MoAstuck Tumblr name mass post

So I got a lot of people’s tumblrs at the Homestuck meetup at the Mall of America on 4/13, so here’s the links to all those lovely people’s pages. Reblog so that everyone who was there can see this!

If I missed you, I’m sorry! Can you add to these things? I dunno… If you can, feel free to add your name!!!!!

Wow hi guys!!

The MOA meetup was a lot of fun
It was real nice to hang and chat with people (something i am sad i didn’t get a chance to at detour)

I was the uh
Lorax i guess

Hopefully i’ll see you all again in may! 

hey guys, tomorrow, 4/13, me and some friends are going to MOA (mall of america) to hang out.

I’ll be wearing a raccoon hat, a pulp fiction doctor who shirt, and black and white flannel. I’ll also have some orange. 

if you see me feel free to pull me over!