing from, like, birth,” Joi admits. “But I wanted to dance, too! I wanted to act! I wanted everything.” 

Still, for a while, she settled for nothing. She dropped out of Tennessee State, rejected the Air Force, left home, pierced her nose, and fell in with some small-time criminals. “They were running credit-card scams, selling drugs, whatever was illegal and could get the money coming in. I managed a strip club, too, but my mother found out.” Mom’s police connections shut the place down. “I didn’t have the balls to scam,” Joi recalls. “But the only way I know how to deal with shit is to hit it head-up.

everyone’s all over these aesthetic posts but the noir (and vaguely gothic) aesthetic is what i’m obsessed with

  • dark alleys lit only by streetlight, where the shadows themselves seem to move and you forget where in the city you are
  • it’s raining. somehow it’s always raining.
  • dim bars where the faces never seem to change, where the singer sings the same song every night, where the bartender gives you your regular without you even remembering what your regular order is
  • everything is hues of grey and black. the only color is red, nail polish and lipstick and the blood after someone pulls a trigger
  • everyone has a secret and it’s always on the tip of their tongue. you have a secret too. maybe more than one. you know you’ve lost something but you don’t remember what it is or how to get it back
  • you can’t remember what it’s like to have a normal conversation. everything is sharp barbs, cynicism layered with sarcasm. you spit your anger at acquaintances, cops, mobsters alike. you can’t remember what it was like to speak softly. you can’t remember softness at all.
  • dingy offices with peeling paint and dirty windows. your partner’s name is still on the door, even though they’ve been gone for a long time. the view outside always shows concrete grey skies. you can’t really remember the last time you saw the sun
  • she wears bright red lipstick and a dark coat. you know the steps of the dance, you’ve done it before, but you do it with her anyway. one day she’ll betray you or you’ll betray her and you accept that fact even as you both swear you really do love each other.
  • “the city never lets you go” they say. one day you try to drive away, or get on a train, anything to leave it all behind you, but it just leads you in a circle and you’re right back where you started. sometimes you dream of wide open spaces, blue skies and green fields, but they’re nothing but a distant memory by morning

go-to-the-mattresses asked:

You guys were spot on with your Wannabe premiere predictions, you called it months ago haha. Thanks for giving us a heads up about the Tribeca premiere, already bought my tickets! Dontcha think the film sorta sounds like Rob the Mob?

You’re very much welcome! And OH HAPPY DAY! Awesome, excited for you! And yes, you done read my mind, I just mentioned this recently when I was talking to @michaelpittfans on twitter, the film plot reminds me so much of Rob The Mob. Both characters in both films have the same names too: Thomas and Rose. The other similarity is that its also set in 1992, with the whole John Gotti trial going on. Can definitely see the Raymond De Felitta influence, but I think Nick Sandow will have his own stamp on The Wannabe. I for one is apeshit excited for this film, can’t wait any longer! - Team Piazza

Two Part 2 | Making Love


Me and brother glared at our father in disgust. He was sitting next to that bitch, Mrs.Gibson who was playing with her nails.

"I gotta question.” I said catching everyone’s attention.

“What’s the question Kj?” My mother asked flipping her hair over her shoulders.

“Why she here?” My mother put a slight smirk on her face. She turned toward my father. “Yeah why is she here Nico?” She questioned calling him by his real name.

“Well…” He started. “Morgan, I’ve been hiding something for a while.”

“And that is?” She spoke with an slight attitude.

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