guys what if Annabeth would have slipped from Percy’s grasp? what if he watched her plunder into the unknown? imagine his entire breath being sucked out of his lungs and without even thinking it, jumps in after her? no second guessing, no afterthought? he just jumped? and as he fell through the air, he could only think of one thing: please let her be ok. please let her be ok. because if she was ok then he was too.

gods guys i’m crying so hard.

mark of athena feels


percabeth renuion

leo and hazel’s adventure together

jason’s apparent lack of feelings for reyna

percy and jason’s showdown in the field

nico’s imprisonment

the stable scene

frank and leo’s rivalry

the romans vs. greeks showdown

annabeth being a bamf on her solo quest

annabeth’s slip towards tartarus

percy trying to save her

the two falling together

the book just…ending

The House of Hades release date

just a thought

{moa spoilers}

But you guys really think about it Percy and Annabeth are in Tartarus, sure…but they’re in Tartarus together. Alone. Think about it. Every single moment they are together is a percabeth moment. Plenty of angsty kisses and declarations of love to go around, not to mention some back-to-back fighting sequences just like the good old days. I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking…