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Simmer // Archie Andrews

Summary: Archie and you have a fight when Veronica can’t seem to understand that Archie isn’t single but that doesn’t stop her from kissing him. During ‘Secrets and Sins’ some things you didn’t know are revealed causing a rift but with the sex be enough to convince you how much Archie cares?

Characters: Reader x Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper x Jughead Jones, Veronica Lodge, Kevin Keller, Cheryl Blossom, Chuck Clayton, Dilton Doiley, FP Jones, Jason Blossom (mentioned) and Ms. Grundy (mentioned).

Words: 3126

Disclaimer: Disclaimer: I do not own Riverdale or the characters involved. Some parts of the dialogue from the episode has been changed to fit the fic.

Warnings: Swearing, underage drinking, party, fighting, and smut.

Author: Caitsy

A/N: This was two requests I put into one!

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The minute Archie told you about Betty throwing Jughead a birthday party you knew it would go bad. When you were young Mrs. Jones would babysit you for extra cash, your parents doubled the average pay to her. That meant you grew up close with Jughead as if you were siblings or really close cousins and you knew how much he hated his birthday.

You were shocked when Archie allowed the get together build into a fill fledged high school part with two kegs in attendance. Your boyfriend was acting odd but refused to tell you why and you didn’t appreciated Veronica making eyes at your oblivious boyfriend.

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Riverdale Photo Crackcap 111

Subtitled:In Which It’s Quite Obvious Bughead Did NOT Break-Up in 110 and I MIGHT Even Concede Douchie Doesn’t Hit on Betty….

Tralalala taking breakfast to mah daddykins…so happeee….because I have kicked a jerk’s ass, let my lady in completely, maybe had sexytimes, maybe gonna finally ditch those fucking Andrews and my daddy has….

SHAVED!!!! Because he has cleaned up his act and there is totally nothing shady/undercover/gonna have Roscoe try and hang a murder on him or ANYTHING!!! Tralalala!!

Soooo…in town to finalize dumping me, huh? Are we gonna do it?

Old, spackled model who ditched me

New, hotter, mob wife model….with her shady dealings

I have no idea how Curious George ever gets or ever got ANY action and I’m married to a pretentious jackass. However, I DO have to kiss all their asses because SoDale SoPale $$$

We’re soarinnnn’…..flyinn……we’re breakin’ freeeeeeee!!!

He was supposed to Bop to the Top with meeee!!! And how dare he wear that jacket he prostituted himself for???? But they both really DO suck! But I’d still sing with him….or murder him…like Jason.

But Kevin, I need you to PRETEND they didn’t suck and work the registration table!!

Even if I do understand perfectly why Kevin’s running away. Jesus Christ they’re bad

And thissss…totally isn’t awkward. AF. At ALL.. But at least, since we’re their parents, we actually think they’re amaaahzzzinggg….

DW, babe, I’m so freakin’ happy since we kicked Chuck’s ass, opened up to each other completely, took things to the next level and my dad dried out I don’t even CARE how horrible they are. And yeah, that’s MY hand, giving you a preview of later….

Oh and have you noticed no one’s wearing plaid or drinking maple syrup, we’ve broken the hold Plaiderdale had, we’re FREEE!!

Oh and also….tralalalalala…..

My God listening to the two of you young hooligans was pure torture. Is THAT what they did to poor Jason for a week???? He probably put the bullet through his own brain just to escape

Can you believe how aaaammmaaazzzinggg everything is going tonight??? And how great my dad is doing??? No glitches tonight! First even we’ve attended that didn’t get totally fucked! However, you guys sucked when you were singing. But still tralalala…..

Greatest night of my life….better take this call……tralalalala….

OMG!!! Why do I always get fucked at these things!!! In life??? Why do I never get to be happy (other than with Betty, because we love each other)? Daddddddyyyyyyy!!! Fucking Roscoe!! (on the plus side, my woman and I really DO get all the best material, amirite???)

Is he screaming because Roscoe’s framing his dad or cause they live in this hideous, tacky trailer??? Is this my future if I don’t perjure myself on my actual criminal daddy’s behalf? But it will be “historic” when we all look at it from SoDale SoPale, riiiighttt??


