More animals facts from a zoo docent

So my previous post along these lines is rapidly becoming one of my most-popular posts ever. People often ask for MOAR FAX PLZ so I shall try to come up with more.

1. The Pere David’s deer (a large species of deer found in sub-tropical China) is actually semi-aquatic. It is also extinct in the wild, although quite a few live on sanctuaries (we have a large herd of them at The Wilds, a 300,000 acre conservation park near Columbus) and re-introduction may be possible. They love mucking about in pools and bogs and the males usually have weeds and crap from the water all over their antlers. For the Aesthetic.

2. Kiwi are horrible parents. The female kiwi is quite a bit larger than the male - she lays the egg but that’s it. The egg is enormous and takes up almost her entire body. Once the egg is laid the male incubates it, but once it’s hatched, neither parent cares for the chick AT ALL, it’s on its own - it can live on its internal yolk for up to a week or so but after that must find its own food and water. In fact, the males will often kill newly-hatched chicks, even if they just spent months sitting on that damn egg. Mortality is extremely high for kiwi chicks and even in a zoo setting, incubating and hatching them is non-trivial (our zoo just successfully hatched a Kiwi chick and they are so excited. His name is Haka). Also, New Zealand is quite prickly about allowing kiwi to leave the country to live in non-New-Zealand institutions. And they are required to name them something related to their heritage (you can’t name a kiwi chick Ralph, for example).

3. My zoo has vervet monkeys. If the name isn’t familiar, I promise you’ve seen them. If you just imagine “small monkey that steals food on safaris” you’re probably picturing a vervet monkey. They’re considered pests in Africa (they’re sometimes called the “raccoons of Africa”) and WILL mess with all your shit if you are in the wild. Not many zoos have them. They’re a pretty ordinary gray/beige color - except the males’ genitalia. Their penises are BRIGHT red and their balls are BRIGHT teal. Like, it’s startling how blue they are, like we’re talking 1980s-fast-food-restaurant-decor teal. Google “vervet monkey balls” if you need the visual.

4. Elephants drink with their trunks, not through their trunks. The trunk is essentially a nose, so they can’t pull water through it into their stomachs - or at least, not comfortably. They suck it up into the trunk and then spray it into their mouths. The trunk of a full grown elephant can hold about 2.5 gallons of water. A elephant trunk contains over 40,000 muscles (the entire human body contains 639, just for comparison) - an elephant can use their trunk to rip down a tree, or to pluck a single blade of grass. It’s one of the most highly-complex structures in the animal kingdom.

5. Moose are the largest members of the deer family. The males grow and shed a set of antlers every year, but it takes some time to develop the huge, palmate antlers (antlers with points and big flat areas between them called palms) that are so characteristic of moose. A male moose’s first set of antlers, when he’s a year old, will be small and just pointy. Each year after he sheds them, the new set will re-grow bigger and wider with bigger palms, until the moose is about 5 years old. After that, as the moose ages, the antlers will diminish in size a bit each year.

6. Gorillas live in family groups - generally the groups are pretty static and don’t mix with other groups. For many decades, zoos have done their best to replicate this social environment. Gorillas in human care also live in family groups (if the zoo in question has breeding groups - some just have bachelor groups of males) consisting of one adult male, assorted females (usually 3-5) and whatever offspring they have. But forming these groups can be tricky. Gorillas are like people - sometimes they get along, sometimes they don’t. When a zoo gets a new gorilla (we just got a new male a few months ago), they’re rolling the dice a bit on whether he’ll get along with their females. When doing introductions, especially when forming an entirely new family group, the most important thing is for the adult females to have a strong bond - if the male gets too aggressive, the females need to back each other up and stick together. If one female is left alone without support, she could get hurt. Sisters before misters.

7. Penguins are often described as monogamous and mating for life. That’s not – entirely accurate. At least with the Humboldt penguins that we have at my zoo (this may or may not be true of other penguin species), the penguins do mate for life, but they’re not necessarily monogamous. They’ll breed with other birds, but always come back to their mate for nesting. So they have open marriages, you might say. 

8. Black bears are not always black. The American black bear comes in a variety of colors, including red (usually referred to as “cinnamon”), blonde, and gray.

9. There’s a mistaken impression that grizzly bears are the largest bears - they’re not. On average, polar bears are the largest species of bear. After the polar bear, the brown bear, specifically the Alaskan or Kodiak brown bear, is the largest. The average inland grizzly bear male weighs about 600 lbs - we have two Alaskan brown bears at my zoo and they weigh about 1200 lbs each. They’re mind-bogglingly enormous, guests are amazed by them.

10. Red pandas are not related to giant pandas, which are ursids (the family that includes bears). The red panda is the only living species in the family Ailuridae, which is part of the musteloid superfamily, which also includes raccoons, skunks, weasels and ferrets. It’s often said that the word “panda” means “bamboo eater,” which is really the thing that the giant panda and the red panda have in common - they both eat bamboo - but that word origin isn’t super clear.

11. The Przewalski’s horse (pronounced shuh-VAHL-skee) is the only horse species never to have been domesticated, and is the only living species of wild horse (other wild horses are descendants of previously-domesticated horses that went feral). The P-horse (as it’s called) was hunted nearly to extinction in the early 20th century - at one point there were less than 30 animals alive - but has rebounded significantly thanks to efforts by zoos, wildlife parks and conservation centers. The Wilds, which I mentioned above, has a sizable herd of them. They’re beautiful and surprisingly small. And also cranky.

