mob film

me: wow baze and chirrut’s last scenes were so good

also me:  “In the war film, a soldier can hold his buddy—as long as his buddy is dying on the battlefield. In the western, Butch Cassidy can wash the Sundance Kid’s naked flesh—as long as it is wounded. In the boxing film, a trainer can rub the well-developed torso and sinewy back of his protege—as long as it is bruised. In the crime film, a mob lieutenant can embrace his boss like a lover—as long as he is riddled with bullets. Violence makes the homoeroticism of many “male” genres invisible; it is a structural mechanism of plausible deniability.” — Brintnall, Kent L.


in which takenaka gets shot bc this whole thing is such bullshit

so I said something about mezato and takenaka having the eccentric shounen detective vibe and guess what

yep its an AU

in which mezato is an independent reporter who’s famous for not knowing what fear or common sense is when it comes to investigation, and takenaka is a telepath trying to stay alive

pointers under the cut

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RIP Jonathan Demme: Feb 22 1944 - Apr 26 2017

We are saddened to hear of the passing of ‘The Silence of the Lambs’ and ‘Philadelphia’ director Jonathan Demme at the age of 73. Our thoughts are with his family.