Mob wifey… (That sounded threatening!)
Watched Goodfellas at the weekend and I was a little bit in live with Karen Hill, shame Henry turns into an a hole but I’m not bothered about him. Instead I really liked the style that they dress her in, obviously it changes as they go through the decades if the film but early years is something that I really noticed and got a bit inspired by
Here are my keywords to bide by when creating the future Miss Hill…
Block colours, cutouts, Sicilian wife, lace underlay, bows, reds and pinks,
Not to mention the men are pretty inspiring too as the block colours all come across in the long shirt collars in white or ivory worn with black, silvery blue or tan jackets and then either red or subtlety patterned ties.
Yes it is the use of the blocks of colours and little pattern that I really love as its all bound together with a fiery red. Wonderful!
(I’m just pleased that there isn’t pinstripe around….I hate pinstripe underwear!)

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Mob Evgeni and mod "wife" Sidney

“Is Sidney the boss’ wife?” Peter asks, as Mikhail pulls into a nice, little house, complete with a white picket fence. There’s flowers on the front lawn and overall has an American suburban bliss vibe. Peter can’t imagine Evgeni Malkin living in here at all. “She must be fucking hot if the boss wants us to skip our shift to deliver a birthday present.”

“Stop asking so many questions,” Mikhail growls, ringing the doorbell. “Sidney doesn’t know what the boss does.”



The door opens after a bit, and the Peter didn’t really know what he was expecting. A woman with killer heels and a red, slinky gown, as out of place that would be in the middle of the afternoon. But the guy who answers the door looks like he could be a kindergarten teacher. 

“Mikhail!” the man says. “I wasn’t expecting to see you! Is that–”

“Hi, Sid,” Mikhail says, the shadow gone from his face as it immediately transforms into this weirdly-upbeat, PTA voice. Coupled with the scar on his face, it’s kind of terrifying. He holds out the box. “Happy birthday. Evgeni wanted us to bring you this.” 

“Oh, thank you!” Sidney blinks, then his face falls. “Um. Is he working late again?” He bites his lip. “I’m sorry, but could you tell him that he doesn’t have to hurry home tonight? I know he’s busy, and–and Flower and a couple other teachers offered to take me out to dinner–”

Mikhail looks distressed, then lowers his voice. “Sid, listen. Don’t have to go to dinner. Will be surprise.” He straightens. “But you didn’t hear from me.”

Oh,” Sid says, a little happier. “Oh, then. Alright. I hope he doesn’t try to cook again. Last year was a disaster.” He notices Peter then. “Oh, hi! I’m sorry, I completely didn’t see you there. I’m Sidney, Geno’s husband. Are you…an intern? I’m so sorry that G roped you into this, I know this isn’t in your job description–”

Mikhail laughs, and Peter feels like he’s been thrust into the Twilight Zone. And even though Sidney didn’t turn out to be the boss’ wife, he is, Peter realizes, still undeniably attractive, with his crooked smile and pretty face–


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👑 mafia au

With many million thanks to the ever kick ass @kickassfu who has put up with my gifs for two days and even read this over out of the kindness of her heart!

Thank you for being so wonderful and giving a damn about my writing when even I don’t.

Also you’re an amazing writer and I love you.

Please enjoy!




Caroline huffed at the rain coming down on the crowd that surrounded her probably ruining her blowout and her very, expensive Parisian shoes but she didn’t move. It was against orders. Even now she rolled her eyes at the image of Stefan waving her favorite gun in her face threatening to shoot her with it if she didn’t follow through. Pulling her umbrella out she tried to look as inconspicuous as possible which was hard for a girl with her looks.

No, she wasn’t conceited it was just a given. Caroline probably cursed her looks more than half the time but they got her further into the fold of her criminal family than running the books ever could. Being born into the mafia only got you so far that much she knew being born into the Forbes legacy, the rest a girl had to work for.

She was groomed to be the perfect mob wife, loving gems of every color, knowing who and when to strike but Caroline fought to be more than a pretty face. Caroline was on her own to prove she could get a hit no one could get, Silas, her father’s one true enemy, he had been such an easy read and her being a woman, he never suspected her. Misogynistic bastard.

In this life you were in deep or you were out in the cold but either way it was better than dead cold and sometimes buried. She had even managed to talk him into her trunk before she shot him, two in the skull; Caroline had preened shutting the boot of the car and driving home. When everyone had seen what she’d done they had celebrated until four in the morning and honestly Caroline didn’t remember half of it all she remembered was that she had slept with him, for the first time that night.

