mob headquarters

@secretkeeping-twins (El) 

The brothers had heard from an inside source that the mobsters would be meeting that night in the leader’s house, which more or less served as the mob’s headquarters. It’s a fucking stupid strategy if you ask the brothers, but they can’t complain much. It makes their job easier. 

After preparations, they go to the house and Connor quickly tells Murphy his plan. 

“Were gonna sneak in through the window? Are ya sure about that, Connor?” Murphy questions the moment Connor finishes. The rest of the plan had been pretty basic and following the same formula they always did, but stealth had never worked out that well for them. 

“Aye, I’m fuckin’ sure. It’s what they do in the movies!” Connor defends himself. Murphy’s about to open his mouth to tell Connor oh yeah, because that’s always worked so well for him, but decides against it, pulling his mask down over his face and checking his gun a final time instead. “Ya ready?” Connor asks once he had done the same. Murphy nods and slowly, 

Connor straightens up a bit to open the window above them, foolishly left unlocked by the super rich assholes inside who assumed their high dollar security system would keep them safe. If only they knew how easy those things were to disable… 

AU: Dean Ambrose is an undercover cop sent by his division to track down the whereabouts of a dangerous drug cartel. His mission is to go to a bar where the gang is rumoured to snoop around. Through in-character conversations and eavesdropping, Dean manages to get hints as to where the mob establishes its headquarters. He follows the leads and finds out their hiding spot. A phone call later, the police raid is on.