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I gggooooooooottt booooorrrredddd during class so I drew some stuff so I can’t fall asleep. Lel, I was sleepy XD //rolls. Yeah, no class tomorrow~ moar drawings! Shadow!Sans >> @full-night4 (2nd pic) Flower!Sans >> @blue-sansey (2nd and 4th) Darky!Sans >> @zenoo1 (2nd and 3rd) Graffiti!Sans (junk lol) >> meh. And da last one—cross dressing? X"D Also practicing anime (^ω^)

Sidorovich sent you straight to Rostok

I still remember the bar radio…

Playing the same old melody
The stalker crowd
Was drunk and loud
But then a shot
Outside 100-Rads Bar

And then I saw you for the first time
The way you stepped out of the dark
Up to the bar
Said: “Here we are…
Vodka for me,
For you some pivo”

Sidorovich sent you straight to Rostok (Sidorovich, Sidorovich)
Because he knew that I was there (*gasp!*)
A man with such a face
In such a rowdy place
Can only be a mercenary!

Sidorovich sent you straight to Rostok (Sidorovich, Sidorovich)
Because he knew that I was there (*gasp!*)
And when I heard you’d stay
I felt it right away
You’d shake my life
Like anomaly

I still remember the bar radio
Playing a different melody
You won at cards
You won at darts
Left all the men without a rubel

And now you gotta leave Rostok area
Barman wants you out of here by noon
Oh, I can tell
I’m in a spell
So here we go right to Chernobyl!

Sidorovich sent you straight to Rostok…

(Lyrics set to Baccara - The Devil Sent You To Lorado [I broke the replay button :v])  

I dedicate this piece to the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. fandom on Tumblr; you’re the best^^

…and, if you thought for a moment that I left the Zone for good then, oh my, you are fortunately so wrong. I had like a, what, a month’s break from playing s.t.a.l.k.e.r. and I turned on Shadow of Chernobyl two days ago and I still got that warm, homely feeling I got the first time I loaded the main menu, awww… Moar stuff soon, fellow stalkers;)

Howdy ho to all the new and old followers! :D


Please, excuse my bad doodles, coping mechanism activated and I’m just enjoying myself before the trauma that is examining my students on Monday…

Also, I broke the replay button: Crumb/Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl- The Peaceful Ending