With her head bowed low she smirked at the memory as she watched waiting for her mark knowing this is where he would be having kept tabs on him subtlety all this time. It wasn’t her first kill but it was the first she’d feel bad about. He’d been a good lay once when she was young and eager but time had shown its pretty colors to the pair of them and his time was up.

They had sent her expecting results, Caroline always gave results, but she suspected they were testing her. Her loyalty, again, as if Klaus Mikaelson had anything to do with her loyalty to the family she sneered watching the windows as she saw movement inside of the brick building she was watching. It all seemed black and white to them and to them it probably was and it should’ve been to her too.

Klaus had left, joined a rival gang and mysteriously worked his way up a lot faster than she had, done a lot more killing than Caroline would care for having grown up with these guys. That’s where she knew she was still a little too green, these bastards wouldn’t hesitate to kill her but Klaus always would and her family was counting on that. The building’s door opened, the old bell’s sound alerting her to him drawing her away from her reminiscing.

He hadn’t noticed her but she would have to be careful tailing him as he traveled on foot switching sidewalks and back roads in case he was being followed. Klaus would always catch her when she was sneaking up on him in the compound pulling her into rooms they shouldn’t be in to play. She must have been caught up in thinking about these moments too much because he’d walked her right into a dead end.

He turned pulling a weapon from his jacket as he did pausing as he spotted her face under the umbrella, “Bugger, Caroline, you might have frightened me to death,” he uttered in relief.

“That was kind of the point,” she replied in kind treading closer losing her umbrella as he drops his weapon and she lifts hers watching his eyes flicker from her face to her gun.

“So they sent you,” he said betrayal hidden in his tone as he drops his only defense on the ground just like they had all expected him to.

“I’m sorry,” Caroline replied as she cocks her gun shooting him just near his heart watching him tumble to the cold wet ground clutching at his chest.

“You know I actually believe you this time,” he murmured in a weakening tone as she rushes to his side, “Seems fitting though. This is where you’d shoot me.”

She laughed but it was dry, as she holds him on her lap holding his hand to his chest thinking maybe he won’t die, “Here in the heart or at a dead end?”

“Both,” he breathed his eyes slowly closing as he clings to her, “If you would have just come with me,” he tried again but blood flows from his mouth.

“Good job Caroline,” Damon said appearing at the end of the road, smug as ever applauding her as Klaus lays dying in her arms.

“Funny, I don’t even need to call him closer, he comes like a good puppy,” she muttered just under her breath so only Klaus can hear her.

“You’re right, Sweetheart,” Klaus murmured as he reaches for his own gun nearby where he dropped it shooting the Salvatore before he could get another step in.

Another shot resounded in the air and Damon fell to the ground fatally wounded as Klaus ripped open his shirt, “Bloody blanks hurt,” he muttered pulling the bullet from his vest.

Caroline laughs, “Probably from the force of impact,” she said kissing him chastely, something she hadn’t done in years. “Come on, we can’t leave him out here exposed.”

“I’m wounded,” Klaus pouted pulling Caroline in for a proper kiss that was long overdue and lasted longer than both might have cared to admit after years of being apart.

When she first caught wind of this scheme Klaus was already aware of it, it seemed Tyler had been bragging about it in some bar not too long before Caroline had found out. ‘A lucky break’, he had called it when she had used her burner phone and dialed the number she swore she would never need. His voice, familiar and altogether strange had Caroline switching sides and going against her own family.

They talked almost every night, plotting out just what would happen, leaving nothing to chance so sure they would send her to kill him. Caroline had been proven right just three days ago before she had been sent to Boston where they knew Klaus would be alone. Everything went according to plan, everything but the residual feelings that had been exposed by the pair of them when she shot him. She tried to chalk it up to playing the part perfectly as they dumped Damon with a cleaning crew he knew. Her family by now had gotten wind of what she had done and Stefan would no doubt be keeping her gun if only to kill her with it one day and Caroline was planning on making it very hard for him to do.

Klaus had said she wouldn’t have to move up in ranks with him, that she would be at his side though he hadn’t gone into detail about what that would entail. Caroline had made it clear that she wouldn’t be a side piece for him or any of his men, and Klaus had vehemently agreed. As the day grew longer Caroline could only think about what Klaus had planned for her. What her new boss had in store for her and unfortunately they were the same man.