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Holy shit I really like your post on fire spirit cookie and tiger lily, is there anything else about fire spirit then had in the books?

  one of the chapters Buttercream cookie was telling an bedtime story to his daughter (cheese cake)  FSC was an dead cookie that failed to escape the oven because was literally burnt to death. a red dragon took pity on him and revived him; his burnt skin became his cape.

Another interesting happened between Knight cookie and FSC, during their adventures in Dragon’s Valley, they encountered (another) red dragon but something seriously went wrong (nobody knows what) Those two separated and knight cookie stayed in Dragon’s Valley for 30 years to find out why FSC changed. Even Wizard cookie states that “It sounds like his heart was broken…”

Wizard cookie’s words definitely wasn’t lost in translation, even from original language described “Suffering from broken heart…”

That’s all I know so far but if I find more interesting stuff I’ll update moar ;)

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Would it be too much to ask for moar headcanons about Hermes? :3 like, how does he spend his free time? how did he make Helios's motorcycle disappear?? Does he know how f*cking cute his sunglasses & hat & outfit make him look, or is it a happy accident? I need to know for science - drabble anon

1. he spends his free time blogging and raiding thrift shops,  he also manages the wikipedia pages of all the greek gods lmao

2. Helios isn’t particularly smart so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

3. it’s accidents, here’s how Hermes shops for clothing: he just goes on google and taps in ‘ugliest shoes ever’ or ‘the worst fashion trends of 2016′ and buys the top 3


Ok, yo @aquilaofarkham I hit the tablet and got you a Dana Fairbanks

Oh and I gave her a rifle too when she gotta pot them fools from miles away, hope you like it!  Oh and for those who don’t know, she is an Assassin active during 19th century America and granddaughter of the legendary 18th century American Master Assassin, Connor Kenway, and it was her idea is the best fuckin thing my eyeballs had ever read, like I need a game of this pronto! 

   So go ask @aquilaofarkham moar about her character and story pls, its so GOOD!!!

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Favorite Kellex moments?

i mean i’m not sure i’m the best person to answer this WELL IF YOU INSIST

1. Kelley Dork’Hara sticking confetti in Alex’s hair:

2. That time they were on the bachelor and…

wait hang on:

fixed it lol

3. When they shared an ice bath during the WWC and Alex was never looking at Kelley’s face????

4. Look at these lil #StretchBuddies:

5. Literally anytime Kelley/Alex help each other when they’re hurt:

6. Everything about this goal celebration because my heART:

7. The Shirt Tug™ :

8. Abs on abs on abs on abs, and Kelley really focused on not staring at Alex her nails:

9. Alex looking at Kelley like this:

10. AND last (but potentially my favorite Kellex moment of all time), this overly affectionate celebration after the 2012 Olympic semi finals that lasted 4ever:

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(2 large dragons approach the Lucario and Charizard) Orb: A fellow dragon? AND a cool dog like creature? Oh ho ho ho! Rhombus! New friends! Hi! I'm Orb the Palkia! Rhombus: I'm "Rhombus" but I prefer to be called Dialga.

Draco and Lupis: Woah.

Draco: I almost forgot to introduce myself. I’m Draco, and this is Lupis, he doesn’t talk much though. It’s a pleasure to meet you two, Orb and Dialga.


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The guys' reaction when mc told them that they're gonna be a father? I alway thought this will be cute haha

we have survived our assessment week TTwTT we’re going to update moar now 

Zen: Will ask 3 million times if your not joking or anything, once you’ve confirmed it to him that “yes, you’re being a father zen” he’ll be silent for a few seconds to let the new sink in and then his bubbled up excitement will explode, will than let a girly scream out and get really jumpy and does weird shet from wanting to hug the shet out of you but wants to tell rfa too also wants to take some breaks off all at the same tame 

Jumin: “Jumin, you’re going to be a dad.” “oh okai- wait wAT” “I said you’re going to be a dad-” “wHAT” Will table flip (┛ಠДಠ)┛彡┻━┻ will also run around like a headless chicken for the time being, before going back to you and make you sit down and make sure you’re conftorable and all that, makes sure you eat food good for the baby, will also hire moar maids to make sure you won’t have to lift a single finger. Will call you every 30 minutes to make sure your alright

V: I’m not sure, but I feel like V expected it. Like he knEW before you even knew. Because he knows your body and habits very well, (this sounds so wrong lmao) V will be calmest out of all members, will stop his travels and get a good place for the baby and course V will take care of you when you give birth and give you his 120% attention

Yoosung:  Will be so dumbfounded for a while and if you start questioning him like “yoousung are you okay?” he’ll still be dumbfounded for a while, but then reality shall then sink in and he’ll start doubting his ears, will also be a mess when talking “wait- s.o- wait- did you just-” “yas yoosung u going to be a father” will then have a breakdown “omfgi’mgoingtobeafather” but once he finishes his breakdown will then be very emotional and start breaking down again bc he’s so touched. From thinking that he will be forever alone to get a A++ girlfriend to being a father which means you’ll be wife 

707: “let’s go to space station to celebrate dis” "s/o it’s not April fools yet~” will not take you seriously at first, bc being the very playful person he is he will not take you seriously at all, bc he thought you were pranking him. “seven, i’m not joking.” “hAHAHA, you’ll need so much moar to fool master seven” “Saeyoung Choi I’m not joking,” “s/o did you hit your head or smth this morning??” would take a long time to prove he’s going to b a father to him