An X-47B aerosaur sits poised on one of four aircraft elevators of the partially AI-controlled carrier “Dwight D. Eisenhower,” ready for action (or in this case specifically, further flight testing.)

Although the results of this particular deployment will prove to be a little…unsettling.

(Yes I’ll probably end up drawing some of the follow-up stuff from this :D )

Colors are based on the VX-23 air test and evaluation squadron. This painting is in part study, in part headworld story stuff - trying to get in the habit of drawing more of my characters/creatures in a scene to better tell their story, I draw too many things in a vacuum…!

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DID SOMEONE SAY SPARK HEADCANONS?! Asexual, will hug & love every pokemon, supportive AF (always asks for your prefered pronouns), has gotten zapped by a newborn electric pokemon and their response was "wow you're so strong!". Either really quiet or excessively loud when upset. Accidentally gets in your personal space at least once. I honestly can imagine Spark being a really energetic breeder. Probably REALLY good with poeple too. Will cling to Candela when it's REALLY cold. friendly fights.


Ai fi vrut un alt scenariu pentru filmul vieții tale
Și o rază de soare care să-ți arate altă cale,
Dar speranța moare, doare din ce în ce mai tare…
—  Nimeni Altu'
MOAR Magic Anons!!!
  • Swapped:muse switches bodies with another muse, (anon lasts for however long the mun wants)
  • Urine Trouble:muse has an uncontrollable bladder for 6 hours
  • Brave and Bold:muse will do whatever they were thinking of
  • Accident Prone:muse is prone to any and every kind of accidents! (anon will decide what it is that they are prone to)
  • Ageplay:(not what you're thinking) muse can have their age changed by anon, to ANY age
  • Truth Bomb:muse will have to answer questions with pure and absolute truth if/when anon asks them

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Does the Roadhog/Mercy ship have a name? I'm asking for a friend

I don’t know actually! ;___;  I’ve only seen Roadhog x Mercy used in the tags. I have also seen MercyRoad on occasion which i think is so good and probably what I’ll use myself. But I don’t know if there is a consensus in this department.

If anyone knows what the secret ship name/password is for these two, hit me up! I NEED MOAR.

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monuments of ancient rome  1/??

Arch of Constantine, 315 CE

This enormous edifice was built along Rome’s triumphal route by the senate and people soon after Emperor Constantine’s victory over Maxentius in 312CE. It represents the beginning of a trend toward the strategic reuse of earlier material (sometimes called spolia) in new monuments in late antiquity. For example, the bearded statues above the columns were taken from Trajan’s Forum, and the round reliefs over the side-arches are from a monument of Hadrian’s time. The narrow, horizontal reliefs running below the roundels, by contrast, were commissioned under Constantine and represent his battles with Maxentius and his triumphal entry into Rome. (x)


Put what we had aside
I’m standing at her side.

Hamilton + Everything 4/?

Nu vreau să uit cum se simte o îmbrăţişare puternică,
un sărut dulce,
o strângere de mână
sau doar o atingere timidă.
Nu vreau să uit cum se simte o emoţie,
o inimă ce parcă vrea să iasă din piept,
o privire caldă
sau un zâmbet ce vine din suflet.
Nu vreau să uit cum se simte iubirea,
fericirea şi râsul,
tristeţea şi lacrimile,
puterea şi slăbiciunea ce ţi-o dă o persoană,
teama şi siguranţa,
nebunia din iubire
şi absolut tot ce ţine de iubire.
Nu vreau să uit cum să fiu eu.
Nu vreau să uit cum e să iubeşti.