The car had stopped moments only  ago as she drowned in her thoughts as she vaguely realized that Klaus already on his way out of the vehicle when he ducked his head back in asking, “Are you alright?” his eyes holding hers so she wouldn’t lie to him.

“Big changes, that’s all,” she uttered undoing her seat belt to join him knowing the pressure had doubled on their backs just by being seen together.

Caroline had to prove she was loyal now; it wouldn’t be enough for everyone he worked with that Klaus believed in her. Still when she stood up on the sidewalk pretending not to be surprised when he held her hand without a second thought Caroline knew she had made as right a choice as anyone could in this life. Following Klaus into the dark old building she hoped it wasn’t to her death knowing this place wasn’t his main headquarters and she would have to wait to get back home, where ever that was now.

“Where are we?” she asked hesitantly as they climbed up the stairs of the building wishing she had worn more comfortable shoes for this day especially since she would probably be interrogated in a bit.

“My dwelling, no one would ever think to find a mafia leader here,” Klaus replied easily surprising her, something he must have noticed, “Tomorrow we go home.” He said almost reading her mind.

“Klaus,” she asked stopping short wanting to ask what his intentions were but unable to, “Never mind,” she said as they climbed up the third staircase and Caroline pulled off her shoes hearing him chuckle.

“Just in here Love,” he said unlocking the door as she caught up with him, “It’s not much but there’s a couch which I’ll take and a bed for you.”

Caroline’s face didn’t hide the fact that she was disappointed that much was evident by his confident smirk as Caroline turned around trying to hide the fact that he had gotten to her. She felt cold, her umbrella in the back of his car lying on the seat useless and they had run errands after killing Damon. Her clothes were sticky and wet making her freeze in the tempered room as he watched her slide her jacket and black top off of her skin.

Her head turned back to look at him, “I’ll need something to change into,” she told him watching as his mouth hung open watching as she stripped out of her camisole leaving her in a lacy see-through bra.

Klaus swallowed at her movements sensual and above suspicion, completely Caroline, “Shirts,” he uttered with a certain hoarseness to his tone as he pointed to the drawer that would accommodate her best as he gathered himself.

He heard her laugh as she walked to the drawer set opening the one he had pointed to as her free hand unbuttoned her jeans. Red flag, he thought. Caroline was toying with him, his mind screamed at him, after all this time she still had the power to bring him to his knees and he liked it. What had transpired today was merely more proof of it.

Klaus slithered closer pulling his shirt over his head as she straightened pulling her hair over her neck, “Could you help me?” she asked as his hands slid over her back to unhook her bra.

Caroline shivered, she didn’t want to earn his deference by sleeping with him and she certainly didn’t want his gang to think she would be lucky to fall into bed with either one of them. The thing was she wanted Klaus pure and simple. She would work for him sure, keep him close and maybe murder off any of the girls who thought they had a chance with him on the sly.

However Klaus, she couldn’t quite read, ever since earlier when he basically said she had his heart he’s been stand-offish at best so she took to teasing him, just a little. His resolve was strong but her will was stronger and she needed to get him to talk to her, look at her like he once did, as a woman not as another tool in his arsenal.

“Perhaps a shower?” he offered as she pulled his shirt covering her lithe frame from his eager eyes, Caroline shook her head at him as she moved past.

“Too much effort Boss,” she said but the way she said it had his head turning as she slipped out of her jeans and panties before crawling onto the bed giving him a view that made his fingers tremble.

Caroline smiled as she tucked herself into the sheets that smelled of him inhaling deeply as he watched her, “Comfortable?” he asked sharply.

“Did you need a pillow?” she replied in kind tossing him the one that didn’t smell like him, as she settled on her side watching him catch it and sit on the edge of the couch.

“Thank you,” he said punching the pillow as he toed of his shoes and wet socks planning on keeping his jeans on lest she feast her eyes on a familiar protruding member of his anatomy.

“Klaus,” she called his name in way that made his bones chill in pleasure, “Get in the bed, it doesn’t have to mean anything if you don’t want it to.”

He lay back so she couldn’t see the face he made, “I’m perfectly fine here,” he then told her rubbing his cock hissing softly as he rolled onto his side so she couldn’t see him touching himself.

“Fine, I’m climbing on top off you and we’ll both sleep on the couch,” Caroline cried as she tumbled out of his bed pulling the sheets with her and settling on top of him.

