guys what if Annabeth would have slipped from Percy’s grasp? what if he watched her plunder into the unknown? imagine his entire breath being sucked out of his lungs and without even thinking it, jumps in after her? no second guessing, no afterthought? he just jumped? and as he fell through the air, he could only think of one thing: please let her be ok. please let her be ok. because if she was ok then he was too.

gods guys i’m crying so hard.

Can we just talk about that second verse of State of Grace:

You come around and the armour falls,
Pierce the room like a cannonball.
Now all we know, is don’t let go

And how many Percabeth feels it gives:

“At that moment, the chamber groaned, and the cavern ceiling exploded in a blast of fiery light.”
“As the roof of the cavern collapsed…the Argo II hovering above. It must have used it’s ballistae to blast a hole straight through the ground.”
“Percy let me go. You can’t pull me up.” “Never.”