“Caroline,” he said in a dark tone she knew would have others shaking in their perfectly fitted suits but she just smiled relishing in the feel of his bare skin under her fingertips.

“Bed, now,” she ordered as his arms went around her waist sitting them up reminding them both that all she was wearing was his shirt.

He groaned looking as if he was in pain as he lifted them both up feeling Caroline wrap her legs around him, “You know I could have you killed for this right?” he asked.

“You know I could have really killed you earlier right?” she shot back as he pressed her back into the mattress pulling the sheets she carried over them creating a small bubble for them both.

“Why didn’t you?” he asked, a loaded question for sure, one they hadn’t bothered to discuss in the last few days or ever at least until now.

“I don’t want you dead,” she whispered as her hands cupped his face feeling exposed, feeling his weight on her, feeling everything at once so much that her eyes watered.

“I love you and I never got to say it before but I want to now. Every day if you’ll let me,” she confessed watching his every expression, every feeling she felt touch his eyes.

“I believe you now too,” he murmured before brushing his lips over hers with the briefest of teases as his hands pushed her shirt up leaving her naked under him.

“Really, no, ‘I love you too Caroline’?” she asks as he kisses her loving the feel of her body squirming underneath him as his hands roam over the tense muscles of her stomach.

Shuddering at the feel of her nails digging into his arms as he kisses her, “It was implied,” Klaus answered her as they twisted in the sheets fighting over who got to be on top.

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Your mob "wife" Sidney minific was so good!!! 😭😭😭every single person in that scene had such a distinctive character and was so colorful! "Intern"!peter! Terrifying scar across his face smiling!mikhail! Oblivious teacher!sid!! Probably terrifying around his mob and sweet as a lamb and horrible at cooking!geno!! I,,, just love it! If you're still doing fic for it, can we have a scene for when mob geno and sid first met?? :)

(continuation to this )

“But the boss doesn’t celebrate Christmas,” Peter protests, even as Mikhail throws a vomit-green knitted sweater at him. Ugh. 

“Yeah, well, Sidney does, and he wants a potluck this year, so we’re gonna have to suck it up,” Mikhail says, then considers. “And for the love of God, please don’t make an embarrassment of yourself. We’re still on duty.”

“I never make an embarrassment of myself. Well, if not for this sweater,” Peter says, pulling on the shirt. There’s a dancing Christmas tree on it, with a sad smile and a cartoon dog peeing at its trunk. Peter feels like a clown. “And I’m not going to embarrass myself in front of Sidney.”

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i'm like 100% certain you've talked about your characterization of the landgraabs but this is an ask from somebody who hasn't been there for that asking you to talk about your characterization of the landgraabs because i love them ;_;

i haven’t really gone into it so no worries!! but if u love them u might not like my interpretations tbh…. but that’s the beauty of townies…. we’re all given the same information and yet we all come up with different things! anyway, this is gonna be solely based off their sims 4 selves

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moonlight; spy!jungkook

“I won’t let this filet mignon go to waste, so put the gun away and eat with me”

summary: jungkook and you are spies partnered up to take on a renowned crime boss at a fancy restaurant, so of course you have to play the part. maybe the red dress was too romantic however, because jungkook insists this is a perfect first date for the two of you. and, come on, you’re not really complaining.

relationship: jungkook x reader

words: 3,211

warnings: alcohol mentions, mentions of blood and killing, jungkook being cute

Originally posted by jungkookfortunekookies

“Agent 46, I’m gonna have to put you under arrest for being too stunning.” “Shut up, Jungkook.”

Jungkook quickly shushes you, pulling you a little closer into his side as you two wait to be seated. The restaurant smells like money and expensive champagne, and something about the dim yellow lighting makes the scene all the more romantic, which, you really hadn’t expected. Sure, crime bosses could be softies too, but you hadn’t pictured something so normal. The restaurant was frequented by many criminals and gangs, and it took a lot of work to get you both here safely. From now on, you had to hope no one had caught on to your true identities yet.

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YESSS!!!!! your tags on that post of everyone walking in in suits I love it!!!! They're making a deal with their rivals the Washington branch and sid wants to come along cause he likes the swedes over there, and geno's like "no." So sid keeps bugging him until he gives in and he's like "fine! But you have to have all the bodyguards." Which the Washington branch finds hilarious.

geno you’re such a pushover